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  1. Shinigami no Kiss was one of the most mediocre and disappointing VNs i've ever read so you should give it a try, the 1st route in particular is dumb and pointless so it should be to your liking. Have fun~
  2. It revolves around the story of two best friends trying to be successful mangakas, it's amazing and you should definitely watch it.
  3. Well... even though it doesn't relate entirely to what you've mentioned before, Bakuman does fulfill your requirements. Have you already watched it?
  4. I haven't watched the anime yet but the manga is completed and even though it hasn't aged very well artwork-wise, i've enjoyed it and certainly recommend it. Having said that, you may want to wait for the anime to finish first (since you'll probably be watching the same ending twice in a row which may put you off) and then try out the manga later and see how it works for you. And yeah, i know how waiting for the next episode can be a pain which is why i never watch a new anime/season until it's finished ._." By the way, how does the anime compare to the manga? Is it more light-hearted, more disturbing or just about the same?
  5. Kaiji: How to scam con artists for dummies Sunabouzu: Hunt a woman, lock her deep down underground and masturbate Canaan: Who needs a plot when you have awesome characters? Wait, you do need it!? F***! Kochikame: I'm very responsible. DBZ School Days: I don't need to choose one.
  6. I agree with Pyonnu, this is a rather fascinating topic which shows some people's creative vein... not only that, you also get critique/corrections with a lot of work and depth put into them. I might post a couple of poems i had on my mind for quite a while but never bothered to write them down since i was too lazy and lacked guidance/critique. Keep up the good work, guys.
  7. Has anyone tried out Phenomeno? It looks interesting but since my laptop has VERY limited memory, i don't know if it's worth the download. Thoughts?
  8. Hmm... top 5 sounds kinda hard to leave so much stuff out but if i had to choose: 1. BECK (to this day, it's the only manga that made me cry + it's the first i've read so... yeah, it means a lot to me) 2. Ode to Kirihito (my first step towards more gruesome seinen and i loved every single minute of it) 3. Oyasumi Punpun (grim, twisted, depressing and quite simply amazing) 4. Watashitachi no Shiawase no Jikan (despite being short, it left quite an impression on me) 5. Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa/Pluto/Eden: it's an Endless World (made it a top 7... it was hard not to include any of these, please don't ban me for cheating ;_
  9. Hmm... everyone's been mentioning female characters but this makes me think of Tsutomu from Wind (...not the falling in love part). He's funny, the voice acting is great, the way he acts with Kasumi is lovely and, even after beating the whole game, i find him more interesting than the protagonist. I was hoping for some sort of extra/bonus route after beating the game where you'd focus on Tsutomu/Kasumi's backstory (or even play as one of them) but i got nuffin'. :'(
  10. No VN has made me cry yet (if anyone has a heart to spare, i'll take it) but a few scenes got really close to make it happen: the ending of G-Senjou No Maou, the scene in Little Busters where Saigusa's special bench is destroyed (yes, i know it's dumb), Fuuko's and Tomoyo's endings in Clannad, in Grisaia no Kajitsu and... i think there were a couple more i'm forgetting about but this is fair enough.
  11. Hmm... if i enjoy it, i'll probably watch it most of the time and probably get the song as well (Boku Wa Tomodachi's so dumb but i love it) but usually i just skip it, can't be bothered watching the same thing over and over again.
  12. I don't mind being a hollow, there ya go *throws soul away* Pretty cool finding another portuguese fellow around here. Thanks. Yeah, i usually try to avoid that... only to be betrayed by my foul sense of curiosity. Godamnit, brain. Yosh. I appreciate the welcoming and the suggestions, Higurashi No Naku Koro and Umineko will be done soon enough... still can't find the box, though. Welp, i'll just leave the soul around the place, someone will get it. Eventually. Probably. Maybe. ~hollow~
  13. Greetings and salutations, everyone. I'm still a newbie when it comes to VNs (only started playing them a couple of months ago) so i hope i can learn a bit more about them here with walkthroughs, tips and suggestions (this might also be the first forum i join but i can't tell for sure, my memory is awful). Favourite VNs: Fate/Stay Night, Grisaia No Kajitsu and G Senjou No Maou (just finished playing it... damn, that ending) Stuff to avoid: Tsukihime (still recovering from it... oh no, it's all coming back now D:), Saya No Uta (NOOOOOOOOOOOPE, effing NOPE), pretty much everything horror based (i like to be able to sleep at night) Next on the list: Phantom Inferno, Sharin No Kuni and Cross Channel About manga and anime, gotta mention BECK, Ode to Kirihito and One Piece. And that's pretty much it... i think? *suspense*
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