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  1. i think i like anime girls better than real ones i just want a reall life anime girl
  2. thanks really liked the pic specially this emoji of '''conspiracy'''
  3. are the anime adaptations of fate stay and steins gate the same ass the visual novels??? cause im thinking they leave a lot of content out of the anime just like how they do with manga or are they the same
  4. thanks if its a shorter novel itll be really useful to get to see new genres specially since right now im reading AIR and CLANNAD literally takes all of my time with those two
  5. thanks ill check those out i had my eyes on g Senjou no Maou speciallly heard a lot of good things about it
  6. hello just saying hi and fuwanovel kinda introduced me to visual novels first visual novel i read was katawa shoujo now currently reading air and clannad
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