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  1. .Don't worry, Onii-chan. Everything goes straight to Ebina's boobs.
  2. Looking for a hacker. save Kururu please~

  3. To make it easy, you can download a save file and use the high level characters in your new play through. That is, if you only care about the storyline.
  4. As they come out of course <3 I do love waiting
  5. Seven fucking hells! I'm excited for Arya <3
  6. Let me try this update button

    1. SoulJustIn


      Nice update :3

    2. Chifuyu-chan


      it actually works lol

  7. Beyond the cat, into the firmament. I might fap to this.
  8. Just finished Bokusen. I don't know. What the hell happened to looseboy.
  9. Revisited this cause my cat just gave birth to 3 kittens, might post some pics later
  10. Just to say it, Funyarenpa's pic have this "get the hell out of here" vibe. Anyways, I think Joker from akabeisoft belongs to this genre.
  11. Indeed. These two right here. Also Wataru and Honoka from Tenshin Ranman. Can't do anything about it, but still there was Sana.
  12. I was also told that chocolates are harmful to cats but for some reasons my cats love chocolates and they're eating for 3 years now. Never encountered any symptoms like vomiting and such.
  13. I'm buying Rocksmith and Dead Space 2.
  14. Wow so cute! Maybe I should do that. He sure looked like an old man Unfortunately, my cats don't eat curry LOL! so funny that really suits the cat
  15. Oh stop it!~ don't say that I'm sure you are more caring than you thought yourself to be! I think it's time to move out of the house I'm sure you wouldn't regret having one! So much feels I'm sure you are!
  16. Awww she's so cute! can you post a picture of her? Pretty pleaseee!
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