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My Commentary about Mangagamer Nukige Release Article


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Well, I'm bored and found this interesting article here. By the way, the writer here was also one of our member Jikorde (Although actually it will be better if he posted it by himself here though. And sorry for posting it here if you come here), and if you need some save data from VN with gameplay, you could also visit his site and browse it. He also did the review the VN that had save data uploaded, and I think he did well in regard of review (If Jikorde see this, you could add your blog to the hub in here).

Regarding the article itself, I'm sure anyone already knew this secret regarding of Mangagamer nukige release. But my comment would be I think it's okay if they release nukige in order to support the company. After all, I think if in the future we'll seeing more of good VN translated, why not? And even if we didn't read the nukige, most of other people outside will buy and read them of course. Or if you said Steam/Sekai equivalent it would be Sakura series (Sakura Wars series or Snow Sakura not included here). Now that I think about it, back in the past mostly JAST release was came from nukige (ie Sagara Family).

My conclusion here would be I'm okay if Mangagamer using nukige as gold mine for the company (Although if I'll play nukige or not is another story though), but any member here might not agree though. Oh, and he also comment about his expectation about July announcement and he hope it will be good (I'm looking forward to it too by the way).

So, any opinion, especially about Mangagamer nukige release (Even though it's maybe already well known, I'm still interested to hear everyone opinion) here?

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They have indeed started to move towards bigger nukige titles.

I personally have nothing against the smaller ones, (I am one of those people who buy most of them ... :miyako: )

Seeing as they have started releasing a bunch of physical copies, (which they already said is based 100% of sales, so clearly a lot of their new, big titles sell well,) I'd imagine they don't really feel the need to spam a lot of small nukige to rake in the cash anymore. They will most likely continue to focus on bigger titles, and move the smaller nukige releases to the side. Though a few here and there is still to be expected I would imagine.


(I hope they do continue with some, like the entire Sono Hana series. Please MG. Please, make yuri fans across the world happy :miyako: )




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This blog post makes several points:

  1. MangaGamer makes its big announcements at the bigger conventions (Anime Expo and Otakon).
  2. Nukige sell well, despite the apathy of the general community for them
  3. Story titles don't sell well

Point 1 is on solid ground.  Point 2 is shaky.  Point 3 is very shaky.  Too many generalizations, and I think the author oversimplifies why some titles do well and others don't.  Haruka didn't do well because it's a nukige.  It did well because of a combination of many factors: a well-known quality game with an H-OVA adaptation from a highly-regarded developer with gameplay and promoted heavily on sites like LewdGamer.

One of the most important factors affecting sales of any title is its accessibility.  How easily can a person not too familiar with VNs / eroge find out about it?  Is it priced such that they're willing to give it a try on a platform they already use?  Is it easy to get into and finish?  Is it likely to be heavily discussed in the community?

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Point 2 isn't shaky at all. Every single time MangaGamer posts their best selling titles for each year, a nukige is almost always on the top. Steam has changed that up a bit lately but their nukige still sells well. This is something they themselves have said many times, their nukige are the real earners in their catalog and allows them to take on riskier titles.

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All my points are based on knowledge I've gotten from paying attention. Point 2 is based on the top sellers list on MG's own site and the many times they have stated nukige sell well and have better tail end sales then story titles. I see a lot of people write off nukige, but it still sells far better then a lot of other things. Do you want me to list the last three years top 10's from MG? Last year was the first time a non-nukige was on the top of the list, and 6 of the 10 titles were still nukige(that is if you don't count DMC, and I am counting No, Thank You! as a nukige). If you go back a few more years you'll see Koihime at the top a total of once I believe. What more evidence is needed to say that nukige sell better? It of course could be that all the longer nukige have hanimes that aren't complete trash could be the reason. I'm not looking into the reasons in that article, just the facts as I can see them.

Anyway, point 3 is just as solid a claim. I know steamspy isn't exactly accurate, but it paints a decent picture. Gahkthun, Tokyo Babel, and Fata are all at 1,400 or below. None of these have lasted in the top 5 list for more then two weeks straight and we have had MG employee's lament the sales of each one. I don't want to say story titles don't sell well, but they rarely do. And you can't say its just that they are all ages as Gahkthun has porn. Now I could be wrong and the next plot game without an anime could do amazingly, but there is no evidence to suggest such a thing happening. Basically unless you are pandering to a specific audience(Ozmafia to otome, Yurirei to yuri) or have an anime, a story title just doesn't seem to do that well.

Anyway, I did the article for fun. Never expected anyway to actually read it so I didn't cite anything. Just wanted to state my opinions/facts as I understand it on things. As far as I'm concerned most people come to my blog thinking they can download games there and then leave.

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