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  1. It sounds familiar... but I don't think it was from a VN I bothered remembering. It's probably buried somewhere in my past, lol.
  2. Not really much to talk about this season. Wolf's Rain is about it, but it isn't amongst my favorite anime.
  3. Gundam Seed- Amongst the Gundam series, there are few sub-series that have produced as much in the way of mixed feelings as this one. The action in this series is top-notch, but on the other hand, the excessive emo-ism of the characters (the protagonist and his rival in particular) made it a target for insults by many otakus. The main focus of the conflict of this series is a war between genetically-altered humans and those who have chosen to remain unaltered. It is a nearly identical scenario to that of the Zeon vs Federation in the first MS Gundam, except that there is pnly a relatively short prior history of systematic repression against the genetically altered humans in question before this. Get Backers- Urban fantasy seinen battle series with two former delinquents with powers who take stolen things and give them back to their original owners. Eventually evolves into a pure battle anime. Decent quality, ends incomplete. Naruto- Doesn't need an intro, but a warning for those rare souls who never experienced it... after the first season, over 70% of the anime is filler. Ghost in the Shell- It's Ghost in the Shell. If you liked the movie, you'll like this, otherwise you probably won't. Blue Gender- The post-apocalyptic anime that put me off post-apocalyptic anime. I hate bugs. Kiddy Grade- This series is, oddly, one of the best science-fantasy series out there (despite its absurdities). It is a hidden gem I recommend to anyone who can get past the fan-service to get at the meat of it. Spiral- Mystery series that never really makes sense, despite being rather interesting.
  4. Samurai Deeper Kyo- A fantasy story based in the early 1600's, as Tokugawa Ieyasu was preparing to hand the reins of power over to his successor. Generally speaking, this is a somewhat nonsensical action fantasy with good music and constant reuse of catchphrases. Saikano- Science fantasy where the protagonist's girlfriend gets turned into a living weapon. Generally tragic and full of despair. If this was a VN, it would be an utsuge. Witch Hunter Robin- Modern witch hunters hunt magically talented individuals who have crossed the line and earned the attention of a world-spanning organization that exists to suppress them and their powers. Generally a decent watch, but not the modern fantasy out there.
  5. Chobits- Doesn't really need an intro, but this was easily the defining work for romance between an AI and a human in anime. Azumangah Daiou- Early form of moeblob that presaged the age of horror that was moeblob. .Hack//sign- Famous, classic, but hasn't aged well. Sci-fi that presaged the deluge of similar anime/manga/LNs in later years. Juuni Kokuki- Kami-anime. Seriously, if you like serious and crunchy fantasy story, you don't get better than this. However, that is if you can get past how long it takes the main protagonist to stand up and get over herself. Ai Yori Aoshi- To me, this is THE defining work for SOL rom-com. Unlike the earliest era stuff, it is still enjoyable to watch even today, and it came out before the decline of the more emotional rom-coms began. Tenchi Muyou GXP- It's Tenchi... if you like Tenchi, you'll like this. If you don't, you won't. Tokyo Underground- Moderate quality shounen fantasy in the same vein as Hunter X Hunter and Naruto. Tenshi no Konamaiki- Laughable concept, relatively fun to watch, never really completed. Pita-ten- Cute series that doesn't really have anything else to recommend to it, but it is cute.
  6. Full metal Panic- Prototype for Grisaia's protagonist Yuuji drives mechs and saves a high school girl while being completely incapable of comprehending civilian life. Onegai Teacher- Ecchi romance story with sci-fi elements. Fairly good quality. Kanon Anime- Like all of the anime based off of the early Key VNs, it combines all the paths into this weird amalgamation of a story that somehow makes sense but has a lot of loose ends.
  7. Hellsing- Does this need an intro? While it doesn't follow the contents of the original work, it is still fun to watch. Mahoromatic- Science-fantasy rom-com. Fairly good. Hikaru no Go- Mostly watchable for the tension even if you don't give a crap about the games.
  8. Shaman King- Boring shounen anime. Scryed- Incoherent seinen anime. Banner of the Stars II- The third season of the Seikai series. Like all of this series, it is really, really good space opera.
  9. Noir- The start and still the best of the 'girls with guns' genre that held popularity from this time to around 2008. I have to disagree with Kvan to an extreme degree in his assessment of this anime, as the true draw of it is Kirika's skill, the atmosphere created by the setting and music, and the mild scent of yuri given off by the relationship between Kirika and Mireille. This was also near the beginning of the 'blood self-censorship' period of anime, where TV anime generally didn't display blood or gore due to social displeasure of the gratuitous bloody violence previous to 2000 in Japanese society at the time in anime. Angelic Layer- A mild science-fiction story that has a lonely young girl fighting with special dolls in competitions. It isn't the best of anime by today's standards, but it is relatively interesting on a first watch. Read or Die- Classic OVA that showed off the potential of the series, though the TV version basically flopped. Zone of the Enders- First-rate mecha anime, one of the first story-consistent mecha anime outside of Gundam. Hare Nochi Guu- A rare situation where I found myself enjoying a kid's comedy anime.
  10. Silverio Vendetta Madohi Shiroki no Kamikakushi Akeiro Kaikitan The first one is wishful thinking, but I think the latter two have a chance, lol.
  11. Arjuna- tbh, I only watched this once back in 2001, so don't depend on my impressions of it. However, I remember it being a halfway-decent series, even if it was somewhat... preachy. Zone of the Enders OVA- Both Zone of the Enders anime are worth watching for mecha fans (this was about the time when mecha anime started to be less nonsensical, though it also accelerated the ironic decline of the genre in general, lol)
  12. That one has to be one of the weirdest ones I've ever read, and that's saying a lot. As for virtual worlds, keep in mind that most of these aren't 'game worlds' but rather virtual worlds in which the characters live most of the time. The spoiler box contains ones for which this is a spoiler. The Baldr series Death End re;Quest Augmented Reality Harvest Overray Electro-arms
  13. Tokyo Babel The protagonist is Tendou Setsuna, a young man assigned the role of climbing through the transformed Purgatory to Jacob's Ladder after the maker of all things starts squishing parallel earths like bugs, the remaining angels and demons coming together to support a traditional journey of atonement in hopes that God will relent.
  14. Argento Soma- Again, another mecha that is more than a little nonsensical. Still fun to watch though. Protagonist is highly self-delusional. Inuyasha- Doesn't need an intro for anyone familiar with the old lineup for Cartoon Network's localized anime hour. Blood the Last Vampire- Popular movie but less popular than the TV series that came out later. Vandread- a silly comedy science fantasy that has a horrid protagonist and a concept that gives me a headache.
  15. Vampire Hunter D was hugely popular twenty years ago. I enjoyed it myself.
  16. FLCL- Should never have existed. Escaflowne Movie- Not as good as the TV series. Banner of the Stars- Second season of the Seikai series. Top-quality sci-fi space opera. Saiyuuki- Decent fantasy based off the legend of Sanzo with an anime twist. Love Hina- The beginning of the great era of romcom. If you watch it, you'll probably be able to see it was the origin for the harem romcom VNs that were so prolific until the last few years. Ayashi no Ceres- Urban fantasy series following a female protagonist in a hellish situation.
  17. Maou has style and feels but yeah, no real tension since no one can beat the protag or even really get close to it. Eiyuu-ou is one of like a dozen LN/WN series that have become popular in recent years where a powerful person reincarnates to get away from his responsibilities or forcefully restart his life. tbh, I thought it wasn't one of the better ones of this type. I honestly don't understand why they bothered making it into an anime. Isekai Nonbiri Nouka- Yeah, this series is incredibly slow-paced and the poster boy for the 'slow-life reincarnator/transporter/summoned hero' sub-genre. Unless you want a ton of SOL iyashikei, it isn't really a great series. Kaiko Sareta Ankoku Heishi- This one is a pretty fun read so far, but it is also yet another slow-life type. At first, this genre was fun, but after like the fiftieth one, it started to feel like when I played all those romcom VNs for my blog. Saikyou Onmyouji- I actually really liked the books. Well, the ones I got through before I got distracted, anyway. I thought it was interesting because the protagonist is something of a monster at heart. I tend to like stories where the protagonist is a little evil but still human.
  18. Boogiepop- Horror anime, incomplete, moderate quality. Tsukikage Ran- Mildly comedic anime about a female samurai's adventures during the Edo Period. Megami Kouhousei- I think I've mentioned this before, but mecha from this era were mostly nonsensical. This one does not vary from the trend.
  19. The season is really heavy on fantasy and isekai, which brings out mixed feelings in me. I prefer those genres, so that makes me happy, but it also has the effect of dampening enthusiasm amongst Japanese watchers for next season. I'd much rather have a few high-quality shows than one good show and a bunch of third-rate ones. Maou Gakuin's second season is my current obsession, with the continuing Kage no Jitsuryokusha coming in a close second (especially given the cliffhanger of last week's episode). My second rank of interests include: Bofuri 2, Vinland Saga 2, Kamitachi ni Hirowareta Otoko 2, and Hyouken no Majutsushi (read the novel, something to look forward to if they didn't botch it). Third Rank includes: Shinka no Mi 2, Spy Kyoushitsu, Ningen Fushin, Eiyuuou, Nouka (incidentally, this one's LN is huge in Japan, but it is one of those slow-life isekai reincarnation stories, so don't expect a ton of action), Saikyou Onmyouji (this one's WN is pretty good, but I doubt we'll see the best parts before the season is over), Kaiko Sareta Ankoku Heishi (Just like Nouka, this one is pretty popular in jp, but I dunno how well it will transfer), Isekai Hourou Meshi (another slow life isekai, moderate quality in the books, localized LNs), Fourth Rank (no real hopes for it): Benriya Saitou ( couldn't get into the LN, maybe the anime will be different), Rougo ni Sonaete, Revenger, Ars no Kyoujuu, Ooyukiumi no Kaina, Trigun Stampede (nostalgia), and Tensei Oujo.
  20. Hunter X Hunter- Visually, I actually like this one more than the newer version. I say this because the character designs of this version were much more detailed and certain violent scenes that were toned down in the newer series (such as Killua pulling that criminal's heart out). In particular, the Greed Island and Phantom Brigade arcs of this version are much, much better than the newer version's. Excel Saga- An anime that makes fun of anime. Not a unique idea now, but at the time it was novel. Generally an amusing watch, even if it is quite dated nowadays. The Big O- Like most mecha anime before the turn of the century, it makes very little sense. I honestly don't know why the makers of giant robot/mecha anime/manga before the turn of the century liked nonsensical settings and plots so much, but it was standard for the genre. Blue Gender- I'm going to be straight with you... this is the anime that made me hate the larger portion of post-apocalypse anime. It is one of the most overrated anime of the time, as it goes for shock value more than story value.
  21. Here's another: Raillore no Ryakudatsusha, Lamunation reasons: No narration
  22. Dual- Indirectly related to Tenchi GXP. However, it is more straightforwardly serious and less absurd than the Tenchi series tends to be. Not going to spoil how they are related, but it is best to watch Dual before GXP, then read the apocrypha. Arc the Lad- Anime based off of a series of classic games. The anime is a decently fun watch even if you haven't played the games. Jubee-chan- A mildly ecchi comedy. Eden's Bowy- Trashy poor-quality fantasy anime.
  23. Crest of the Stars- Still one of the best sci-fi series to have been released in the last twenty-five years. The only misfortune is that they haven't put out more after the short fourth season. Kenshin- the OVA is nice and brutal, a change of pace from the TV series where the protag was constantly avoiding killing.
  24. KareKano- Decent slice-of-life romance primarily from the girl's perspective. Orphen- Second-rate action fantasy from an era when action-fantasy was rare. Gasaraki- Like most mecha anime from the pre-2000's, it makes very little sense story-wise, but the aesthetic and battles are fun to watch. Generator Gawl- Fun to watch science fantasy series with monster transformations and battles.
  25. Nightwalker- An old favorite of mine that was never completed. As vampire anime go, it is one of the better ones, but that is about all I can say about it today. Lain- This one is outside my preferred genres, but it is high quality.
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