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  1. I wonder where that myth came from. I don't know if you heard it somewhere or just though it, but no, you will never lose your gems when you transfer, that's just not a thing. As long as you are transferring between the same platform (iOS to iOS or Android to Android) you can transfer. If you have gems and are trying to transfer, it will simply deny you.

    I just hear that question a lot and get confused as to why people think it  :wafuu:

  2. tvbMrVa.png



    The Japanese event leaderboard. If you can't read Japanese, everyone has their name set to the line their corresponding center said just before Snow Halation in the anime.

    I love school.

    I love music.

    I love idols.

    I love dancing.

    I love our members.

    I love every day.

    I love working hard.

    I love singing.

    Because I love u's...


    Someone, help, the tears. I'm serious here, I don't want April to come...


  3. I have a lot of super whales on my friends list ( 5 or more that score top 15 in song score) yet no one even drew for Kotori on my list yet. None of them are Kotori fans, but that wouldn't stop Zehel or Kintolesky from drawing usually, considering Kinto gets nearly every single New UR idolized usually.

  4. I got Rin about 4 hours ago (I forgot to post about it)


    through nothing but tokens


    I'm a little over halfway to my goal, so I've still got a lot of work to do :amane: 


    Neat fact: I've only used half my gems so far, and I've also gotten 5 rank ups already from grinding for 2.5 days. 

  5. I had one of those recently, and I've gotten a few 1x100 too, which is unfortunate



    I wasn't having a good aim day, and I missed on the ending jumps.


    Speaking of inconsistent aim, my aim in combined with being able to hit large jumps and then just shitmiss a lot. I got this a couple days ago for my best PP score though, not my best accuracy wise though





  6. I had that map on my "To FC one day when I don't suck" collection lol


    I remember when I struggled to get even 96% on this song

    I noticed my aim hasn't really changed much recently, but my overall accuracy and my non-existent streaming skills increased by a lot.

  7. 19 hours ago, Fred the Barber said:

    Now that the special edition physical release is out, it's finally time to watch season 2 of Love Live!, but when I started it up I was horribly confused because 1) it was dubbed, and 2) I couldn't remember all the characters clearly and instantly. So I decided to go back and re-watch season 1 first, to refresh memories and recall whether I should be watching it subbed or dubbed (the answer is subbed, by the way, because I don't think there even was a dub of season 1, and changing character voices partway through is obviously not allowed).

    I was not aware there was a dub to S2, S1's dub just came out a couple months ago afaik, since it did not come with the original EN release. 

    I'm a bit biased because I generally hate dubs, but to me, there's no sense in watching an idol anime with English dub, when they sing in Japanese.

  8. JP is getting a 4th event type, what EN is getting is completely different.

    Boston is like... 


    Too far :makina: 

    Feel like the event is going to be a flop l, because world wide server... Is kind of world wide. You can't expect everyone to make it to the USA for a phone game... I'm IN the USA and I'm still about a 12 hour drive away.

  9. Found it. Events end at 3AM my time


    2 minutes ago, Jade said:

    Yeah, the T2 cutoff went nuts on the last day.

    The night before i was sitting in rank 4k or so with 2k point difference from the cutoff and morning come i fell behind to rank 5k with 8000 points difference :wahaha: 

    The cutoff usually rises a lot on the last day, especially in MedFes and SM where it's just straight points being earned from playing, and not having to grind tokens. Looking at the Reddit prediction that is generally very accurate, the cutoff was a little crazy, since it beat the prediction by over 2k. 

    3 minutes ago, Nebjula said:

    It couldn't have been me, I don't think I've posted here before.

    And to think you got it that early, you must be a pro! 

    Hopefully I'll succeed in my next event!

    Good luck and stay diligent! 

  10. Oooh, my mistake, I remembered someone was interested in playing the game and posted in here a bit back, was that you or someone else? 

    I haven't missed an SR since my first event (which was the first event of the game), but I did manage to get 1 SR with less than 1 minute left of the event.... lol..

    I actually played a lot, not wasting any LP and got Eli after a few days... then I sort of stopped playing the entire half of the second event, so I ended with 32k points.

    Also, my favorite N is now in the game :kosame: 

    Nagi best N


  11. Compared to Hanayo's MedFes, this one had a lower T1 cutoff, but such significantly larger T2 cutoff (by like 10K, wtf happened?)

    Compared to Maki's MedFes, T1 was lower by 20k, T2 was lower by 10k.

    Considering Hanayo's one of the least popular girls in EN, no, Eli's even wasn't crazy. Maki's MedFes blew this one out of the water.


    Edit: @Nebjula how many points did you get? I failed to get the event SR back in my first event as well.

  12. I'm at a whole lot of plays myself, but that's because I have such a massive number of retries. Literally like 60-70% of my play count came from my first few months of playing the game, and I was still playing Hards back then lol...

  13. I just discovered this exists, and totally think it shouldn't.



    So just because someone played more songs than me, even if they aren't better, they can be higher ranked than me? How is that fair? Shouldn't PP at least attempt to show skill? Assuming I can just go and complete a few hundred random songs on easy, since that's all you need for ranked score, I could inflate my PP just by doing that?

  14. Usually how it goes for the first few hours of the event. It's also weird during MedFes, notice there's a connection every time you hit the home button, it's related to the MedFes event only. We'll see if the leaderboards stay updating in real time, I believe I remember something similar happening in the first two MedFes events as well.

  15. Even though my spam days are over, I'm still 7th in posts, aww yeah :sachi:  

    Also, 2nd worst post:like ratio on the first place, gg :makina: 

    And agreed, not having a simple button to click to see the members on the forums is rather odd, considering that's commonplace on the few forums I've gone to.

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