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Your picks! One of each!


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As the title says and even though i've seen the top 5 threads, i'm making it a bit different here and hope it's to everyone's liking:

Basically you have to pick : Favorite Heroine, Favorite MC, Favorite Ost or song from a Vn and then their counterparts which are Most hated heroine, most hated MC and least favorite Ost (If you have any) and i hope everyone has a lovely time making their choices ^^ ( and as a bonus if you're confident enough you guys can pick your favorite Vn aswell ^^)

Favorite Heroine:

Hinamori Kagome (Coμ) : I recently placed her second on a top five list but after thinking it a bit i came to realize just how much i love this girl overall, her attitude, desing, personality...EVERYTHING


Favorite MC:

Naoe Yamato ( Majikoi, Majikoi S and the A series) : To me he's extremely likeable although not the most badass but he fits right in


Favorite OST or Song:

I just love it, nothing else to say about it haha :kosame:





Least Favorite Heroine:


Aoi Isuzu (Hoshizora no Memoria): Pretty self explanatory, i won't go into detail...



Least Favorite MC:


Itou Makoto (School Days): Do you know him? if not well you're lucky, i just despise this dude completely..


And i don't really have a least favorite Ost or song but that's because i haven't read those many Vn's yet as to have found some that are bad or dislikeable overall...


Well and that's my list, i'm eager to see everyone else's lists and learn more about vn's ^^ hope you like the idea and thread

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What's with these threads today? :P

I'm gonna set some kind of record by using one picture to represent my favorite heroine, my favorite protag and my favorite OST:


Although as far as protags go, I also liked the whatshisname dude from Canvas 2 (because I had too fucking much in common with him) and Takumi from Chaos;Head (who is just an amazing character).

Least favorite heroine, like I said in the other thread, is Elis from Canvas 2. Least favorite protags are Tomoya from Clannad, Shirou from FSN and Yuuji from Grisaia (If I had to pick one, it's probably Shirou). It's difficult to choose the least favorite OST, but I seem to remember Harukoi Otome having some annoying BGM.

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2 hours ago, Nashetania said:

Favorite Heroine:


Favorite MC:


Favorite OST:


Most hated Heroine:


Most hated MC:


Most hated OST:

I couldn't find any :vinty:

-glares at the two most hated- those two rightfully deserve that spot :conspiracy:

and i couldn't find one myself either, not easy haha


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A-Another one. :sachi: 

Dont really have a hated OST, so I´ll just stick with protagonist and heroine. 

Alright, uhh just one, umm, ok favorite portagonist: 


Kazami Yuuji. Not much to say other than he is the best MC ever. 




Counterpart: Makoto from school days. Yeah, no one saw that coming :makina: 




Most loved heroine: 


Habane Kotori from Kono oozora, already explained her in one of the previous threads



Counter part: Rika from Euphoria. UGH I hated that selfish little girl sometimes. Geez. Her selfishness in the games is seriously kind of scary at times. Screw Nemu, this chick is the true evil in Euphoria. 


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Favorite MC : Okabe Rintarou and Morita Kenichi

Okabe Rintarou1428.jpg

I know, it's very uncommon :ph34r: But I really like Okabe and his chuunibyou persona. On the other hand, Kenichi is so fascinating : his skills are so varied and...over-exaggerated. It's hilarious (I see him as a semi-parodic protagonist) :wahaha:

Most Hated MC : Kurahashi Yui's Teacher in Free Friends (Can't remember if He has a name). I hate him because he's a rapist (and don't believe in "justified rape"...especially when it's a posteriori).

Favorite Heroine : Here.

Most Hated Heroine : Here.

Favorite OST : Maybe G-senjou no Maou...

Period's OST is cool too.

Most Hated OST : I couldn't find any;)

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1. Most favorite protagonist: Kazami Yuuji (Grisaia)


2. Most favorite heroine: My most favorite heroines

3. Most favorite OST/BGM: Little Busters! Ecstasy OP

Little Busters! Ecstasy OP

4. Most hated protagonist: Itou Makoto (School Days)


Honestly, I don't even played School Days yet, but somehow the hate of everyone got me...

5. Most hated heroine: My most hated heroines

6. Most hated OST/BGM: I don't think there is one.

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favorite protagonist: Sigma from Virtue's Last Reward (them plot twists man)

favorite heroine: Sora from Ever17

favorite OST: Morphogenetic Sorrow from 999

least favorite protagonist: Takeru from Muv Luv Extra, fucking come at me bruh (MLA redeems him to an extent but not completely)

least favorite heroine: Sumika from Muv Luv, just couldn't care

don't have a least favorite OST

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