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  1. 8 minutes ago, moonstarfc said:

    I don't mind, I have enough friends who use URs. You can send me a request.

    I love RinPana! I pretty much love all the first years together actually, but RinPana is just so sweet and adorable. I got super into it when I found all the doujinshis out there. Hanayo is the cutest :wub:

    I can't see the picture for some reason, it appears to be broken :(

    Yeah, they're both just such cute and shy character in general, so RinPana ends up being the ultimate cuteness :wub: 

    And I now know Dynasty Scans doesn't allow hotlinks


  2. 37 minutes ago, moonstarfc said:

    I'm super hyped for this event, since Maki is my best girl. 

    I only have 15 gems atm though. I hope I can get more so I can tier :(

    I have an open spot on my friends list, if anyone wants to add me my ID is 483430315 (EN version only). 


    If you don't mind adding someone who doesn't always use a UR.

    I'd have to send you a friend request though because I have like... 500+ friend requests pending that I need to delete :wafuu: 

    Here's my SIT: http://schoolido.lu/user/Ceris

    You mentioned in the other thread that you're a RinPana fan, I am a huge fan too! My lockscreen is also a RinPana image.

    I also ran into this earlier (It was translated a while ago, but I hadn't looked up RinPana stuff in a while)


  3. Welcome to the Fuwa forums! I'm only here because I saw the RinPana avatar (I've seen that doujin on Pixiv :sachi: ) as my VN history is microscopically small. Just wanted to welcome another Love Live fan, and possibly Rin/Hanayo fan (?)

    We actually have a dying thread here that is a Love Live School Idol Festival thread, but also doubles as a Love Live general thread, though the years haven't been good to us and the thread's rather inactive... Shameless promotion

  4. 47 minutes ago, Jibril said:

    All my expectations for Re Zero are far surpassed in episode 3. Never knew White Fox could be this good after Akame ga Kill. I'm pleasantly surprised. Gorgeously executed action scenes, eye candy designs, well composed soundtrack, perfectly well placed pacing and a good story to wrap it all out. I dare say this anime is probably my AOTS even surpassing Kabaneri. It's time to raise the expectation bar again and hope I don't get disappointed!


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    Best action cinematography I've seen in anime for a while.

    That episode was simply fantastic, ended it in awe. Just everything about that episode was amazing, and definitely my AOTS so far.

  5. 1 hour ago, ittaku said:

    Next up AmagamiSS. I've finished the first arc and so far so good.

    Amagami SS is great if you like the character (I liked all 6 of them, so yeah). Fun series with a nice change to the typical harem VN by turning it into individual separate arcs.

  6. 4 hours ago, Nosebleed said:

    Use this thread to discuss any anime airing during Winter 2016
    All other threads made during this time will be merged into this one.


    gj copy and paste.

    I haven't looked through Spring's lineup much yet, but I'm ready for Asterisk S2, hopefully with more Kirin.

  7. Just now, babiker said:

    I shall not lose hope in the ability of the creators of this VN. If they truly understand the greatness of Rewrite, they'll do their best to translate its greatness into a good anime. So have hope my friends! ... Have... Hope... 

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    I just can't stand the idea of my fav VN of all time being made into a shit anime ;-;


    Didn't stop Angel Beats and Charlotte from being less than what they could have been.

  8. 5 hours ago, The Striker said:

    Sad because will have an originnal development, but will have some parts from the VN too, so i have expected this, because the game routes are too individual and too much larger for an anime.

    The crushing news I was expecting but hoping wouldn't come. Not a fan of the art style and my disappointment of what studio that picked it up isn't being improved.

  9. FYI, Overall difficulty =/= Star difficulty. That song has a star difficulty of 4.78 while it has an OD of 8. Overall difficulty is how much HP drain there is, the pickiness of the sliders, and how large the window timing is. Star difficulty is what osu rates the actual difficulty of playing the map. I personally don't look at the OD of maps regularly, I just look at the star and the AR (I struggle to read anything below 8.8 and above 9.5)

  10. Even though I don't play JP any more, I logged in to get the scouting tickets and used them and...


    HANAYOOO :wub::wub:

    It's kind of unfortunate to get it on the server I don't play, but if I ever do pick up playing it again, I have another UR to use :sachi: That puts me at 4 URs on 3 of my accounts (1 EN and 2 JP accounts). I also have an extra EN account.

    Speaking of that EN account,  if anyone wants to add me, 


    number form: 407749622

    No idea how often I'll play the account, but at least I have a UR center to help anyone who does add me :D

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go cry myself to sleep due to what today is.

  11. I almost FC'd that song first try when it first came out, but every single try since just got worse and worse, and now, even though it's far within my skill range I just can't do it :amane:  past week or so my wrist has been not doing the best again so been on a slight break.

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