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  1. I kinda like bears and anything that's fluffy.
  2. Angels Requiem I'm no good with names either^^"
  3. I might be able to help with writing or at least throwing random ideas into the room. And i could probably translate it into german if it's finished. I don't know if it's any good but here is a sample of my writing:
  4. My ideal VN would be something with great gameplay, epic story, beliveable, conflicting main characters, plot twists around every corner, and a fantasy setting (most important for me, but optional if all of the above is inside) Or I would force Eushully to make remakes of their older games xD Those guys are nigh perfect but all the H seriously destroys the story for me...So all ages remakes of their old games or something like that XD A story like Eien no Aselia with the battle system of Seinarukana would be as acceptable.
  5. I can live without H-scenes, they're nice to look at but totally destroy the story most of the time. Looking at you FS/N-.- But I can understand that peolpe see them as "reward" or the player is just For me it's story first. H is just optional.
  6. Welcome Sounds like we could be good friends Don't worry too much about your english, lots of people here aren't native speakers either
  7. Welcome to the forums Or at least give them a piece of paper with "SoUl" on it. They don't really look at it xD
  8. Every one of those need at least one bad german "poet". Don't mind if I join.
  9. Oh great, hamoeburger! Thanks The last part could prove a bit difficult... I've sold my soul too many times to know who has it now xD All your base are belong to us!! xD It's mostly because there are no german forums about VNs. Me and some of my friends are trying to establish a german community, but it's not really working like we planned it^^" That's missing here Now we only need some drinks (and the cute grils to serve them) and a fire xD
  10. Sounds like it will be a great story. From the looks of it you have everything planned out in your head, right? And like Tonyv96 said, you really seem to have a talent with words. I'm looking forward to read more, so keep it up I write too, but I never seem to get where I want to^^"
  11. I'm playing Rune Factory 4 almsot every minute of my freetime. And sometimes Dota 2 with some of my classmates. I'm thinking about buying Shin Megami Tensei IV or maybe the new Zelda. ... if I have enough money^^"
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