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Ugh. Still more roadblocks. Need to get an as-yet unknown password from Nay in order to get this sucker changed. For now, please enjoy the mess of a forums we've got, and dream of the forums we will probably never one day have.

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Found 16 results

  1. PSP or the Vita?

    Hi everyone... I wanted to know what your thoughts were as far as whether a PSP or a Vita was a better buy for their selection of visual novels. I know that for a while, the PSP still had a better selection (especially for Japanese games that haven't been localized), but more recently, some VNs are getting ported to the Vita. Also, some PSP games can be bought digitally off of PSN and played on the Vita (but I don't know if this is the case for a lot of VNs though). Since the PSP is older, it's less expensive. But the Vita has a better display... I may even end up getting both at some point, but for now I'm trying to figure out which has more VNs accessible. Thoughts?
  2. PSP VN's?

    hello everyone. I was just wondering if you know some of english translated psp visual novels out there. Right now, I have Toradora so I don't have any VN to play after this. I would really appreciate if you have some. If possible, an anime based one will do. Thank you
  3. PS Visual Novels

    Is there anyway to port PC Visual Novels to PSP?
  4. Hello I really want to play Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Premium 3rd Story (PSP) on my PSP but i have hard time to Get the game to work. I know how to transfer the game from my computer to PSP now but i Get the disk wont work. So does somebody know where i can find PSP video tutorial so can help Get the game to work?
  5. I've started trying to do a fan translation for Steins;Gate: Hiyoku Renri No Darling (Darling of Loving Vows). The game was never released on PC, so I have a suspicion that this will be the easiest to translate. Also, PPSSPP is a great emulator and thus anyone with a PC could theoretically play the translation. I've hit a bit of a roadblock in that I'm unable to decipher the text files used in the game. I've managed to decrypt the main data files (typical CPK encryption), as well as the packed files at that level (CPK archive with CRILAYLA encryption). One of these archives, labeled "VO1.cpk", contains over 10,000 files as follows - 01 (~100KB), 02 (2048B), 03 (~100KB), 04 (2048B)... Note that I'm unable to get the filename because of the type of archive. The odd-numbered files are all HCA-encoded audio files, and I'm able to correctly correspond each with dialogue in the game. Looking at the even-numbered files with a Hex Editor, they appear to be the text files used in the game. Unfortunately, I'm unable to correlate these values with the actual Kanji/Katakana symbols that appear for the given dialogues, so I won't be able to create a mapping of any kind. It may even be possible that these files are also encrypted, although they don't share a common header. I thought someone here may have some experience with this and be able to help me in that regard. Listed below are the binary files, as well as the dialogue that I am almost certain they represent. Dialogue 1 - Binary: http://pastebin.com/JmfzXm4L | Image: http://i.imgur.com/h8r9na5.jpg Text: 時間は流転し、死へ臨む存在とともに生まれ消えてゆく。有限 Dialogue 2 - Binary: http://pastebin.com/UPbBLhxs | Image: http://i.imgur.com/4Lw4iS3.jpg Text: 一方で時間は過去から未来へと移ろい行くのでわなく、超自然的に悠然とただそこに在る。 無限。 Dialogue 3 - Binary: http://pastebin.com/umHyZMbE | Image: http://i.imgur.com/S3eWMgO.jpg Text: 智をしる者は智に溺れ、智を知らぬ者は泳ぐ術を知らず Dialogue 4 - Binary: http://pastebin.com/sGXH1g46 | Image: http://i.imgur.com/I3xk8i4.jpg Text: 知らぬことは知らぬと認めることこそが、髪へと近づく第一歩となるーー The next step is just to figure out how these text files are formatted/read so we can replace the codes for the current symbols with ones with English characters (or possibly change the font images if necessary).
  6. . Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (PSP) Summary The plot in Oreimo Portable is a spin-off to the light novels, which explores the relationship between the Kousaka siblings Kirino and Kyousuke. The story begins the year after Kirino's infamous "life consultation" with her older brother, who accidentally discovers her darkest secret: that she is an avid fan and collector of anime and eroge involving older brother-little sister dynamics. After Kirino returns from her trip to the United States, she and Kyousuke continue on their usual antics, with their friends Saori Bajeena and Kuroneko tagging along. At this time, Kuroneko is starting to become close to Kyousuke during Kirino's absence, and their relationship is used by Kuroneko to tease Kirino, who is her rival to Kyousuke, and — surprisingly — her best friend. The player assumes the role of Kyousuke Kousaka, whose life as a mediocre person is changed by his 'life consultation" session with the little sister whom he has learned to ignore. The story later develops into Kyousuke's experiences with the different girls who have interacted with him, including Kirino, her best friend Ayase Aragaki and her classmate Kanako Kurusu. Ending Guideline / Suggested Route Order The game decision-making mechanics consist of TwoShot Dialogues and the O.R.E.(Order Record Effect) System. Basically to choose routes and clear good endings you have to pass TwoShot Dialogues without a fail and use ORE wisely. Almost every scene contains a TwoShot Dialogue, but don't worry, only few are really relevant and I will mark them for you. Those "less" important gives you additional CGs and if you fail them, you stumble upon an option "Urgent Evasion" to avoid the bad end. During a dialog you use [] to retort or X to stay silent. The O.R.E. System is an interesting alternative to the traditional "multiple choice" gameplay. This System allows you to acquire "Records", which can be used to manipulate the plot and advance within the game. This walkthrough doesn't show how to clear Oreimo to 100%! I'm going to present you the shortest way possible to achieve good endings. The game doesn't always state Normal/Good endings. Bad endings aren't essential to the gameplay, but some are funny (e.g. Kuroneko's Bad Ending). "If Routes" have only one ending. You don't have to clear Normal Endings to achieve Good Endings. You can start with anyone beside Ayase (check her paragraphs). !IMPORTANT! O.R.E. = ORE "DON'T USE ORE" also means don't choose either. ORE directly avoiding a bad end are marked RED. ORE starting routes are maked BLUE. TwoShot Dialogues that you can't fail are marked GREEN. This is a PSP game so: A is triangle, [] - is square, X is cross, O is circle. Enjoy! Route Guideline KIRINO KOUSAKA Normal Ends 35) Use ORE No. My Friends. 36) Dont use ORE. 37) Use ORE. SisxSis 38) Use ORE No. Treated as a Stanger. 39) Use ORE No. Truly Important Person. 40) Use ORE No. I love you forever and ever. AYASE ARAGAKI Normal End Good End KURONEKO (RURI GOKOU) Normal End Good End SAORI BAJEENA (MAKASHIMA) "Normal" End Good End MANAMI TAMURA Normal End Good End ANOTHER IF ROUTE - KANAKO KURUSU Good End ANOTHER IF ROUTE - BROTHER AND SISTER Good End ANOTHER IF ROUTE - THE ABOMINABLE KIRINO Good End Bad Ends ANOTHER IF ROUTE - FORBIDDEN YURI Good End ANOTHER IF ROUTE - AKAGI KOUHEI Good End ANOTHER IF ROUTE - KYOTO TRIP Good(?) End ANOTHER IF ROUTE - ROCKING ROCK Good End (?) Attribution Summary taken from Oreimo Wikia. The idea to add an emulator link came from Nosebleed's walkthrough, thank you! This walkthrough is based on my grinding the half-translated game and Dizzy Ziddy youtube videos (to clear all TwoShot Dialogues). There can be differences between translations! I left few ORE without Numbers because my game crashed ;/ If anyone see mistakes, please pm me!
  7. The converted edition of Little busters has been released! The translation used came from the original PC game. Many thanks to the efforts of patr0805 and the team~ Compatibility: This patch will work for every platform that support running PSP games (PSP; PPSSPP supported platform, Vita with PSP XMB (haven’t tested Vita yet, but previous comments suggest that PSP XMB will make playing this on Vita possible)). The PSP emulator PPSSPP works on Windows, Android, IOS, Blackberry, Meego / Harmattan, Symbian, Pandora, Mac OSX and Linux. Blog post: http://patr0805.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/first-release-little-busters-ce-english-translation-project/
  8. I completed all the routes (minus Sakura's) and whenever I click New Game it freezes and eventually shuts off my PSP. If someone could help me with this problem and how to fix it, I'd be grateful! Please help! Edit: thanks to Nosebleed, it's solved!
  9. PSP Recommend games

    I have two games I like very much but I don't have money to buy both, So can somebody tell me which games are better and which games you recommend? They two games I'm stuck with are Sweet Fuse at your side Growlancer heritage of time I'm not sure which of them I shall buy for my PSP, So I would be very happy which somebody can help me with this one
  10. I have buy new PSP since the old PSP didnt work, so i have question. Does somebody know how I can play Toradora Portable on my PSP?
  11. I have buy Hakuoki Demon Of the Fleeting Blossom for PSP and i want to play it, but When i start the game i Get to PSP Playstation Portable and after that i can Get futher, i Get error Game wont work, how can i fix this?
  12. Hello, I'm MetalUpa1014. If you already know about me, you know that I was the first person to suggest doing a translation for Chunsoft's critically acclaimed sound novel 428: In A Blockaded Shibuya. Well today, I'm here to make a big announcement. Me and my team members have basically decided to postpone 428 indefinitely in favor of doing the game's "prequel" Machi. Machi was originally released for the Sega Saturn and PS1 in 1998, later receiving a remake on PSP in 2006. As a "prequel" that exists in the same to universe as 428, we view it as making more sense to first translate the original rather than the sequel. This game has a huge cult following in Japan, with it being listed by Famitsu magazine as readers' 5th favorite video game of all time in 2006. Much like the more well known 428, Machi heavily uses live action footage and stills to tell its story. The version we are attempting to create a patch for is the PS1 version. Why is this? Because PS1 has the best emulation out of the three consoles listed here and we view it as the "easiest" one to hack/translate. Despite being the "easiest," this is still a mammoth undertaking and possibly one of the most ambitious visual novel translations ever. For starters, Machi is a HUGE game with tons of text. Something like this is going to require some very skilled translators that are willing to invest the hundreds of hours of time on this game. We want all the scenarios and all the routes completely translated into 100% English. For a game that vndb lists as lasting 30-50 hours, this is a project that could possibly take years to complete. http://vndb.org/v1360 On the technical side of things, the PS1 still has difficult architecture and the actual script files are a real bitch to extract from the game's code. We've tried many solutions, but are having a tough time in getting anything out. This is where you guys come in. We cannot possibly do this project alone and we need your help. To complete this project, we require: Translators. Preferably 2-3 at the very least. With Machi being such a large game, the more translators we have, the better. To be a translator for this project, you have to have a proficient mastery of the Japanese language. It's not necessary to know every single kanji and word ever, but this is a complex game that needs to be translated accurately. Script Editors/Localizers. This is currently my job on the project. What a localizer does is go over the already translated Japanese text, and revising it to sound like coherent and fluent English. Once things start getting translated, I will be dedicating most of my spare time in localization. We could definitely use more people to help me. No programming experience or even knowledge of Japanese is needed. All I ask is for a proficient mastery of English grammar and speech, as well as being able to dedicated a lot of time. Hackers/Inserters. This is quite possibly the most important part of the project. Without extracting the scripts, no patch can be made. We already have a few people that are decent with hacking, but we are in desperate need of someone familiar with PS1 hardware. To be a hacker, you have to have good knowledge of programming and code modification. With this, we'd probably need 2-3 people. Creating a patch for this mammoth game will be no easy task. However, greater feats in this world have been accomplished in the past and I truly believe that it can be done with the right people. PS1 translation patches ARE possible, and this list proves it. http://www.romhacking.net/?genre=&platform=17&status=&languageid=12&perpage=50&page=translations&transsearch=Go&title=&author= PS1 games like Policenauts and Tales of Phantasia are complex text-heavy titles, yet full patches for them have been released. With all of you're help, we CAN successfully create a patch for one of the greatest forgotten games of all time. To apply for a spot, please drop me a PM or comment on this thread. Thank you so much for your interest!
  13. Hi everyone, I was just curious about playing VN's on mobile devices, as I don't own a PSP currently and I'm going to purchase a smartphone soon. Is there anyone who plays VN's on their cellphone a lot? I was thinking of getting either a Samsung galaxy or an iPhone, so I could play VNs without being in front of a computer. Is one better suited for VNs over the other? I know the galaxy has a bigger screen, but is that the only advantage? Also, are there more visual novels available for Andriod than iOS, or vice versa? Thanks -Kaede
  14. Hey guys, I have an idea. How about we take the translation for LB! (PC) and put it on the PSP version? People could enjoy LB! on the go. Just thought people may find it interesting. This thread will die in max. 30 minutes anyway.
  15. Hello everyone, I hereby proudly present a modest set of tools which aim at pulling out text from console VNs published by Yeti/Regista/Cyberfront. There was no identifiable name for the VN engine, and it is only one among many others Cyberfront etc. use. Tested titles are: Cross + Channel PSP and X360 Secret Game and its sequel Rebellion's PSP Kana Imouto PSP Hoshizora Planet PSP Ryuu-Koku PSP Konneko PSP Tamayura PSP Root Double X360 Those tools were written in Python 3 and may be freely used provided proper credit is given. Since it is a dynamic scripting language, sourcecode is freely available. How to use it: 0- Install Python 3 (whatever version) 1- Unzip archive contents. Edit all PS1 files to match your Python 3 path. 2- Extract sn.bin from your game media and copy it into the same folder. Give it a significant name, e.g. sg2psp-sn.bin 3- Open a Powershell prompt and change directory to the extract folder 4- Run _1-extpak.ps1 ( C:\Mydir PS> .\_1-extpak.ps1 ) It should generate a bunch of z__*.opcodescript files 5- Run _2-extjis.ps1 ( C:\Mydir PS> .\_2-extjis.ps1 ) For each opcodescript, a resource txt file may appear depending on whether strings were detected. 6-Optionally you may want to convert those txt files to po for importing them into a Weblate project for instance You may also want to take a look at the presentation I created for installing Weblate on a cloud service: https://slid.es/mchubby/weblate-on-pythonanywhere I had no time to retest the whole process again though >_< Known Non-Bugs: The last item of each archive is not a game script. It certainly serves a purpose, but it does not matter as far as text extraction is concerned. Known Bugs: Rebellion's SG script 002 won't be parsed correctly.. Not that it matters, it seems to be an orphan script. TODO: Decode root double PS3 (BLJM-61100) 's sn.sdat, but I cannot find the corresponding klicensee even after bruteforcing. help? Figure out bitmap format of XTX graphics mode 1 and 2 asmodean's spc2bmp only supports 32bpp bitmaps (mode 0) only clue I have atm is http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2397878791 ; they have the same issue here http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2631815322 PS: @Ziddy, apologies for not answering PMs, I was horribly busy
  16. For the uniniated, 428 -In A Blockaded Shibuya- is a visual novel adventure game created and written by veterans Kōichi Nakamura and Jiro Ishi. It was developed by Chunsoft (known for the long line of "Sound Novels") and published by Sega. As you might have guessed, the story takes place in the modern Japanese district of Shibuya. The plot follows five different characterrs with their own seemingly seperate storylines However, as major events begin to play out; these characters are soon drawn together when Shibuya is locked down due to a deadly virus. The game was originally on Wii, but later ported over to PS3, PSP, iOS, Android. Does anyone have any idea if a fan translation is possible? Dagnan Ronpa and Steins;Gate have proven that fan translaions can be done with iOS and PSP games, but is it even attemptable for Wii and PS3? How does this visual novel not have a fan translation!? It's one of the few games to receive a 40/40 from the Japanese magazine Famitsu, it's one of the few visual novels to use live-action stills, there's hours of gameplay, a whopping 85 possible endings, and it looks like to be one of the best stories ever in video games. I'm completely shocked to see that no one on the Internet hasn't attempted at translating it. Isn't there ANYONE out there who's interested in this game at all? It's surely a hefty task trying to translate a 50 hour visual novel, but it'd be no doubt worth it in the end. I personally have zero programming skills or experience, so that unfortunately prevents me from attemtping to do anything. However, if anyone was at all interested in creating a patch; I'd be glad to help out it someway such as being a localizer for the raw translated text. Is anyone here interested in starting this project? Or do you know someone who would be able to? Please give me your feedback! Relevant Links: Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/428:_F%C5%ABsa_Sareta_Shibuya_de VNDB entry: http://vndb.org/v1299 Game opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NLEW76ohSU