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  1. Data extraction thread

    Well the tools are not perfect but after extracting the RES.Dat using the java tool cmd cd RES\script_charactor.dat ren *.gim *.gim.gz Extract those gz files using 7-zip for example: => AZU_1B.dat, etc. to YOKO_3L.dat are created. These are GPDA-headered files too but the java tool fails with a heap memory error. Tenoritool can split those but with the wrong extensions - the first files are textual configs [AZU_1B.0001.dat and AZU_1B.0002.dat] - The largest file, like the one you posted, is a GIM image [AZU_1B.0003.dat] - the rest are eyemasks as GIM images [AZU_1B.0004.dat to AZU_1B.0022.dat]
  2. Data extraction thread

    Ok so it seems there was an unhandled case in the file parsing. I have compiled a new one for you @ https://github.com/mchubby/taiga-aisaka/releases (source changes at https://github.com/mchubby/taiga-aisaka/commit/14e066) The resulting files could be further processed by the SDK's GimConv (if you need to mod & convert back) and Gim Viewer http://hsreina.shadosoft-tm.com/display/post/56
  3. Data extraction thread

    Try https://github.com/xyzz/taiga-aisaka Here is a precompiled copy with Java 8: https://mega.co.nz/#!7s90TQwD!JeRYuxxB62f9bt19RU_-mwYqX0eWgHwNAn0Uu4L8YTE Example usage: java -jar Gpda.jar res.dat Compilation howto: javac Gpda.java jar cfe Gpda.jar Gpda *.class Slightly modified to extract regardless of whether ".dat" is lowercase or not.
  4. Data extraction thread

    You may download the v0.4 here: https://web.archive.org/web/20171201163843/https://tlwiki.org/index.php?title=File:Yuno_arctools.zip
  5. Data extraction thread

    AFAICT it is an output parameter that is used to for the --repack corresponding command It produces such a file <archive> <header entriesCount="602" dataOffset="0x2f10"> <undecodedData>some base64 stuff</undecodedData> </header> <entries entriesCount="602"> <entry unknown0="0x1" offset="0xea0d0" size="0x940" unknown1="0x250dc57a"/> ... </entries> <files entriesCount="602"> <file offset="0x2f10" size="0x1f40" filename="file_0000.tm2" type="TM2"/> ... </files> </archive>
  6. Data extraction thread

    Hi there, I had a Qt Gui kit lying on my computer https://mega.co.nz/#!L1UBCQ6T!P1B2hWNRuAoPsT4xjuHgs7Q_etfQUE04K9tK5n_kgUU It crashes on IMG extraction though :/
  7. <3 Thanks for the hard work, you rock.
  8. Data extraction thread

    Does the following help? https://basicvntls.wordpress.com/koichoco-tools-and-file-info/
  9. Data extraction thread

    Each .ypf archive has characteristics linked to a specific YU-RIS engine version. Refer to thread below, which mentions dsp2003's animed tool to extract those archives.
  10. Still OllyDBG 1, PPSSPP, IDA. Noteworthy: https://www.reddit.com/r/ReverseEngineering/comments/29rafa/breaking_spotify_drm_with_panda/ -- Uses a QEMU plugin called PANDA to record executed instructions and replay them. Apparently, the http://www.rrshare.org/ has shared captures including Win7 ones. IDA also has an x86 Bochs emulator, that may be useful for running small snippets, but I have no idea how to use it.
  11. Hey there @krofna, Dunno if you're reading this. It seems ios::binary is missing in WriteUnpack(). It doesn't really matter for Unices, but the cross-compiled exe you provided writes extra \x0d bytes. Out, Nanashi3~
  12. Data extraction thread

    Yes indeed, the script merely dumps text and has no way to reconstruct. It is left as an exercise to the reader Unfortunately, I'm afraid my MIPS proficiency has rusted. delay slot etc. */me forgot it all* If you need a few pointers for PSP C+C, I gathered a few annotations when I browsed the eboot. Hopefully PPSSPP improved its debugging capabilities. Data symbols ptr_curSN 091D1700 g_nScripts 09A25CE0 ptrOpcode_ 09A41A70 << Instruction Pointer, should be useful for locating jumpsFunction symbols Lzss_decompress 08850F34 opcode_sub2b 088567D8 opcode_sub4b 08856854 OP00_0b 088568B0 OP01_var 088568E4 OP10 08857040 And the function table for opcodes seems to be .data:0888F164 Sorry I can't be of much help XO
  13. Data extraction thread

    Hey there Scorp, if you only need the script for extraction, I released a set of python 3 scripts for dumping sn.bin archives (tested on a handful of psp/ps3/x360 titles). https://github.com/mchubby/yetireg_tools I won't be around to help much, so if you need proper tools, you'd rather recruit someone to hack this. Greets and out, Nanashi3
  14. Hi @ShinjiGR, LTNS.. Thanks to the hint of corpse party, the files in OBJSY.cpk have been identified as the "P2T" graphic file format. It is common for several 5pb-related games. Here are steps to view these images: 1/ Get the "Corpse_Party_BoS_translation_tools_RikuKH3.rar" by RikuKH3 @ http://gbx.ru/lofiversion/index.php/t101552.html (links @ bottom) 2/ Rename OBJSY.cpk child items: 00.P2T etc. up to 12.P2T 3/ Extract "Corpse_Party_BoS_translation_tools_RikuKH3\GRAPHICS\cpbos_image_batch_scripts\p2t\*" The extract batch may be modified as follows: @echo off for %%f in (*.P2T); do ( echo %%f & "!p2tpro.exe" d %%f ) 4/ Browse into the "03" subfolder. Extracted items should be 0.tm2 to 108.tm2 which are standard TIM 2 images. There are several ways to unpack them, I've packaged a convenient toolset for you: http://www44.zippyshare.com/v/Ma8lEkqJ/file.html NB: the russian tool is also able to repack, which you may find quite useful. Nanashi3, out~
  15. I'm having a look but haven't advanced very much (sorry ^^; ) The PS2 architecture is a bit weird with its EE & IOP processors. Just for the heads up, the following commit in PCSX2 should be good news: 5905 gigaherz 2014-02-21 14:29:13 No build Initial debugger work by Kingcom. Features: - Advanced disassembly view for R5900 and R3000 - Register list with change highlight - Editable memory view - Conditional execute breakpoints (r5900 only) - Step over - Scan for functions (incomplete), show macros - Enable C++11 for debug tools. - Expression parser - Disasm updates for thread safety Squashed from: https://github.com/PCSX2/pcsx2/pull/1 Thanks to Kingcom for coding it all and mziab for Linux patches Indeed Kingcom has previously worked on debugger support on PPSSPP. Thanks a bunch, bro'! Keep going!!