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  1. Link is dead because we decided that providing separate links to the files instead of a folder makes it more clear what is what. Please go here for future releases. This thread will not be updated. Edit: of course you can always find the patches by pressing the link in my signature. But if you want to leave a comment, leave it on reddit as well.
  2. Since my posts keep being fully deleted without keeping perfectly useful information, I'll try to make another one. Hopefully within the rules this time: If you have any bugreports, please report them to Ange. Anything else you can report via email in the patch or message us on reddit. Feedback in this thread is no longer being reviewed. A number of times I saw people mention that current patches are made by "people from fuwa". While some people involved in patch may indeed be active fuwa users, saying that we as a whole are from fuwa is an insult to me. This thread exists here to begin wi
  3. Not exactly intentional .More like we never bothered/saw the need to change that graphic to something else. You should treat everything patches say literally. If they don't mention something means leave out. The only thing that is apparently not very obvious: anything you may find in various steam guides or youtube videos should not be used. So far there are only 3 places to get genuine non-fake patches. This thread, my signature (which ultimately links to the same place) and AnimeBytes closed tracker.
  4. @maltron66 I doubt it will crash. That is fine if unpatched version crashes. While it works fine for me, I remember someone said something like that. But as long as it works after patching, who cares, right? Also Sweet Love is on the separate disc. If you have not installed it you have to do it and re-apply English patch on top.
  5. That is correct. You only need to apply one patch from this thread, depending on whether you have English or Japanese VN edition. P.S. Fake might be not a correct word but even taking the files from my older patch they failed to use them properly. For example NTLEA should not be required even with these outdated files yet without it their "guide" doesn't work. Not even mentioning how much garbage/useless files they are distributing.
  6. It is pretty much expected. But if you can send me this version maybe I can see what's going on.
  7. I'd like to think that we are. In any case blame Ange for any delays since he always finds some other sheet that needs fixin'
  8. First: in old patch sweet love text can be made to show up correctly. Japanese locale is not a requirement for it. Time format is. Pretty sure it says that at the bottom of the readme that you didn't read. Second: do not assume what new patch will be based on what old patch is. Sweet Love will likely show correct Japanese characters without any requirements.
  9. I commented about this a few posts above yours. No TL for Sweet Love. Unless someone feels like translating it - then I may look into a making a separate addon with translation. Sweet Love should still work even with patch installed. Sweet Love was never required for the patch to work and will not be required in the future.
  10. Perhaps I was a bit ambiguous. When I talk about Sweet Love support i mean whether it will work in-game at all. Currently there are no plans to translate it. So best possible outcome is that it will work in some of the game versions but will remain in Japanese. ----- BTW, for those looking to buy the game I want to mention that any NEW Japanese release is potentially not compatible with the upcoming patches. There's no way we can keep up with all the versions that came out over the years. Also there's no way to tell what exactly version is being sold in what place. However in case of
  11. So far only closed-alpha of the patch exists to which only a few people have access. Means there isn't anything you can do to get newer translation. Any other publicly released versions have the same old translation. Regardless of which Konosora versions will be supported at the time of release, all patched versions will have full 18+ content. Edit: by full I mean the core game. Sweet Love content is not translated, so to what extent it will be supported remains to be seen.
  12. Aside from Akari route, all console Konosoras should be identical to the English version content-wise. They are being made all-ages due to Sony's restrictions and cause apparently consoles are for kids. So current console ports are as real as it gets. It it absolutely possible that at some point they will release another PC version with all content, all routes and 18+. Their parent company (Will) did that before. Of course they will charge full price again.
  13. I wasn't arguing about butchering, just described the most probable scenario why things happen the way they are. Moenovel produced shitty TL cause they didn't know English themselves (their interviews were google-translate quality). Prolly they hired some cheepo guys and couldn't tell it is shit. But Pulltop decides everything else.
  14. Correction: people didn't know that they exist. They (at Pulltop) are making a complete version from the start to end, including additional content that they may release at some later point. More likely they delayed JP release on purpose. Like maybe they did not want people to make English patches for JP version. Moenovel is a puppet that does what they were told to do. Nothing less nothing more. Also Moenovel did rewrote some bits and pieces in Konosora. One EN scene doesn't exist in JP version at all. But it is not really correct to say Moenovel rewrote something. Pulltop did that, made
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