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  1. Policenauts {Download link} Summary {2010. We start to populate cosmos. But where people live there's always crime involved, so we need policemen. The special police devision is made. They are called Policenauts. One of them, Jonathan Ingram, an outstanding LA cop, is assigned to test a new cosmic suit. Then the accident happens...} Ending Guideline {Policenauts is a Hideo Kojima's work similar to point and click games (only one route, if you make mistake, it's game over). Your main task is to click things on the screen and Look at it closely. You also need to talk to certain people to advance the story. The truth is you should look at everything and ask about everything to fully experience the story. There are action scenes too, where you are supposed to shoot targets before they shoot you and your life line goes down to zero. I will mark them and try to point where your enemy will show up on the screen. You play as Jonathan Ingram, Old LA private detective, who is commisioned by his ex-wife to find her missing husband. This will lead to uncover the horrible truth hidden inside space station called "Beyond". Legend (!) - important. *,**,*** - dialogue choices which will pop up after choosing right ones beforehand, important for the story (number) - how many times you will get new infos choosing specific dialogue choice} Route Guideline {*= PROLOGUE: HOME =*} {*= ACT 1: BEYOND =*} {*= ACT 2: ASTRONAUTS =*} {*= ACT 3: DRUG =*} {*= ACT 4: ORGAN =*} {*= ACT 5: LUNAR =*} {*= ACT 6: BIOMORT =*} {*= ACT 7: DUEL =*} {*= EPILOGUE: NAUTS =*} Attribution {This is my walkthrough. If you want to use it, please do. Just remember to give me a credit and Hideo Kojima, the autor of the game!}
  2. Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two Licensed by MangaGamer Summary Amamiya Yuuko, a mysterious girl dressed like a nun, and Himura Yuu, a mysterious gentleman who is somehow attached to the church where Yuuko first appears, are having a reunion in a church during Christmas time. Despite her attire, Yuuko is not affiliated with the church. She always appears generally out of no where, and disappears just as quickly in various places throughout the story to talk with Hiro or other characters and give them advice. Yuuko and Yuu reminisce about the past and remember events of the previous year around the same time as the beginning of the first chapter of the story. Yuuko hints of events that are revealed throughout Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two... Ending Guideline Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two consists of two parts. The first part is titled Ef: The First Tale and primarily consists of prologue and two main chapters with Miyako Miyamura as the focus for the first chapter, and Kei Shindo for the second. This is followed by the second part of the story, Ef: The Latter Tale, which consists of two more main chapters and an ending chapter, with Chihiro Shindo as the focus for the third chapter, Mizuki Hayama for the fourth and Yuuko Amamiya for the last one. Bringing the two parts together forms the all-encompassing Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two. The gameplay is fairly easy. In every chapter you follow the story of one main girl and your decisions should make her feel loved. You won't have a chance to choose another girl without getting a bad ending. There are 8 decisions in total to make through the game. Two last chapters are read-only. The bad endings aren't important so you won't find them below. Route Guideline +=GOOD END=+ Ef: The First Tale Chapter 1: Miyako Miyamura Chapter 2: Kei Shindou Ef: The Latter Tale Chapter 3: Chihiro Shindou Enjoy last two chapters. Congratulations, you finished Ef! Attribution The summary taken from Wikipedia. The rest written by latilen.
  3. Well, I discovered VNs (my boyfriend gave my "Kana Imouto") after being a book worm for 20 years. Generaly I read for an hour or two treating it as an anime (voices, loud music, slow text, savouring the CG's and animations). But for me the story is the most important element in VNs, so after those "slow" two hours I concentrate mostly on text and less on graphics. Normaly I also mute the vioces and set the text to the fastest. I read only those routes I find interesting and always several titles at a time (no more than 3), becouse after 25 hours I normaly feel tired with one story(there are exceptions). I always skip the text I read before. I'm rarely interested in H-scenes so I skip them too. I pay more attention to PSP and NDS (3DS) VN's. The gameplay changes everything ;] If the game is good I tend to play it for hours without break. If it is so-so I have problems with finishing it.
  4. Well, is there more than three games for PSP in OreImo franchise? I just can't wait to see what will you write after completing the first OreImo. ;] Cuz' it can be a little bit dissappointing. Dizzy Ziddy released an english partial patch for Oreimo Tsuzuku (second game) where Kirino and Ayase Route are included. Someone tried it yet?
  5. Check nico-games blog (I dunno if I'm allowed to post a link to "pirate site", pm me if you interested ;]), he posts iso for psp games and have few titles in english, through most of them are in japanese.
  6. Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (NDS) Summary Los Angeles, 1955: a man has broken into a safe. A mysterious figure then enters the room, aims a gun at him, and fires. The victim collapses, dead. He drops a diamond which he removed from the safe, and a photograph of a man and a young boy lie next to it. 1967: A woman is slouched over a table, apparently dead, in a room in the Hotel Cape West. A man is seen leaving the room. 1980: Kyle Hyde speaks on the phone with Ed Vincent, his boss at Red Crown, who fires him. He travels to the Cape West Apartments, where he lives. Just before he enters the building, he notices a mysterious woman wearing a hat and sunglasses. Soon afterwords, he discovers that the Cape West Apartments are to be demolished at the end of the month, and all the tenants are vacating. As he opens his apartment door, he notices a letter that tells him to find out what secrets the apartment hold, and an object known as the "Scarlet Star." Thus begins Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. A sequel to Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Ending Guideline There is only one route and one good ending. The DS is held vertically, like a book. Last Window introduces an 'Ignore' feature which allows player to let go the lines of questioning they don't find useful. Ignoring too many lines of questioning, as well as not ignoring enough, may cause an early game over. A new story-based feature is the in-game novel Last Window. Every time a chapter of the game is cleared, a new chapter in the Last Window book is made available. The contents of the book complements the game's story, and they can be influenced by the decisions the player makes. Walkthrough Chapter 1 Turn anti-clockwise to 7 Turn anti-clockwise to 7 again Turn clockwise to 1 Margaret's letter is the one in the middle of the pile. Grab the flyer at the top of the screen too. Go upstairs, and you'll bump into Dylan. Make your way down the corridor to room 202, and use your key to open the door. Take the letter from the floor. Move forward to put your suitcase and jacket down, then Kyle will read the letter. After the phone rings, press the phone icon at the bottom of the screen to listen to the message. Walk over to the table and select the letter to read it again. End of Chapter 1 answers: Chapter 2 Flick both switches off at the same time - using two fingers is the best way to do this. When Dylan and Margaret appear, say 'That's exactly what happened'. Back in your room, press the power button the TV and turn the knob a few times. Leave your room and head downstairs. Talk to Charles in the lobby, and when he says 'Here we go again' push him about it. Say 'What did you think had happened?' then ask him about the fire. Walk to the left and Frank will emerge from Lucky's cafe. After your brief discussion, walk into the cafe. After talking to Claire and Sidney, walk over to the shifty-looking guy you'll discover his name is Rex. Push him when he says 'Yeah you got me' and choose 'Something you want to say?' When he asks about the trouble on the second floor, say 'Well, there was something'. Talk to Sidney again, then examine the newspaper on the table. End of Chapter 2 answers: Answer the door and talk to Margaret. When she asks if you remember their discussion, push her on the point and say 'Of course I remember!' Open your briefcase on the table and select the wallet. Open your front door and talk to Tony. When the phone rings, ignore Tony - do NOT push him about the money deal - instead, press the arrow in the bottom corner. Answer the phone, then talk to Tony again. Look at the drawers in the bottom-right corner of the room, and examine the whiskey bottle. Turn it over and shake it around to get a few cents out. Now leave the room and head upstairs. Knock on the door of room 304 to talk to Dylan. Talk to Dylan, and say 'I need to smash open a bottle'. When Dylan leaves to get his hammer, look at the open notebook on the desk, then the crystals. Walk to the left and Kyle will notice a framed picture on the wall. Examine the picture, and Kyle will accidentally knock the jigsaw to the floor. Fix the jigsaw, and Dylan will be back with the hammer. Go back downstairs and enter room 202. Examine the whiskey bottle again, then use the hammer to smash it open. Go downstairs and knock on Margaret's front door. Once in her living room, give her the money for the rent. Once she's finished talked to you, head to Lucky's Cafe. After talking to Claire and Sydney, use the crossword in your inventory, and Kyle will examine it Fill in the following words: A hammer Rex A bugging device An insurance claim investigator She was suspected of insurance fraud Chapter 4 Grab then ruler, then go left and open the wardrobe near the bed. Select the Pinkie Rabbit piggy bank and use the ruler on it. To get the pennies out, lift the ruler up, then quickly slam it down and to the right in a diagonal motion - then tilt the ruler to allow the pennies to slide out of the hole. Combine the penny with the empty envelope. Head down to the lobby and look at the mailboxes. Use the envelope with coin on the fourth floor boxes, then peel the brown paper from the right-hand side of the mailbox hole. Go upstairs to the fourth floor and you'll find Dylan waiting for you. After talking to him, switch off the alarm at the box on the opposite wall, then examine the wall next to the fire door. Look at the toolbox, then take the doorstop. Now look at the firebell above the toolbox. Pull the cover aside with one finger, and pull the lever down with the other. Turn the handle on the fire door to enter. Once inside, turn around and use the doorstop on the door. Open room 404 by the handle. Look at the desk and examine the card at the top. Brush it a few times to remove the dust. Now go back down to the second floor and walk up to Tony and Frank. When Tony says he has no idea what Frank is talking about, push him about it and say 'Is there a problem here?' Once Tony and Frank have left, go down to the basement and into the laundry room. Look at the table, and turn the view so you can see the tape recorder underneath. Select it, then head back upstairs to the third floor and knock on room 302. Walk back along the corridor and your pager will go off. Go back to room 202 and use the phone. After talking to Rachel, leave the room and enter Tony's room opposite. Talk to Frank and push him when appropriate. Say 'You won't find what you're looking for in here', then follow up with 'It was on the laundry floor'. Once Frank leaves, look at the letters on the desk. After talking to Tony, walk towards the stairs and you'll bump into Dylan. Go downstairs with him and knock on Margaret's door. Now head to the fourth floor and enter room 404 to find Frank. Examine the desk and Kyle will notice that a drawer is open. Move towards the door and Tony will enter the room. Push him, and say 'You planning on ripping somebody off?' Push him again, and say 'You're expecting Frank'. You won't be able to pressure him about anything else, so leave him for now. Go down to the third floor and knock on room 302. After talking to Frank, head back to room 404 and talk to Tony again. When given the chance, tell him 'You're not a worthless human being!', then say 'Extort money from Frank!' After Tony gives you the tape, head back to your room. Use Frank's tape on your answerphone machine. Press the eject button, then choose Side B and insert the tape. Press play, then quickly press fast forward. End of Chapter 4 answers: Chapter 5 Sell items to two tenants Nile Rex Foster An old newspaper extract Mags Chapter 6 and Kyle will fail. Back out, then go over to the big shelves in the back left of the room. On the bottom shelf, there is a jar on the right that has rubber bands in it - take a rubber band. Combine the rubber band with the maple butter, then take the lid off the maple butter. Leave the kitchen and your pager will go off, but talk to Sidney first about your winning bottle top and you'll receive a fun (but pointless) mini-game. Head to your room and you'll meet Marie. Push her when she sighs, and say 'When did you two get so close?' Knock on room 203 and talk to Betty, then head to your room and use the phone. Answer your door and talk to Betty again. Take the ring from her, then go upstairs and knock on room 304. Say to Dylan 'I want to check out a crystal' then 'Well, it is Christmas soon!' About the Hotel Cape West emblem He was disgraced by Hugh Speck A ring A condor The letter "T" was slightly skewed Chapter 7 Mila The lighthouse A bomb A card, a baseball and a key Will Chapter 8 Look in the kitchen, and take the red wrapping from underneath the wine bottle. Go back to room 305 and give the red wrapping to Charles. Go into the bathroom and put the red wrapping over the light above the toilet. Look at the film on the bench, then place the film into the liquid. Wait until the picture has fully formed, then pull it up and out of the liquid. Go in your inventory, and compare the 8mm film with the photo of Will. Scroll down the film until you find the picture has has a watch in it. Touch the watch, and Kyle will make the comparison. Leave Charles, and knock on room 306. Charles will come from room 305. After catching Dylan, talk to Charles again. In room 306, look at the newspaper on the table. Look at the briefcase, then when you hear the knocking, do NOT move at all. When it's OK to move again, go and listen to the answer machine messages. Examine the open wardrobe, and look at the grey jacket. Take the key from the jacket and use it on the briefcase. Look at the camera, book and paper. Examine the mirror near the bathroom door. Turn the hot tap on and the code will appear on the mirror. Write down the code (102906) and then open the other wardrobe. Enter the code into the safety deposit box. Take the passport, then stand still after the knocking again. Now go back to the briefcase and look at the camera gain. Turn the camera around, then input the following date: 28 Nov 42 Pull the handle on the camera twice, and it will open. After Will appears and starts talking to you, push him and say 'Nice try. I'm onto you!' Push him again, and say 'You faked your name!' Follow up with 'In your safety deposit box!', then 'Will McGrath!' Show him the passport. Now say 'Because you're the victim's son', then show him the torn postcard. Push Will, and say 'You're looking for the culprit!' Push him again, and say 'So the order sheet was your doing!' When the time is right, say 'Mrs Patrice?', then show him the Letter Set. Guess 'Michael McGrath?' After talking to Will, leave the room. End of Chapter 8 answers: Chapter 9 and look in the closet. Examine the shoe boxes, then select the jacket. Look at the closet again, and turn the angle so you can just see the box on top - select the box. Use the nearby stool and Kyle will pick it up. Use the stool with the closet, then you'll be able to reach the box. Select the hat and glasses, and then the letter. Take the elevator back up to the roof and talk to Marie in the bottom left corner. Show her the hat and glasses, then show her the threatening letter and say 'Instructions for you to follow'. Show her the ring, and say 'Why would you sell something so valuable?' When Marie moves towards the edge, wait until she faces away from you, then close your Nintendo DS, and open it again. You will have grabbed her and stopped her falling. Do NOT close the Nintendo DS when she is partially facing you - wait until she is fully facing away. When she talks to you, push her and say 'Who do you mean by "those people"?' When Rex appears, push him and say 'Are you talking about Jack Green?', then follow up with 'Nile'. Once Rex leaves, talk to Marie, then head to your room. Say to Dylan 'Rex won't be coming round her anymore', then follow up with 'No he didn't'. Use your phone to talk to Ed, then leave the room. Talk to Frank, and say 'I know your name came up in internal investigation'. Push Frank, and say 'Why so surprised?' When Frank leaves, try to leave the room and the phone will ring. After talking to Marie, leave your room and talk to Dylan. Knock on room 206 and talk to Marie, then go to room 304 and talk to Dylan again. Show him the threatening letter, then push him and say 'Keeping tabs on Marie!' Push again, and say 'You've never been to her old house!' Tell him 'Nile!', then follow up with 'Her brother and husband working for Condor'. Go back to room 206 and talk to Marie. Now go downstairs and knock on Margaret's door. When she doesn't open the door, go back upstairs and talk to Frank. Say to him 'Hugh Speck?' When Frank leaves, try to go downstairs and he'll appear again. Now head downstairs and go into Margaret's room. Go into the bedroom, and look under the desk. Look at the piece of paper on the floor. Look in the closet, and select the white cloth at the back to find the music box. Select the music box and you'll see a key stuck in a cylinder. Dylan Her brother and husband working for Condor To watch Mags and find clues about the Scarlet Star Michael McGrath A key with a Condor mark Chapter 10 Ask this particular questions in this order: What was your plan 25 years ago? What went wrong? What kind of agreement did you have? What was it that happened to you? After you leave the room, go to your room and grab the key from the box on the table, then go back to room 302 and show the key to Frank. Combine the two postcard pieces, then go to Margaret's room and talk to her. Push her and say 'Is it because your husband was Condor's ringleader?' Push again and say 'George Patrice!', then followup with 'To find people to buy the jewellery'. Next, say 'Michael wanted out of the stolen goods trade?' When Kyle compares the photos, draw a circle around the circle window on the right. Get in the elevator and use the key on the fourth floor lock. Congratulations, you've completed Last Window! Attribution The summary was taken from wikipedia. The walkthrough was made by Mike Rose and only edited by me.
  7. I've just finished Puella Magi Madoka Magica, first two movies: Beginnings (Hajimari no Monogatari) and Eternal (Eien no Monogatari) which recapitulated in 4 hours everything, what happend in anime. Good stuff
  8. I voted for Kana ~Imouto~. If you like bro/sis genre you just MUST read it! ;] Btw. I must worn you, Togainu no Chi is a yaoi with a lot of sex scenes.
  9. Thank you Down! I will do exactly like you said
  10. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (PSP) Synopsis The plot in Oreimo Portable is a spin-off to the light novels, which explores the relationship between the Kousaka siblings Kirino and Kyousuke. The story begins the year after Kirino's infamous "life consultation" with her older brother, who accidentally discovers her darkest secret: that she is an avid fan and collector of anime and eroge involving older brother-little sister dynamics. After Kirino returns from her trip to the United States, she and Kyousuke continue on their usual antics, with their friends Saori Bajeena and Kuroneko tagging along. At this time, Kuroneko is starting to become close to Kyousuke during Kirino's absence, and their relationship is used by Kuroneko to tease Kirino, who is her rival to Kyousuke, and — surprisingly — her best friend. The player assumes the role of Kyousuke Kousaka, whose life as a mediocre person is changed by his 'life consultation" session with the little sister whom he has learned to ignore. The story later develops into Kyousuke's experiences with the different girls who have interacted with him, including Kirino, her best friend Ayase Aragaki and her classmate Kanako Kurusu. Fan-Translation Patch You can find the fan-translation patch for the game at http://notcliche.com/ziddy/oreimo-psp-patch/ As of June 20th, 2019, the patcher was updated to work with Windows 10. Ending Guidelines / Suggested Route Order The game decision-making mechanics consist of TwoShot Dialogues and the O.R.E. (Order Record Effect) System. Basically, to choose routes and clear good endings you have to pass TwoShot Dialogues without a fail and use ORE wisely. Almost every scene contains a TwoShot Dialogue, but don't worry, only a few are really relevant and I will mark them for you. Those "less" important ones give you additional CGs and if you fail them, you stumble upon an option "Urgent Evasion" to supposedly avoid the bad end. During a dialog you use [] to retort or X to stay silent. The O.R.E. System is an interesting alternative to the traditional "multiple choice" gameplay. This System allows you to acquire "Records", which can be used to manipulate the plot and advance within the game. This walkthrough might not show how to clear Oreimo to 100%! The game doesn't always state Bad/Normal/Good endings, so this guide will list endings as they make sense. A few endings are called "Fail Ends" because they abruptly end the route, rather than complete the route to give some an ending scene. Bad endings aren't essential to the gameplay, but some are funny (e.g. one of Kuroneko's Bad Ending). "IF Routes" have only one ending (with a single exception). You don't have to clear Normal Endings to achieve Good Endings. You can start with anyone beside Ayase (check her paragraphs). -IMPORTANT- O.R.E. = ORE "DON'T USE ORE" and "NO ORE" also means don't choose either. Steps directly avoiding a bad end or jumping to an IF Route are marked RED. Steps starting routes are marked BLUE. This is a PSP game so: A is triangle, [] - is square, X is cross, O is circle. A opens the backlog. O advances text. L opens the O.R.E. Menu. R fast-forwards through text. Start opens up the pause menu. Select turns on automatic fast-forward. Enjoy! Route Walkthrough KIRINO KOUSAKA Normal Ends Good End AYASE ARAGAKI Normal End Good End KURONEKO (RURI GOKOU) Bad Ends Normal/Good End SAORI MAKISHIMA (BAJEENA) Normal End Good End MANAMI TAMURA Normal End Good End ANOTHER IF ROUTE - KANAKO KURUSU Good End ANOTHER IF ROUTE - BROTHER AND SISTER Good End ANOTHER IF ROUTE - THE ABOMINABLE KIRINO Good End Bad Ends ANOTHER IF ROUTE - FORBIDDEN YURI Good End? ANOTHER IF ROUTE - AKAGI KOUHEI Good End ANOTHER IF ROUTE - KYOTO TRIP Good End? ANOTHER IF ROUTE - ROCKING ROCK Good End? Attribution The summary is taken from Oreimo Wikia. The idea to add an emulator link came from Nosebleed's walkthrough, thank you! This walkthrough is based on my grinding the half-translated game and Dizzy Ziddy youtube videos (to clear all TwoShot Dialogues). There can be differences between translations! Walkthrough updated to use the final patch's translations. I left a few ORE without Numbers because my game crashed ;/ If anyone sees mistakes, please pm me! Numbers listed with OREs removed to reduce clutter because they do not appear in gameplay except when you check the ORE menu, which isn't required to be opened. Editing done by AirKingNeo to fix formatting errors, fix walkthrough errors, fix color-coding inaccuracies, update the guide to modern standards, update ORE names to final translations, add alternative paths to endings, and fix Saori's route.
  11. Hello! I'm preparing Ore no Imouto Walkthrough. Should I "reserve" the topic or just paste it in Unformatted Walkthrough's when ready?
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