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  1. Which ones do you suggest the most like 2-3 of them (excluding evolimit)
  2. What are the RPGs you've been playing
  3. A setting like ATRI or Zanki Zero would be nice but I very open to anything. ....except for zombie themed. untled are fine too
  4. It was this month that I found out about your blog. I immediately stared reading all the reviews you had on so many interesting vns as well as starting your vn of the month from the beginning to see what I can find there, but eventually decided to go on my own journey of searching untranslated vns (that hasn't stopped since). I still go to your blog when I want more info on a certain vn that is hard to find any so thank you for your work and effort you've put into this all this years. I will hopefully go back to this in this future once i read the stuff that i want so i can see what you said a
  5. I have not left my home for one and a half years now so I have time for everything...yay
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