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  1. Couldn't have agreed more! It would be unfortunate to me and many others if this projects happens to be cancelled, and I can't blame if some people gone on their way to be mad about it, (since they were given a false hope and all that), but like you said if that ever happens the OP's could only have themselves to blame, since they're the ones who sets up expectation, and maybe the reason why i'm being a bit too positive is because the project is 90% done, i personally don't mind that much if they ever cancel it because i can tolerate the 10% with mtl,, that is if the OP decides to re
  2. That kinda explains why the progress is slow, I know nothing of translation process, but i imagine that tlc couldn't take this long to finish, but as it turns out the spreadsheet was inaccurate, best of luck for you guys
  3. Hey man, glad someone's being transparent here, but correct me if i'm wrong, i think what shaun trying to imply here is acting negatively towards a passion project like that could have an effect on the project it self, remember that people work on this with no money in mind, that means they're driven solely by passion and to put pressure and being negative like that could turn that passion into stress, making them question themselves "Why are we still here?.. Just to suffer" and starts asking for cash like you said (because their passion is gone and need to be replaced by money) But this
  4. My experience with premiere pro was weird one, somtimes it works wonders, sometimes it's buggy as hell and crashes, Somehow everytime it crash, it always at the most vital moment, luckily auto save exist (But it's not really reliable since sometimes the save point throws you way back in the project, reseting a huge chunk of your work. Never tried vegas but heard it's good, so my answer is pick whichever you want, both software do their job excellently, and remember that good result it's up to your talent in editing, not the tools you're using.
  5. Yeah people should realize that these kind of fan translation is made out of nothing but passion, Translating and editing thousands of lines is quite difficult and time consuming, so for some people to dedicate their free time into doing something this productive is really something to be admired. Plus they aren't getting paid for their work hence why the only thing that drives them is their love for the game and the desire for illiterate ppl like us to experience it. We just simply have to learn to be grateful in life for things that are able to exist...... like this project le
  6. Damn i dunno why but these kind of dolls are giving me nightmares, it reminds me of those mannequins that moves when no ones looking, but good for you tho, i envy your ability to make a hobby out of my nightmare lol
  7. No clue here mate, you better off asking on reddit since the community there are bigger and the chances of you getting an answer are more likely
  8. Big Oofers it's a bit of a shame tho, since eustia's settings felt so original and fresh, seeing the writers revert back into your generic high school settings is a bit of a letdown, I just hope that the fan service isn't as excessive as your typical romance anime, because I'm not really tolerant on that kind of stuff Even so, i think the story will still be good since it's written by the same writers as eustia But you know what quality that the devs still retain consistently? THE MUSIC, Even though I haven't played this game yet, I've listened to the songs and ost, and god dam
  9. Hey hello hi good to see you friend Good luck on writing your novel! I hope we get to see it in the future
  10. Lol same here mate, i've made this account when i was in highschool, now i'm in college, and boy my hype and hope for this project still haven't fade, which is rare for me since i'm always losing interest about something in a few months, i still have a good grip on the hopes that this project will be finished one day, and i'll keep waiting, like a child waiting for his dad who went out to buy a milk Say you willing to bet which fan translation will go out first between this one and other august game senmomo?
  11. My nuts are busting when i see aiyoku no eustia are getting a quality fan translation, now i think it's about to explode when i see august latest game are getting fan translated too, Say, if you have played eustia, and this game, can you compare the differences in terms of storytelling? are this game equally dark as eustia? does it lean a bit more into realism and originality toward it's settings instead of your generic highschool romance fantasy? (Like seriously what's up with japan's obsession towards highschool settings, i'm kinda sick and tired of it honestly) i'm curious,
  12. I made this account a year ago solely to keep track of this project, and i honestly were kinda scared when the progress starts getting slower and slower, Sorry i'm not trying to dismiss the extremely huge effort that you guys put out, simply out of pure love and passion, but after seeing some others fan translation group gave up on this game, i just can't help but to feel that this project will have the same fate. And this fear of mine is kinda genuine because after playing the partial patch, i was invested in the worldbuilding, characters, and just how dark, original and unique the setti
  13. Lol guess sekai decided not to localize eustia, it's pretty sad tho but there's someones doing god's work if you still interested in this decade old game From the first two chapter of the game, i quite like it, the story is really good but what got most of my attention is the worldbuilding, the story and setting is dark as hell the characters are all relatable in some ways, i guess what i mean is that most of them are a realist and pragmatic, they didn't go overemotional when something petty happened and instead goes calm and tried to solve the situation in the most logical way possible
  14. Hello to you too I hope life's been treating you alright
  15. Maybe the degrading of VN comes in the lack of innovation or evolvement, most other game genre evolve overtime like, action games having prettier graphics, adding new mechanics, and other technical evolvement. Some devs tried to innovate the genre by adding new mechanics that correnpond with the story like Danganronpa, ace attorney, zero escape, etc which is a huge success compare to other VN who stays on a more traditional path of simply just telling stories with minimal interactions
  16. There's a VN called Aiyoku no Eustia which covers up most of what you're writting, like a very deeply developed mc with voice, making him feels like an actual character instead of a voiceless self insert. a story that pulls you in right from the get-go, and there is rarely a boring moment throughout, making every section felt plot-relevant, and the plot itself is ripe with twists, revelations and events. it's genre is a fantasy mystery with a very dark tone, and despite it's fantasy setting the theme tells a very human story with relatable/believable motives, it's not overly edgy lik
  17. Most VN are japanese, that's why there's barely any woke diversity and all that, because that country haven't been tainted with such needless political conflict, as far as i know at least. And if you're talking about having a problems with VN that has anime artstyle then. The only race anime have is simply anime, no causcasian, latinos, asians, africans etc. if you have problems with anime, just treat them as it own thing, they all have the same oversize eyes and unnatural body structure, just treat them as a completely different fictional beings like dwarve or elf if you're really t
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