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  1. FINALLY I've attempted this song so many times over the past nearly 2 years and I finally got my first clear of the damn thing. Sadly, it's one of the more poor plays I've had, but a clear is a clear (and honestly, I don't even think the song is that hard, idk why it took so long to clear it lol)




  2. I find AR8 boring, because the extremely massive majority of the maps I have are slow. It would probably make a difference with shitmisses (that's a big flaw I have), but I've always been inconsistent skill wise in all games I've played in my life, so idk how much it would help. I've just always sucked 90% of the time and then 10% of the time played my best and get stuff done.

  3. That was Maef who said to play lower AR maps, I suck at anything below 8.8 maps. I got my best PP score about 2 months ago, but in the past 2 months, I've gotten 8 of my 10 100+ PP scores, 5 of which were in the past week, which is cool. 

    My best PP score was some random attempt that went amazing. Some of my other scores are a mix of grinding the song a little til I got a good run, or a 2nd or 3rd try that day.

  4. Oh, I remember watching videos about that before, you've got the humped back mouses and the flat ones, you generally use your fingers to move the flat mice, and the humped one you use your palm and wrist more.

    And I don't think "I will never get better" exactly, it's just frustrating to see progress, then see negative progress the next day. One thing I can say, no matter how bad my aim is in a particular day, my streaming is less sporadic than it used to be. Even though I'm shit at it, I can at least notice I'm getting more consistent in that regard. Accuracy and Aim are completely random for me on days though :/

  5. I feel like I'm never going to get better at osu. Some times, I feel like I'm actually having a good day, get some good scores and feel satisfied with that day's efforts. And every time that happens, then follows an entire week of sucking at the game, even after playing an hour each day like shit with no improvement. It's so discouraging to keep playing while doing absolutely terrible compared to just a few days ago...

  6. I keep up with the new released maps all the time, and most of the time the maps are either too easy for me, too hard for me, or not in my music taste range. 

    Or I just make endless dumb mistakes like this map https://osu.ppy.sh/b/761231

    I think the map is easy, but my wrist thinks otherwise, but it's easily one of my favorite openings of all time

  7. I only have this for my highest score on that map 


    But I was trying to Expert difficulty, just couldn't seem to get it down. Doesn't help that my accuracy in osu! is completely garbage



    Also, sadly, I must finally say goodbye to my top 50k rank, I just can't get PP whenever I play a map, I always fail at the end and end up with like 5 misses after a really good run (or my highest score run on songs aren't my best runs). Another problem is, my beatmap library isn't the best :amane: 


  8. That's some crazy stuff, and here I thought my 80 hours on NepNep1 was a lot. Lately, if I'm playing any of the Re;Birth games, it's always #1 because I'm slowly chipping away at the last achievements, now the only one remaining is the one for 100million credits. I'm only at 4mil total earned atm, so I have a long way to go :amane: 





  9. There's the members' normal quotes, quotes unique to SRs, quotes unique to idolized SRs (as well as new quotes for tapping them), Unique UR quotes, time of day based quotes exclusive to URs, seasonal quotes, birthday quotes, holiday quotes, and lastly, the ones that are being said now, IRL event quotes. 


    The members are talking about the Final Live coming up soon. Also, the quotes changed per day, this is like a Day 2 set. Weird because the final live isn't until the end of March, they're a little early.


  10. I redownloaded to see the updates, and I'm still not really interested in the game in its current state, namely the inability to fight bosses. It's nice to be able to choose a class, gear up, and fight things while leveling up, but the lack of bosses is a real turnoff.


  11. 40 minutes ago, imnoob92 said:

    welcome back my long lost friend :D

    Going T1 because it's Honoka.

    I used to say stuff like that, but now I'm usually too lazy to tier for even some of my favorite girls (Honoka is my #3). I might try and T1 for her, but I am still lacking in the motivation department with SIF

  12. 29 minutes ago, Clephas said:

    I remember playing the console version, then dropping it because the single-player campaign didn't let you choose the appearance of your character...

    Story of PSU was rather meh anyway, you didn't miss anything. 


    I played PSU the final 6 months on the Xbox 360 severs before they were shut down, I made  a few friends, but unfortunately, I haven't really spoken to those PSU friends in a while now, after we got separated after the servers shut down. I tried the Clementine servers the night they were launched to the public, but haven't kept up with the progress since last I tried (about 7-8 months ago) they barely had damage working in game, all your hits did the same damage count. 

    Nowadays, I play PSO2 every single day, since I was such a fan of PSU. 

  13. The game actually has a good (?) story, from what I heard. there's currently 3 full sections of the story out and people tend to really like it. It starts off extremely slow, yes, but the story really picks up around the end of "Episode 1", and stays good in Ep2 and Ep3 (that's how the sections are named, by episode). We're getting Episode 4 released in a couple weeks.

    This is all guesses from me, because I'm still in the part of the story that's going by at a snail's pace, about halfway through Episode 1, but my friend said "shit goes down" in a few mini parts soon.

    Now, the real question is, are they going to implement any of this game's story into the anime, that we've yet to see. Though, some key characters from the story appear in the anime's opening, so there's hope.

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