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    Kosakyun reacted to Clephas in Fate/Grand Order   
    Mm... I probably won't ever skip it... even if it is a dupe or a junk SSR, it is still a guaranteed SSR.  I'll probably bombard the Scathach limited summon at the beginning of next year for my favorite character in THIS game... I won't be able to resist.  I've been able to resist most of the recent summon campaigns, because, thankfully, there haven't been any really good ones.  However, I do have weak spots for evil women Servants and badass female Servants in general. 
    Edit: I buy about two or three less VNs a month now than I used to, so if I feel like it, I have the budget... but most Servants aren't worth it, lol.  I'd rather just build up the free ones (edit: saint crystals) and buy ebooks on Kindle instead.   Games like this eat at my collector's soul, so if I want to actually enjoy this game rather than just being obsessed, it is pretty much a basic requirement that I don't spend on any but the ones I want the most... or when I'm guaranteed a result, like today.
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    Kosakyun reacted to Infernoplex in AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements   
    I was never disappointed by any of AX convention announcements so far. Maybe because I am a type of reader who enjoys reading everything (except BL and Bara I guess). From every publisher, I have at least one title to get hyped about. Amatsutsumi is definitely the biggest announcement from Sekai. And they somehow got Feng (although they didn't pick up the titles I want from them). I'd argue that Eiyuu Senki Gold is a fine announcement from JAST (I didn't play the first one yet, but I intend to play it at some point). MG announcing more Waffle nukige is great, and I am quite hype about Mugen Renkan (darkge, give me more quality darkgeee!!!). And Sol Press didn't disappoint me either. They got 3 Windmill titles. All medium to long sized. I don't know much about the titles themselves, but I don't think they are bad at all.
    In short, I am not disappointed at all.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from Emi in Post pics you like (Powered by Jun Inoue™)   
    I like Durex ads.
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    Kosakyun reacted to littleshogun in AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements   
    No surprise that all of earlier Sekai announcements (Amatsutsumi, Bokukotsu FD, Nekogami, Victory Project, and Nine 3) got the 18 version announced by Denpasoft, although too bad though that there's still no word in regard of Baldr Sky 18+ version (Perhaps they prefer stealth release for 18+ version). There's also some new announcements from them though, and some of those are hentai manga. Let's see what their new VN announcements here.
    Their first VN is Seikii trilogy, although they just announced the first part so I don't know whether they already have the other two licensed or not. Apparently feng (Seikii's developer) was famous for Hoshizora Kakaru here, although as far as Seikii goes it's small one though. The first part here featured tsundere childhood friend that allow the MC to become her butler because of the misunderstanding, and that Eri Sendai will voicing the heroine. Almost forget to note that each part only have one heroine with the exception of the third part that have two heroines. As for other announcement, it's Glass in that if we knew did have some controversy at VNDB. Namely that the author did use strong word in the mail to the fan translator and ask him to stop rudely. I don't have much comment for now other than at least I can see why people did think that the art is pretty. It also announced together with the sequel as well (New Glass). I guess that's all for Denpasoft's announcements, and like previous two I'll update the opening post here.
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    Kosakyun reacted to Tadzio in yo   
    yeah forums really do have hard times it seems, whatever the topics they are about (i'm inother communities who used to have really active boards which just ended up dying or being closed by lack of activity , that's a shame )
    for the moment i'm re reading stuff i liked to review them more accurately ,so mynext two reads are Kara no Shoujo and Saya no uta ( french + english versions , so i can make a comparison between the two patches ) but yeah i'll be sure to come a you all to ask for more stuff once i'll be done with them
    thanks for the kind words
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    Kosakyun reacted to EricMatyas in Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone   
    Happy July!

    This week we have more new fantasy textures to add to my 4000+ images:

    A bunch of new fantasy ground images here:

    TXR- Ground

    Here's a new charred-looking fantasy brick texture:

    TXR- Brick -Seamless

    And a new fantasy stone/brick texture:

    TXR – Rock/Stone - Seamless

    All are free to use with attribution. Attribution information is here:

    Have a good week!
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    Kosakyun reacted to EricMatyas in Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone   
    Hi everyone,
    I've been building a library of images that you are welcome to freely use in your projects. They are all original...all my own work. I think a lot of them could be made into cool textures for games.  All I ask is to be attributed as indicated on my homepage:
    The images are on my "TXR" pages.  
    I'm adding new ones all the time, so be sure to check back often. I sincerely hope that some of them are useful. Any and all constructive feedback is welcome and always appreciated.  :-)
    All the best,
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    Kosakyun reacted to Emi in Fuwanovel Logo Contest 4   
    The Logo contest that was supposed to be hold 4 times per year but died off after 3 times or so. now have a revival when we have as little users as possible  also that the logos havent been updated in 3-4 years.
    The theme is.... Nothing. 
    Make it whatever you want, a good way to maybe waste 2 minutes of your time / maybe make it a meme
    no loli,porn troll.
    Rules (Please read):
    you can submit as many as logo´s you want. You may change your logo at any time during the submission phase, just make sure to indicate which is your final version (in case you post more than once) so there's no mistakes.  To submit an entry you must post the logo you made in this thread or send it to me via PM if you wish to be anonymous. Entries should be around 354px by 90px and must include the title "Fuwanovel" font, styling and design are up to the artist. max 354x120 The logo should have a transparent background, it also must be visible when being used on the layout (black letters would likely not be visible without a colored stroke for example) No porn, sexual acts, genitals, female nipples, or excessive female cleavage If you wish to add (a) character(s) to the logo there is no restriction as far as whether that character comes from a VN/Anime/Manga/etc. or whether it's Male or Female. As long as you think it looks good and doesn't violate previous rules it can be submitted We'll accept entries for roughly 14 days+ after this post goes up Once 14 days pass we'll make a poll where users can vote on their favorite logos There will be three winners per contest: The "official" winner will be the logo with the most votes, the second winner will be the runner-up in the poll, and the third winner will be chosen by a secret logo council run by mods We encourage people to be creative and have fun making logos, but all logos -- even if they win the popular vote -- have to be approved by mods before they'll be displayed on the forums We'll cycle through the logos periodically between contests (including the old stock banner and possibly previous contest winners) Submitting a logo gives us the right to use it forever and ever however we feel like it  You dont have to include "make visual novels popular in the west" if you dont want to.  if you want to use the original logo as a base its here : 
    or the version used in the Beta theme  here: 
    but remember you can use any font/design you want.
    Voting will begin on 19th july. even if we get 0 entries. 
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from Tadzio in The fastest you've ever dropped a VN?   
    Cosplay Fetish Academy, 10 minutes.
    The name should have been enough to drop it.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from Plk_Lesiak in What are you playing?   
    Huh. I forgot to post about it, but I finished Hate Plus.
    What can I say, @Mr Poltroon was right. That's hella good. Better than the first game. It was interesting how screwed-up things that led to the first game were.
    Also played the two LoveKami games on Steam.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from alpacaman in What are you playing?   
    Huh. I forgot to post about it, but I finished Hate Plus.
    What can I say, @Mr Poltroon was right. That's hella good. Better than the first game. It was interesting how screwed-up things that led to the first game were.
    Also played the two LoveKami games on Steam.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from Mr Poltroon in What are you playing?   
    Huh. I forgot to post about it, but I finished Hate Plus.
    What can I say, @Mr Poltroon was right. That's hella good. Better than the first game. It was interesting how screwed-up things that led to the first game were.
    Also played the two LoveKami games on Steam.
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    Kosakyun reacted to ittaku in Where to find old Visual Novels (1990s)   
    Whilst not download and play on your windows, Jast allows you to play its classic games in a browser for free
    Asenheim has heaps more also web based.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from aliciarune in Should I Read Higurashi Arcs 1-6 and/ or Umeniko   
    I think they're both worth giving a try. If your main gripe is the game assets itself (from what I'm assuming via NVL writing style and backgrounds), there's a mod out there made by fans that transfers the PS3 assets to the Steam game to essentially port the PS3 game experience. It's by 07th mod, and they're really easy to look up. Just type 07th mod, and their homepage should come up.
    That's why I follow up this recommendation too. Holding off on reading both though until CH8 is out for Steam.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from rawsan in Which Older Title(s) Would You Hope Was Translated In English?   
    Maybe you can try applying for those in the Translation Projects section under Development Boards. You can also try to start a project of your own there if you'd like!
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    Kosakyun reacted to adamstan in Your favorite voice actors/actresses?   
    Ah, right, it seems I got my Ries mixed up . AFAIK, some people claim that those characters are new subgroup - tsunderie
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from adamstan in Your favorite voice actors/actresses?   
    Nah that's Kugimiya Rie, the tsundere queen.
    She also has other prominent roles like Louise from Zero no Tsukaima, Shana from Shakugan no Shana, and Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. For those who play Granblue Fantasy, she also voices Vyrn and Vampy.
    For my favorites, gotta be Hanazawa Kana. I'm a sucker for her moe roles, particularly those of Onodera Kosaki from Nisekoi and Sengoku Nadeko from the Monogatari Series. Because of her famous roles, she's being given a lot of roles per season, so I understand if people say they're kinda sick of seeing her in every damn seiyuu casting. I would too, if I was watching seasonal shows.
    Another would be Sakamoto Maaya. To be honest, I kinda started noticing her after I began to like the characters she voiced in Granblue Fantasy (Arulumaya and Dark Angel Olivia), but her roles in different anime are pretty good too. I really liked her portrayal of Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club and Oshino Shinobu from the Monogatari Series.
    For male VAs, definitely Takehito Koyasu. Can't go wrong with Dio Brando's VA. Also noticed he voiced Excalibur from Soul Eater too? Goddamn that's beautiful. I like how his voice flows. So manly. Jun Fukayama is excellent too. I like the kind of characters he voices (Lelouch from Code Geass, Joker from P5) and how different they are in contrast with his character in Granblue Fantasy (Quatre). Can't begin to imagine what kind of vocal cord shredding happens when he shouts his lines.
    Not too familiar with VAs in eroges, tbh. I didn't take notice of them too much. I find it fascinating that some of them (like Kadowaki Mai and Asakawa Yuu) can be found in a number of games though lol. Looking forward to playing more eroges with Kadowaki Mai in them.
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    Kosakyun reacted to Fred the Barber in Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project   
    Well, it's been a lot longer than any of us hoped, but lo and behold, we have a Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/972160/The_Witchs_Love_Diary/
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    Kosakyun reacted to Fred the Barber in What Anime are you watching now?   
    Season 2 never, I'm sure, but the LN series is being officially localized, and the translator is a friend and is doing good work with it, so there's always that option: https://www.amazon.com/Kokoro-Connect-1-Hito-Random-ebook/dp/B07FNMCNGR/
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from Kenshin_sama in What Anime are you watching now?   
    Your taste is still akin to a true barberian, I see.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from Kenshin_sama in What Anime are you watching now?   
    Alright. I started Kokoro Connect 3 days ago, and I've finished 13 episodes of it.
    I was really skeptical of the show due to how it starts out its conflict. I'm not a fan of being thrown into the fire without warning, so when the conflict just came out of nowhere in the first episode, I felt really iffy about the show. Thankfully, it was entertaining enough to keep me watching up to the point where I am now.
    What I do like about the show is how it handles its arcs via the EDs. I'm a fan of how SHAFT handles the arcs in the Monogatari Series and Nisekoi by characterizing either the OP or the ED based on which character the arc focuses on or what the arc itself is, so seeing the name of the arcs in the changing EDs in Kokoro Connect really pumps me up to watch it. That particular aspect of the show may be the reason why I continued to watch it despite my prior qualms about it.
    One last thing, that I absolutely cannot ignore.
    Nagase Iori best girl.
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    Kosakyun reacted to ittaku in To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project   
    Ruu \o/
    This is an amateur ~one man translation project plus ad-hoc helpers for the

    ToHeart2 Xrated for PC visual novel

    Progress:100.0% complete.
    Full staff list:
    Main players:
    Team leader: Conman Translation:
    Conman Programming:
    AlphaSixNine Conman Rem Velocity7 Kano Major Editors:
    Ninjakali SL Sovasin Volandum Fred the Barber Graphic Editing:
    Blake Translation help:
    Aerul Cala Cheezypoof Jaceryl Kenn SKpride Velocity7 Yaluen Other Editors:
    jdennis00 naturesbless Velocity7 Proofreaders:
    Benji Price Conman Vorac  
    The included patch backs up the original files and patches your existing installation, thus it includes no copyrighted material. It has 100% of the in game and H scene memories text translated. A special modified executable is generated that has most of the menus converted to English and supports a font change. The font is patched to one that is more suited to English text allowing substantially more text on screen which is important given the low resolution of the game on modern screens. In game icons have been graphically edited to English (see screenshot) where possible. Finally H scenes have all been manually decensored. As there was demand from some people to NOT include the decensored material, there is a choice of two patches to use: one that includes all the changes including the decensoring and one that only patches the menus for those who prefer to fap to big pixels instead of pr0n. The only thing that I could not get working was the ability to click on quoted text to replay voice - the position on screen where this happens does not align with the text. You cannot use old saved files as the jump points change after it's patched. You need to start anew unless the saved files are at selection points.
    Direct download is available from above website, but please use the torrent.
    Patch requires 7 zip to install, grab it from here:

    Sample from running patched game:
    Game menus:

    The game is NVL meaning full screen text over the game. Here's a typical patched text screenshot.

    Mixed full and half-width characters (and an excuse to show Ruuko):

    A typical choice selection screen:

    Typical heroine / scene selection screen with translated menus.

    Calendar with translated events.

    Music mode with translated theme and composer titles.

    I have been working on this project for 10 years and the bulk of them I was working almost entirely alone on the translation. Initially there was a small team that spawned this project which included only editors and one programmer. The bulk of the text extraction / reinsertion programming was done by Rem who I haven't seen after the first 2 years and did a marvellous job of extracting codes from text and reinserting things back in place. After that I altered his software to do proper line splitting and adjust for text/screen width changes. After Rem left I was pretty much alone for the next 6 years while I slowly chipped away at the translation for fun and language practice as my Japanese improved. A few difficult live events ended up making this project stall completely for 2 years in the middle. Nonetheless I always planned to complete it even if it had to be alone. Introduction to the fuwa community rekindled my enthusiasm for the project and from it I was able to recruit extra staff for editing, proofreading and graphic editing/decensoring.
    This was unashamedly my first ever translation attempt. When I started out on this translation project my Japanese was not very strong, so the translation was initially very rough in places. As it has been hard to get any help translating this for various reasons, I was basically left doing it all myself. Since I have gone to the effort of trying to translate this 97,000 line monster project myself, could you please limit your comments to constructive criticism only! As it took so long to complete, it also means that the translation improved along each route, and is better with those characters that I translated later. However the lack of translation check does not mean that it's very bad quality. After editing and proofreading I personally did go through the entire game multiple times for QC and wherever I spotted a translation error or inconsistency I would correct them as I went. While this is not as good as a proper translation check, I think the final quality is still quite respectable and most importantly a decent rendition of the original work. My translation style involves a modest degree of localisation while attempting to keep the original language concepts intact, and keeps Japanese honorifics and the occasional Japanese phrase with almost no stand out translation notes - instead I incorporated those into the text. I prefer to see given names first in English translation so I have taken the liberty of doing so, and my language is English throughout - sorry, no American. I am a native English speaker and if some of the text appears unnatural it's from trying to preserve the original literature. Japanese accuracy should be >95% with nuance capturing >85%.
    If I were to list the things needed to make this professional quality and reach my ideal, I would have loved for there to be an experienced translate checker do a pass over the translation. There is no doubt there are still numerous errors, mostly nuance related, but even though I advertised for help on and off for a decade, the few people who did offer to help were only very short lived. Additionally there are still some menu items that are in Japanese but not critical ones that make it difficult to understand. I also would have liked to have karaoke subtitled the videos and added subs for the final quotes from the heroine in the closing credit videos.
    I've been hanging out with a dedicated IRC channel at #aikeshi@irc.rizon.net under the alias conman, come and say hello.

    The Xrated game is no longer in print, the official website for it is http://leaf.aquaplus.jp/product/th2x/
    Amazon Japan and various other online distributors still sell new and second hand copies.
    A PSP all ages version is still on sale today and the official site is http://aquaplus.jp/psp_th2/index.html

    Other variants (like DX) are still being released due to the sustained popularity of this game. These even have an extra routes that never existed and the character wasn't in any of the anime.

    Relevant vndb link: https://vndb.org/v20
    2267 unique kanji, 345512 kanji total, 2.9M kana. 50+ hours reading.
    If you're not familiar with ToHeart2, it's a VN that is over 10 years old now so by today's standards its 600p 4:3 graphics are quite humble. As a visual novel it is extremely dense text wise, with almost 100,000 lines of text (hence why it's taken me so long). It has 9 different heroine routes with 11 different girls and I've been translating each route one by one and I was originally releasing patches as each route was completed. Most of the routes are of the same duration except for one half length one that is unlocked, and story intensity and successfully negotiating the route is very easy. If you're looking for a spoiler free guide to successfully negotiate the game, always choose the heroine you're chasing, and if the heroine is not available, choose her best friend, and always trust in the heroine and rely on your friends. You have the option of inserting your own name into the game when it starts, or use the default included name for Takaaki Kouno. Unless you particularly enjoy the heroine calling you by name, I actually suggest using the default name because the voice actresses speak Takaaki's name but instead leave an unnatural blank pause there which you're meant to think she's speaking to you instead; I guess unless you're listening out for it you may not spot it but I don't like it.
    As far as the content of the story goes, it's a mostly light hearted high school harem type story with lots of feel good elements and with mostly amusing and fun characters. It is *extremely* light on with the number of H scenes (though they are hard core) with only one major scene per successful route very close to the end of the story - Xrated was created after the original version, and one character (Sasara) was added to this release. Each route has an epilogue after the closing video which may or may not come after the H scenes. It has had a cult following in Japan for over a decade with tons of anime spinoffs and new figurines and merchandise being created even today.

    The question often gets asked if I'm going to do a non-xrated or psp version of the patch. I'm not planning one. I personally would have been very disappointed to play through such a monster without getting H at the end and it's otherwise the same without 1 or 2 scenes. Additionally, I did NOT enjoy To Heart 2 Another Days which was rated one of the most disappointing sequels of all time and have no interest in working on that now that this is complete.

    Comments? Enjoy!
    In addition, I am subbing the Anime OVAs that go with this game and its sequel, Another Days:
    To Heart 2 OVAs 1-3
    To Heart 2 AD OVAs 1-2
    To Heart 2 AD PLUS OVAs 1-2
    To Heart 2 AD NEXT OVAs 1-2
    I've opened a discussion thread for those wishing to discuss any aspects about the game itself or story rather than the translation project or technical help below with the patch:
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    Kosakyun reacted to Kenshin_sama in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Yay, nostalgia thread!
    I always thought this was a bit of a quirky song when I heard it as a kid. Probably still holds the gold for the most misleading start to an anime OP.
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    Kosakyun got a reaction from Kenshin_sama in Fuwanovel Confessions   
    Joined a few days ago! Didn't make an introductory post anymore since I kinda lurked for a while teehee
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