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Found 6 results

  1. Does anyone have a completed save game from the 2007 Little Busters! version? I lost mine and wanted to replay the refrain route. Much appreciated if anyone could upload it for me - ekalz
  2. Hey there~ I thought I'd go back and replay LB but when i click the REALLIVE file it doesnt run. It loads for a bit then i get this error: 'Windows cannon find Little Busters\REALLIVE.eve' Make sure you type the name correctly then try again. Then the REALLIVE file deletes it self. Im using WIndows 8 64bit and it worked before on this same computer. But heres the thing. I put it on a USB and ran it from there and it ran fine... Id like to keep the game on my computer and play. so any one know whats goin on? Thanks~
  3. Hey, Do you happen to remember the story kud was telling about the bat and the duck (maybe?) in little busters!, theres a fight between a bird village and another village... the bat goes to try to negotiate.. both villages hate him because they think he helps the other... ring any bells? tried to find it on google but no luck. Do you by any chance know the story name or even where I could find a link to the full story? thanks
  4. The thing is: after reading Rin1 I tried to watch the Litter Busters anime season 1 which was nice, I like anime apparently ><.. But the way they butchered Komari's Route left me more than worried so I stopped at episode 6. Anywho, from my understanding the refrain season (2) of little Busters anime was good. but my question is, should I read it first? or watch the anime? I heard Refrain is pretty short, so it won't be that "cut" in 13 episodes will it? In my opinion the Clannad After anime had much more emotional impact than the VN (maybe because I watched it first thou) I read the VN but the question is, for the Refrain part Anime or VN? Thanks!
  5. The converted edition of Little busters has been released! The translation used came from the original PC game. Many thanks to the efforts of patr0805 and the team~ Compatibility: This patch will work for every platform that support running PSP games (PSP; PPSSPP supported platform, Vita with PSP XMB (haven’t tested Vita yet, but previous comments suggest that PSP XMB will make playing this on Vita possible)). The PSP emulator PPSSPP works on Windows, Android, IOS, Blackberry, Meego / Harmattan, Symbian, Pandora, Mac OSX and Linux. Blog post: http://patr0805.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/first-release-little-busters-ce-english-translation-project/
  6. So this is my first attempt at making this kind of thread. First I would like to say that this review is based on my personal opinion. It is not perfect, I am no journalist and am new to writing long texts in English. Feel free to post your thoughts about the game or make a review of your own if you feel that you have other reasons than mine to recommend the game or not, or if you think mine is lacking. No need for the posts to be 1000 pages long but it would be nice if anwsers were a little more than just "the game was fun" So let the experiment begin. My first approach with be without spoilers Little Busters Game info: Fuwanovel Intro I had a really hard time even considering playing another Key Visual Novel after reading the masterpiece named Clannad. I was afraid of either it being an emotional bomb or a big deception. Little Busters was a popular and pretty well rated game overall, often stated as a “must play”, so I have to give it a try.. Gathering up courage, and full of expectations, I lanched the game. Review You incarnate Riki Naoe, a young boy who lost his parents as a kid and suffering from narcolepsy, which is a disease that causes him to randomly fall asleep. He is the fifth member of the little busters, a group of childhood friends well known for causing trouble and playing extravagant games. After his parents' death he was invited to join by Kyousuke Natsume, the leader of the Little Busters and around whom the group revolves. The other members are : Kengo Miyazawa, a kendo fighter with a very calm personality. He always wears his blue kimono and is very popular among girls. Masato Inohara, he's Riki's roomate. Often stated as an idiot and finding fulfilment only in his muscle training, he is nevertheless very considerate towards his friends. Rin Natsume is the main female protagonist and Kyousuke's sister. She is very shy which causes her to have a hard time making friends but is very lively when it comes to Little Busters. The game begins as every standard Visual Novel introducing slowly but carefully the characters and progressively the different girls you will get and have to date. Your choices will guide you to one of the following girl's route : Haruka, Kud, Mio, Komari, Kurugaya, and finally Rin. Each heroine as her own concerns, her own problems and Riki's role will throughout the game be as you may guess to heal each of their wounds. Every one of them has a distinguished personality, and Key succesfully managed something that unfortunately does not happen often which is balancing the different characters. What I mean is that all of the girls' character designs seem to have been perfected with the same care, not letting one of them fall behind, and that is quite the achievement I must say. The game is sprinkled with comedy, and the atmosphere which the game drew me into felt warm and cozy. Dialogues fit the mindset of a teenage group, not to sophisticated but mature enough to go beyond appearances. A slow pace You will sail on this ocean of peacefulness in the beginning of the story. Therein lies the first big issue. The game starts on the 13th?of may. Absolutely nothing will happen and no clue that anything actually will happen, will be given to the player before the 24th?IF you are lucky and get on a route that starts early. Well that wouldn't be a problem if 1 day didn't amount to at least 1 hour of reading. I was unlucky and got Rin's first route in my initial playthrough which amounted to 17h of Riki's joyful everyday school life. Well written or not this is way too much and quickly becomes boring. Thank the Lord! Little Busters! has a functional skip button and that the baseball minigame, the rankings, the optional fight scenes can be avoided. I'm going to give my opinion on the scenario now. Key's speciality is Drama. They love it and are known for their tearjerking games. But this time, it felt that rather than creating a good story from scratch, they created their story knowing that they wanted it to be drama. Let me explain what that means and why it had a rather bad involvement on the scenario. It is really easy to make drama, take a young girl whose family was killed before her eyes, was treated like a slave, beaten up, lived in the streets, is bullied and has to listen to a Taylor Swift CD all day long and you just created a terrible story with a really pitiful girl. This story is bad for a simple reason : it makes no sense. If you put a female character in such a situation just for the sake of making her past sad enough to make you cry (with violins and stuff), you are not making a good plot and it's even worse when it's not justified properly. This is how Haruka's route and part of Kud's felt. And that really upset me. The other routes were good enough. Each of them had something to offer and were linked somehow to what we learn in the last route. Once you finish all the 6 girls' path, you can access Refrain which is the really interesting segment of the game. This is what would make this game recommendable so I would advise sticking to the game until it comes. Music and Design The art is good over all in this very Key-ish style. How to describe it … I think an example would explain better than words It really depends on the player's tastes and most of the CGs are good (some are really good but some are lacking, so it is fine) But the main reason I kept playing the game was for the tremendous, gorgeous, brilliant OST. Even though the story didn't captivate me that much and wasn't the drama VN I was waiting for, make me listen to "Song for friends ~instrumental~" while watching Masato do push ups and I'll cry like a baby. (Overstatement) There are a few musical jewels in this game and that alone made me glad I played it. So and overall good game which was worth playing for its artistic input and Refrain But when only half of the girls have and interesting route, I guess I can't call this a Masterpiece. Personal rating : 7/10 Feel free to state your own opinion if you want to. If you want talk about something that might spoil the game please don't forget to use the
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