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  1. 15 hours ago, Okarin said:

    Gonna watch Rewrite. Wish me luck!

    Somehow missed this despite posting right below it. I think pretty much everyone here is going to try out the Rewrite anime (at least, those who've read the VN). I've got extremely low expectations, to the point where I'm assuming it's going to be shit. The studio sucks, the artwork in the PVs is shit, it's anime original arc (hopefully the writers manage to make a good story), it's also assumed to be 1cour. 

    Despite all this, I 100% loved Rewrite, if it got a perfect adaption (which no way in hell it is now), it'd claim my #1 favorite anime of all time without contest.

    5 minutes ago, Kurisu-Chan said:

    Unfortunately, according to anime rule, she won't be the main romance, and she'll prolly lose interest in the plot. 

    I read a massive spoiler without thinking, and can say she has an importance to the plot again at some point. 

  2. 14 minutes ago, Jade said:

    Share your rolls Ceris \ :Teeku: /

    I still lack one Nico UR to burn them and change it for UR Kotori :rimu: 

    I'm not screenshotting 37 tickets :makina:  But I'll try to screenshot my 2 10+1s this time. The last time I did my 10+1s before bed and got 1 guaranteed SRs and didn't take screenshots because after the first , I just said fuck it.

  3. 24 minutes ago, imnoob92 said:

    For "Honour Box" - Rin and Eli after this event, followed by Hanayo and Nico after next event

    For "Limited Box" - 3rd years followed by LLW.



    After the event, I'm doing 37 ticket pulls, 2 10+1, and 1 voucher pull. All I want is 1 UR, so I can trade it for Maid Rin without losing my Tri-UR status.

  4. That's really sad to hear :(

    I'm probably in the state of "addicted to osu", but I don't care. While  I do try to put a lot of emphasis on getting better, I want to get better because I genuinely enjoy osu as a game, just as a competitive one. I love music. I spent my childhood not listening to much music, and not until middle school did I start listening to anything once internet became part of my every day life. My music library has never been the most impressive in size, and only listened to random stuff my friends listened to, but I always loved just listening to stuff, so I didn't care.

    And then osu came along. osu completely changed my music library from just a few rock bands I listened to, to a large variety of music.It was the sort of shifting point (even though it's soo weeb like) to me primarily listening to Japanese music, which I personally don't regret. And at the same time, I can enjoy the game BECAUSE I can play along to my favorite songs. In fact, some of my favorite songs are BECAUSE I played them on osu so much. I didn't play them to go up a leaderboard, and there weren't songs I played for pp and hated (I really refuse to play shit I don't like). osu made me discovery utaite, which made me go listen to more of them outside of osu, and in turn made me come back to osu just to play the game with songs I liked. 

    While I do get unreasonably angry at the game when I play badly, other times I'll just not care and keep playing, because I personally do actually enjoy the game. I've played osu for 3 years, and don't regret any of it. There's actually so many times I've said out loud to my friend over chat "I'm fine with xxx being my highest PP score, I love this song!" And then usually end up choking, but it's just the way I think. I like this song, and I like my highest PP scores being songs I like. Hell, nearly every song on the first page of performances is songs I like (I can see maybe 1-2 glancing through that are songs I find meh)

    Without osu, I would have never discovered these songs. The third song, I play an unranked version all the time because it's fun, and not even to get better or for ranking purpose. 






  5. Just want to point out Madhouse has a much much larger anime released history than White Fox. Plus, half those "sequels" seem to me low budget kids shows.

    Don't see why everyone just went straight into meda-downer mode, no one likes to let others dream it seems.

  6. 6 hours ago, Jade said:

    Soon ™ then :mare:

    >Implying people won't want to spend dem loveca on voices :makina:

    What's really strange is that EN is removing the Aqours rares from the Seal Shop in just a month or so. That's the same time JP is implementing Version 4.0 that fully integrates Aqours into the game. I've had theory that EN could possibly release 4.0 at the same time and do the same events as JP when they do Aqours events. The plan for JP is to do Aqours > u's > Aqours > u's etc. That would work for EN, they could do the newest Aqours event, then do the u's events as planned schedule wise following JP 1 year behind.

  7. 5 hours ago, ittaku said:

    Tons of great shows that deserve S2/3/4+ never get them, whilst other steaming piles of shit get lots of extra seasons. Unfortunately being good is neither a prerequisite nor a guarantee.

    I mention GochiUsa because it's the same studio. Some studios are notorious for leaving unfinished works, or just not bothering with a S2, but GochiUsa got a S2, so that boosts the hope a tiny bit.

  8. I missed Re:Zero for a few weeks despite it being one of my favorite things I've watched in the past couple years (so far at least), but finally caught the 3 recent episodes. For me at least, every single one of the 10 episodes so far, each and every one has been outstanding.

    6 hours ago, Jun Inoue said:

    Please stahp, Re:Zero, I can't go on.

    Also, I seriously hope they end up killing the fucking shaman/puppy, it's starting to become the evil guy of the series or smth xD

    The story is only boring if you don't really care about the characters. This arc is explaining (although painfully slowly) the context around Emilia, her backer Roswaald and the maids Ram and Rem. They are not making up stuff on the go, or side-tracking, but simply going at a very calculated pace, which in my opinion worked great at making both Subaru and the spectator really happy at the twins finally opening up to him.

    If I had to point one flaw regarding this particular matter, is that we'll end up probably not getting enough development for the characters. The second arc balanced this by being over double the episodes than the first arc, but what will happen from now on? Will the third arc be even bigger so that we still get info about the characters apart from the new arc? The characters are still very, very underdeveloped and generally a mystery, so the anime has a bunch of stuff to do before the anime ends, or it'll end up as a disappointment.

    Yeah. But all those things ARE there, so it didn't end up being a problem. Re:Zero has, for now, masterfully made us feel like the plot keeps going forward, towards a "good end" for the arc, even though Subaru has died a shit-ton of times already and reset the 4 days. The fact that this last thing hasn't really bothered us at all proves just how all the little things scattered around each episode have caught our attention, how the ongoing mystery has drawn us in.

    You bring up one of my major concerns about the anime. This arc has had phenomenal character development, but it's taken 7 episodes to do it. I have absolutely zero issue with the pacing so far, but my problem isn't me, but their allotted 2-cour. We're still only on a second arc with little to no answers about anything, even a future direction, and the anime is already nearing it's halfway point. Did a little research into the source (I knew nothing about it until just now) and it seems the anime is either in the 2nd or 3rd volume out of currently 8 volumes out of the Light Novel. The prediction an even longer 3rd arc is correct, the next arc is volumes 4-9. Apparently the Web Novel version of the source is much longer though so there shouldn't be an issue of running out of material and White Fox going for an anime original ending again... (coughakamegakillcough). Also, reading stuff from people who read the web novel, apparently the third arc could be adapted in 14-15 episodes just fine, so again, pacing shouldn't be an issue here. I too am so deeply hoping they end the arc with the next episode (as I have no idea of the source and where they're even at), putting them right at that 14episode mark estimate that someone gave a couple weeks ago. Also, since, according to MAL, it's been announced as a 25 episode series since the beginning, the storyboarders much have an idea at a pacing ahead of time, which all you can do is be optimistic about.

    At this point, I'm hoping it stays as strong as it has been (for me personally). With 10 episodes straight of just being overly fantastic, it has the potential to earn a spot among my favorite anime series of all time. Apparently, the LNs have gained massive popularity from the anime to the point they ran out of copies and had to print more, which is an extremely good sign for a possible second season down the line. According to a very unreliable source, the web novel has like 500 chapters, which, according to them, is equal to like 30 volumes of LNs, so the LNs will just keep getting pumped out if this popularity holds. And I hope so deeply that it does, along with getting a second season, I'm just enjoying it so much. Seeing as GochiUsa managed to get a S2, I don't see why not this. 

    6 hours ago, Kenshin_sama said:

    Re:Cliffhanger. :kosame: Seriously, when that episode ended, I thought it was the halfway break. That went by way too fast. o.O

    I know, right? I was like... no way it's been 22 minutes already...

  9. 5 minutes ago, Kenshin_sama said:

    Have you considered watching AKB0048? It's a solid idol series with superb animation and enjoyable songs. Story has its flaws and is generally hit or miss, but I liked it. If you enjoyed some of Okada's more popular works (ignoring the awful stuff like BRS), you're not likely to be disappointed. I highly recommend using Evetaku's subs for their fantastic kara.

    I must be horrible because I enjoyed BRS

    AKB0048 was fantastic though totally not just an idol fan

  10. 10 minutes ago, Kenshin_sama said:

    This is the best acc I've ever had on a long map.

    Edit: Oh damn. Didn't know I was close to 1k posts. :michiru:

    Completely off topic, but that Setsuna Trip avatar, I actually started listening to a lot of GUMI recently. Well, not a lot, mostly the same 5-6ish love songs that are highly viewed for her on Youtube. Absolutely love her songs that I heard. 

    I guess on topic


    I swore this song was on osu but every derivative of that song name I searched I couldn't find it. 

  11. The maintenance for the event should fix it, they set aside a little more time than usual. 

    The update is also optional, and since I don't have auto update on, I'm still using the previous version.

    And not true, whatever update that gave us the full screen also allowed for screen rotation, but it was accidentally taken away with 3.0 so they tried (and failed) to reimplement it.

  12. 31 minutes ago, Kenshin_sama said:

    Jumps aren't hard at all; the challenge is keeping your nerves in check after 1k combo. Ugh, so close. :kosame:


    This pushed me past the 36k mark at least.

    I don't even try that map because I know my nerves won't hold out to the end.

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