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  1. To be frank, most of the styles currently used in VNs heavily lean toward either being excessively cartoonish or anime-style. Neither of those is really what you are looking for. I figured you would prefer a hulking protagonist (like Conan) but there honestly aren't many of that type in all of the VN world from what I've seen. The main reason I recced Grasesta was because it was also a situation that would probably hit the spot with Conan fans, since the protagonist gets taken as a slave and forced to fight waves of monsters in a city where the strong rule and the weak are used up.
  2. It looks like Shizuku and Kizuato are available on DMM, but their DRM and IP restrictions are so finicky I wouldn't bother...
  3. https://vndb.org/v23199/chars#chars Pretty sure this protagonist qualifies. He's from a destroyed barbarian tribe, and he is a slave fighter for the first half of the game. Dunno if he'll hit your Conan fetish though.
  4. One Punch Man- This one doesn't really need an introduction. Op protagonist despairing at his own power in a world full of monsters punches his way through them while hoping for a challenge and looking like a dope. Rakudai Kishi- Kvan, this series has ecchi elements, but it isn't central to the story. This is a fantasy romance focusing on a guy who has no talent trying to become a magic knight. To do so, he trains himself beyond the limits of humanity, treating himself brutally, enduring horrible unfairness from the school he attends, and eventually proving his ability to the world. The romance in this series is 'tsundere genius princess falls for the guy who sees through her to her hard work and dedication without dismissing it' type. This series needs a second season, badly, but the single season so far was good enough that I've rewatched it ten times. Heavy Object- A science-fiction series based on a world where oversized monster machines piloted by gene-altered supermen became the basic unit of warfare. The old nations are long-gone, replaced by semi-feudal organizations that duel over territory and resources. Generally a great series to watch, one of several from this season. Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans- Not my favorite Gundam series, it is a solid fourth to me (With 00, 08th MS Team, and Wing being first, second, and third). Like in most of the Gundam series, the protagonists are child soldiers who have little choice but to fight in order to survive. The action is fairly high-quality though the tech levels are somewhat lower early in the series than the standard for Gundam (not many energy weapons, most close-up weapons are physical ones, most mechs suck, lol) Shomin Sample- Anime version of the VN concept of 'A normal guy goes to a rich girls' school as a test'. Asterisk War- Series with a lot of potential that never went anywhere, despite getting a second season.
  5. DMM in general is a problematic website. They randomly decide not to sell things to westerners for a time, going so far as to ip-block us, only to suddenly let us back in to buy their stuff, only to not let us use it. I honestly don't recommend buying anything from DMM.
  6. Obvious solution is an emulator for an earlier form of Windows. I'd suggest 7 or XP, given when it came out. As for solutions for game engines, the only real advice I can give you is stick to games made after 2014 or ones made by popular companies. The one you picked was an obscure game by a defunct minor company that seems to have gone out of business before 2016, which means it didn't even make it to the Covid era... To check for engines, you can either check the game's official website (the engine is often listed there) or click the releases for the game and look to see if the game engine is listed. Thankfully for you, there are plenty of nukige of this type that have come out in recent years (for some reason milfs made a huge comeback in the last three years after years of being ignored) so this particular fetish is covered. I guess the nukige community has regressed to the point where they have an Oedipus Complex...? The big problem with older nukige is that no one bothers to find solutions for fixing problems with them, since more nukige come out every year than every other genre combined. Even if you ask for help, it is unlikely anyone will have a solution with this type of game if you couldn't find it elsewhere. Oh, just in case... did you make sure your locale is set to Japan and your system language to Japanese? I didn't mention this solution earlier because it is the general assumption that that is the first thing everyone tries...
  7. First, the reason behind the error is probably simply that the game's engine has some kind of incompatibility with your operating system. The game is originally from 2010, and it looks like they didn't use a familiar engine, which probably means it is one of the random engines from that time or one they coded themselves (if it was a famous one like kirikiri, realive or siglus, it would have been listed on the vndb page). The error itself is a generic one that pops up sometimes when JVNs fail to activate due to incompatibilities, saying 'An error during initial setup. The script file cannot be found.' It's not a terribly unusual sight of late, since some of the updates a few years ago to Windows 10 rendered some older VNs completely incompatible. Windows 11 is even worse.
  8. Hello, Lady- Narita Shinri is nothing if not confident, though he is more than a bit of a pervert. His other side is that of a ruthless avenger. Tokyo Babel- Written by Higashide Yuuichirou, it is one of the few high-quality VNs of the type that have been translated. It is all-ages (no ero content) and heavy on the action. Protagonist is the type that punishes himself constantly for his past. Basic story is that God started squishing all the parallel worlds, closed off Hell and Heaven, and a portion of the angels and demons got together to guide humans through Purgatory (that is combined with a fake version of Tokyo) to Jacob's Ladder. Hatsuru Koto Naki Mirai Yori- Also from Front Wing, just like Grisaia. Protagonist is a WWII Zero pilot who is doing a kamikaze attack on a US ship when he suddenly finds himself in another world. Generally good story with Grisaia-style comedy, though it is heavier on the violence.
  9. Charlotte- Surprisingly good fantasy in a modern setting. Overlord- One of my favorites. Protagonist gets trapped in the form of his avatar from a VRMMO and transported to a new world along with his pet NPCs, who become self-aware. While it is often amusing, the bigger attraction is the overpowered flexing of the protagonist even as he pessimistically indulges his paranoia. Gate- One of my all-time favorites, if only because the concept of the JSDF against fantasy Rome tickled my fancy so greatly. Jitsu wa Watashi wa- Fantasy rom-com that is mildly amusing. Not one of the best anime ever, but it is still decent and one of the few choices from an era where rom-coms were mostly gone. Monster Musume- Ecchi comedy with monster girls (real monster girls, not just beastgirls, lol). This was part of the brief fad where monster girls became a big fetish and VNs and anime about them were common.
  10. That's a lot of complaints... but I'll answer your questions and/or state the attraction or primary audience for each. Hapymaher- Hapymaher has three things going for it. 1) The soundtrack. There are maybe three VNs I've read in all my years that have a BGM soundtrack that manages to reach the feet of Hapymaher. 2) The atmosphere that mixes sorrow and despair with the surreality of a dream. 3) Catharsis: The primary attraction of all nakige is that you can let stuff out by crying vicariously for the characters. I'll be blunt, if you don't do this, you have no business playing or assessing nakige at all. Nanairo Reincarnation- Nanairo Reincarnation mixes bloody horror, everyday life, and nakige elements into a single story. If you are getting hung up on the oni (oni are not truly demon analogues despite what some careless translators think), you probably are obsessing over the wrong thing. If you care about the oni issue so much, I'll go ahead and note what they actually are (which you have to finish the old girlfriend's path to find out). Check the spoiler box if you want to: Chrono Clock- Purple Soft has two types of stories, one where you are primarily supposed to cry over the characters' plights and be freed by them overcoming them or solving the problem, and the other where there is some kind of central story that doesn't focus on emotional catharsis. Chrono Clock is solidly in the latter area. TBH, to this day I don't understand why Chrono Clock got priority for localization when Purple Soft had so many better games, but as weaker plotge go it is one of the better ones. Hello Lady- To answer your question, he does the groping thing to every girl once. He also obsesses over oppai no matter what, but no matter the path he becomes more serious and focused once you get to the first turning point (after the party, when you end up rapidly making choices to direct to a heroine path).
  11. Danmachi- Great fantasy series with good characters. Great adventures and character progression, but it is gradually heading toward harem ending, lol. Owari no Seraph- Vampires in an apocalyptic setting. The action is good, the story gets incoherent at times but is made up for with the quality of the drama. Kekkai Sensen- Decent fantasy series in a modern setting. Cthulhu Mythos influence. Denpa Kyoushi- Comedy series that follows a genius programmer and scientist who 'can only do what he likes to do' as he teaches his students in dramatic ways that would get any real teacher fired.
  12. Ansatsu Kyoushitsu- I enjoyed it and it is massively popular. However, I'm sure some people hate on it. Shinmai Maou- Ecchi fantasy in the modern era. All the seasons of this anime are devoted to giving us blue balls. Seiken Tsukai no World Break- For chuuni fans, this anime is pure delicious delicious junk food. For everyone else it is meh, lol. Absolute duo- One of several 'modern-day fantasy' anime that came out during this season and one of many during this particular three year period. It is completely average, unfortunately... though I still enjoyed it.
  13. Most of the early Mangagamer translations were MTL... until they redid most of them (Edelweiss's original localization was an abomination). The biggest improvement in MTL is in the English grammar, not the actual translation, from what I can see. Before, the mtls would try so hard to translate stuff directly that the results were garbled word spaghetti. MTL is completely useless for turns of phrase, proverbs, idioms, and the like, and it still screws up the subject of sentences roughly 60% of the time from what I can see. On the other hand, most localizers and fantls are just as bad on the former. The latter is mostly because Japanese prose and dialogue heavily overuse implied subjects and pronouns. Essentially, a decent translation of a scene requires the translator to comprehend the entirety of the context of the scene up until the line in question, which is where MTL seems to fail the most drastically. At the same time, most English-speakers share a similar problem, as English grammar doesn't use implied subjects, though the use of pronouns in place of names and the like is normal. From what I can tell, this is why decent manual translations consistently beat out even the most advanced MTL. The best option would to be to make a specialized MTL setup for translating prose, but that isn't likely to happen anytime soon.
  14. Kiseijuu- Semi-apocalyptic story about aliens who take over the heads of people by the larva reaching their brains. The protagonist manages to stop this with at tourniquet and ends up with a smartass sociopathic talking hand. The story is brutal and full of despair but surprisingly interesting to watch. UBW- Pretty much 70% of all FSN fans' favorite route from the original game brilliantly turned into an anime by ufotable's able hands. If you like Fate, a great series to watch. Anti-fate people need not apply. Akatsuki no Yona- Story about a spoiled young princess of a barely-civilized Chinese-style nation (basically in transition from tribalism to aristocracy) that gets caught up in a coup. Standard hero story with her as both protagonist and heroine. It's an interesting watch, but because the anime is only one season, it doesn't finish anything. Terra Formars- Basically an apocalyptic horror story of terraforming gone wrong due to cockroaches being cockroaches. Lots of gore, death, and generally disgusting enemies. Madan no Ou- There are several things I love about this series (and no it isn't the way the Valkyries' don't care about their own nudity, ecchi). The first is the realistic approach to the way armies during the feudal era came together. In this anime, the protagonist doesn't mysteriously manage to raise a massive force from a small domain or BS like that, but basically goes to war with a single aide because his fief is so small. I say this is realistic because the lowest ranks of nobility during the Dark Ages often only ruled over fifty or sixty people, making armies or even squads of troops impossible to support. The second is the protagonist being an archer instead of a 'classic' swordsman... it just tickles my fancy since every duke and his baron are a swordsman in series like this. The third is that it sticks to the classics of the 'humble hero' trope with the protagonist. He doesn't care about power, only the good of his people, so he is quite happy giving his fief over to someone who will actually protect it if it comes to that. It's really too bad they never released a second season, considering how much fun I had watching this one. Inou Battle- Another series that ended before it really got started, it begins as a comedy about characters with seemingly harmless superpowers looking for a purpose for them. A darker scene behind their everyday lives apparently exists, but the anime ends before it becomes relevant (seriously, what were they thinking?) World Trigger- Basically a middle-of-the-road quality shounen series in the same vein as Naruto, Bleach and all the rest. Not really that interesting as these series go, but then the themes involved have been done so many times in so many different forms that there really isn't anything left to cover. Trinity Seven- This is one of many fantasy based in a modern setting series of a similar type that came out in the years surrounding it. If I had to compare it to another anime or VN, it would be 11eyes. It has a similar feeling to it, where a previously ignorant protagonist basically gets tossed into things with no background to understand what is going and somehow manages to thrive.
  15. I don't know about short ones, but Baldr Sky's steam version is all-ages and Tokyo Babel is as well. The downside is that they are both fairly long VNs.
  16. It is perfectly normal to channel other people's styles or try to absorb the best parts of them. To be blunt, completely unique styles aren't that common anymore, so it isn't really being a sponge. It's learning from your predecessors. If you feel bad about it, just acknowledge them when you self-publish.
  17. Tokyo Ghoul- This could have been so much better... it was good but not so good I want to rewatch it. Akame ga Kill- Great fantasy story, only downside is that the ending is kinda blech. Argevollen- Down in the dirt mecha action during a large-scale war. Fun to watch, story is meh. Rokujouma- Comedy science fantasy with a bunch of wacky heroines. Seireitsukai no Blade Dance- Decent fantasy action with a tsundere main heroine that never goes anywhere. Aldnoah- Top-quality science fiction story. Worth watching if you like science-fiction action and war.
  18. This is one of those seasons full of halfway decent action fantasy (not isekai, for those who hate isekai, lol). Some of it is crap, but most of it is interesting to watch. No game no life- Pretty famous for a lot of reasons. One was accusations against the mangaka for plagiarism. The other was the high-quality of the anime and demands from the fans for an immediate second season that never materialized. However, the prequel movie (that came out years later) is godly (if you ignore the abominable localization that has nothing to do with what the Japanese characters are saying), so please watch it. Mahouka- One of my most-watched favorites, an overpowered protagonist series in an interesting setting where sorcerers are essentially designer babies and the descendants of designer babies created as weapons of their nations. Blade and Soul- Decent Chinese-style fantasy based off of an MMO game that never really got much traction over here due to the glut of similar games at the time. Seikoku no Dragonar- Fantasy series about dragon knights who bond with dragons and ride them into battle... except for the protagonist whose dragon is a bit unusual. Hitsugi no Chaika- Fantasy series that is more than a bit creepy in practice. Still, has some good action and characters, so it is a good watch. Black Bullet- First-rate post-apocalyptic science-fantasy. Basically a Muv-luv Alternative style situation combined with zombie infection type setup and a relatively stabilized situation. Protagonist is solid, but the downside is that the seeming main heroine is a loli and the other heroine is a psychopath that only shows it at certain times.
  19. *Clephas causes an army of nekololi ninjas to manifest atop a gigantic altar surrounded by green flames and commit seppuku to call forth their abyssal master, however only silence is returned.*
  20. Kyoukai no Kanata- Urban fantasy with some good action and weird characters. Log Horizon- Trapped in an MMO. Protagonist is high-quality, interesting character dynamics. Yuusha ni Narenakatta- Similar to Hataraku Maou Strike the Blood- Basically a vampire version of To Aru Tokyo Ravens- Onmyouji action in an alternate version of Japan. Nounai Sentakushi- Comedy series that is pretty ridiculous and ecchi.
  21. Hoozuki no Reitetsu- really the only notable anime from this season. A funny series that delves into the underworld of Buddhist myth (mostly Japanese with some Chinese influences) in a humorous manner with the main character being the cold-blooded oni, Hoozuki, who is the personal assistant to King Enma.
  22. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi- ... seriously, you thought it was nothing but sol after the intro? *sighs* you obviously didn't watch more than the first four episodes kvan. This series is basically a 'naki' type meant to create catharsis through the characters' experiences in the post-apocalyptic world, while slowly coming to certain realizations about the true nature of the world as it has become.
  23. Seishun Love come- Great rom-com series that was incredibly popular at the time. Hataraku Maou- While this series is dated nowadays and it shows in the boring second season, it was still a good comedy fantasy at the time. Suisei no Gargantia- Starts out as a mecha sci-fi in an obviously dystopian future before making its way to a submerged version of earth plagued by the same aliens the protagonist was fighting in space. Generally an interesting story where the protagonist slowly starts to gain humanity as he deals with the survivors of Earth's fall and the legacy of the ancestors. Mushibugyou- Shounen fantasy about a world where hyperevolved insects are fighting a war against the shogunate. Great action, decent story, ends without a conclusion. Crime Edge- Mystery/fantasy based in the modern age where psycopaths' artifacts both alter the minds of their descendants and grant them power. Interesting but the series ended without the main story going anywhere.
  24. Mondaiji-tachi- Interesting isekai fantasy that never got a second season, sadly. Maoyuu- This fantasy series is one of my all-time favorites. There are a number of reasons, from the stylistic choices, to the characters, and certain key points in the series that made me cry or proud of the characters. Considering that it is only twelve episodes long, it is stunning how much content made it in. Zettai Karen Children The Unlimited- Even if you didn't like the original series, this prequel/gaiden is awesome to watch. Great esper action with a much darker atmosphere than the original series.
  25. Most memorable for me was Zetsuen no Tempest. The complicated relationships between the characters and the sheer drama and scale of the story made it an awesome read.
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