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Torihiki Jadou

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  1. Nah, it was actually adopted from a web novel, a 2 pages per chapter kind of novel that only published to the internet. What messed me up is that, when I tried searching for the web novel, in order to know what happened next after the volume 3 VN, only to be dissapointed that the web novel is half way translated up to the point of volume 2 web novel, when they had reached the community centre. It would be really sucks if this is true cause the story is real goood.
  2. Sorry then, so what do you think of the series itself?
  3. SpOIleR aLeRt I had played all three chapters of I Walk Among Zombies. Putting it shortly, I am am impressed of how the orginal the storyline is and of how the sex scenes do not drag down the storyline itself as whole. Best antihero MC I could ask for. Even so, since Chapter 3 is not translated I had to rely to Visual Novel Reader whose translations are rather spotty making me have to guess some of the storyline in 3rd chapter. For instance, I dont know what is the cause for the rebels in the community center, I dont know why Takemura confess zombies are not interested in him, and I dont know what the actual fuck happened to in the fight of intelligent zombies. Do tell me f you know. Even so, with my spotty understanding of 3rd chapter, I still do believe that we are being left hanging in the end. For instance, what happened to Makiura and Takemura? Her dialogue was basically limited to shocking gasp in the second half of the game. What happened later on after they settled on in outdoor camping centre? Are they safe from the zombies now? Oh heck, we dont even know how the zombies started becoming one, I dont expect the Takemura to solve the zombies issues but tell us what started it please? Also in the start, it said that the epidemic started with people rioting on the street, though we never given any knowledge what started the it in the first place. And for heaven sake, please dont leave Tokiko again, Takemura. In short, if this truly is the end for the VN, then this VN despite being one of the best VN I played, it had left a bad taste in my mouth. What you guys think about all of these holes of infos in the storyline as well as the lack luster ending?
  4. I have been using VNR for a year now and so far I had never encountered an incidence where visual novel dont have the translation for the visual novel. I am a mother-son incest addict and this visual novel that VNR unable to traslate is this, Okaa-san wa Ore Sen'you! None of the options for the translation are viable. All of them are gibberish of numbers or symbols. The usually reliable option such as Japanese, UTF-16 or UTF-8 results are garbage. Help please on how to correct my VNR either through settings or alternatives altogether to VNR. Thank you@!
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