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  1. Probably. The PC version of FS/N was unvoiced until the PS2 version was released (I think?), so I'd imagine the PC version of F/HA isn't voiced either.
  2. I just finished it myself. Now I just want to know what happens next xD There was a PV for Hanamonogatari that came out yesterday, I think, that said it'd be out sometime in 2014. That's all I've heard.
  3. I finally got around to playing this about a month ago and I'm liking it a lot. I think it'd be fun to play with people from here. I'm on Ship 2 and online most of the day.
  4. I looked it up and it seems like the exploit allows most PSP isos to run on Vita. I'm guessing that includes games not in the store since someone said they were playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd with its english patch. I can't test it myself since my Vita is updated past the firmware, so I can't say whether it really works or not. IMO, I would also say that a PSP for VNs is better at this point.
  5. The last time I checked, the Vita was hacked to be able to play PSP isos, but it needed to be firmware 3.01 or below I think. I don't think there's been a way for Vita isos to be played the same way or if it has, only a few games are compatible.
  6. Right now, I'm working my way through The Guided Fate Paradox and Disgaea D2. When I get bored, I switch to Phantasy Star Online 2 unless I feel like reading a VN.
  7. I didn't realize the anime was on Koimonogatari. Might have to start catching up on episodes now. If they are on Koimonogatari, I'm guessing that second season is almost finished then?
  8. You can assume right about that That teamspeak chat sounds interesting as well. I'll make sure to check that out when I have some time and so I have a reason to look at the awesome Mare skin B) (good job on that btw)
  9. Hmm, I'd have to say Hoshizora no Memoria. I was really engrossed in the story and it got me interested in astronomy again, even joined an astronomy research group for a little bit during school.
  10. Yep! I just finished Flyable Heart and CandyHeart this week and loved both of them. Gumi was my favorite character so I was really excited to play her route in CandyHeart.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm Zanoki. I've been reading visual novels for a few years now, but didn't know about fuwanovel until recently. I took two and a half years of japanese while I was in college, but couldn't continue because of things I had to do for my major (editing lab reports all day...don't want to remember that anymore ). A shame because I really enjoyed learning the language, but I have been doing some self studying now that I'm done with school. I started reading visual novels as a break in between editing, but eventually started playing more when I had free days. Now, I enjoy the heck out of VNs. Anyways, that's me in a nutshell. Nice to meet everyone!
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