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  1. Well, today I finally dropped Grisaia because it was just so hard to me to keep reading it, and reading Umineko to take a breath from it just make it worst. The girls are cute and I was interested in them, but the genre shift of dumb slice of life comedy to some kind of deep stuff to go back at the silly stuff, and especially Amane, just killed my love for it. Also, despite loving Steins;Gate... I already watched the anime and makes harder to read because I knew almost everything, but is easier to see any foreshadowing and stuff, and even hilarious, now I'm in chapter two and I will finis
  2. Hands and feets, as for my experience drawing for years, are the hardest thing to draw, you can't blame the man. And I guess is part of the charm along those extreme facial expressions. It's all part of the When They Cry experience.
  3. Mm, with my experience not only with vn, but also manga, anime and books, I'd say I prefer bittersweet endings as long as they fit the narrative, a sad story without a compensation with a bittersweet or happy ending is like the author is playing with you and is not nice. A good ending should go along with a satisfactory plot conclusion and satisfactory to the characters without broking the style and narrative of what the story was aiming for. A sad or unsatisfactory ending would just destroy part of the story spirit. A ending that basically says 'fuck u' as the true ending is like the author i
  4. Mmm, this is hard, Dramatical Murder is for me, in the sense of being the first visual novel I read complete and even helped me to refine my very basic english, as I'm not a native speaker of it. Even Ace Attorney could do because of the emotional attachment to how it developed since the first case across the entire triology and latter games. But as life changing experience, is definitely Umineko no naku koro ni, because it changed my vision of how to tell a story, how to narrate and showed me a world of endless possibility towards vn, the multifaceted characters, the real world issues li
  5. Well, like books, I read two at most, especially if they're heavy plot wise, only one if I'm really into it, when I read Umineko I didn't read any other visual novel at the time. Ofc, if I'm very invested in a vn I would only read that one. For eroges and otomes who are only romance centered I read like three or more at the same time
  6. Yume miru kusuri without doubt, at first it was fine but the asshole of protagonist, the stupid and irritant sister and how he didn't give a shit about anything that happend toward him, the ugly art-style and how many senseless sex scene it has. Ace Attorney for demoting Klavier Gavin to extra and ignoring Franziska and Gumshoe existence
  7. I hope it isn't too late to coment OH BOI, I love Fire Emblem a shit ton so here I go How many fire emblem games have you played and what are they? I completed Genealogy of the Holy War, Sacred Stones (only Eirika route), Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Awakening, Fates and Shadows of Valentia. I'm midway with Blazing Sword and Thracia 776 Favorite character(s)/Kingdom/music/plot/map/chapter/event/skill/weapon/etc I love Jugdral and Tellius lore deeply, also you can bet that I love all of Berkut's temes and Forseti is the best tome. As for my favorite character... SOREN IS BEST
  8. I just finished 'Umineko' yesterday, and after the crying and trauma now I'm continuing 'Steins;Gate' for good. But is weird going from a novel with almost zero interaction to one that without guide you can't get the true ending. Still stalled with Grisaia
  9. Laying on my bed or sofa with a cold drink at my side, I never use auto btw
  10. I have a kind of collector syndrome, so I need to unlock all CGS and read all the scenes, also I enjoy bad endings because bad choices give you bad times, also that way is more rewarding the good/true ending. And, if possible, I choice bad endings at endgame than between chapters, like Corpse Party, ugh I still remember my first trauma over a bad ending, Mink's bad ending from Dramatical Murder was just savage. Oh, :reconect and all that expansion over the bad endings was great I love Kojaku's one
  11. Ugh, I outright dropped 'Narcissu', I feel it boring and I'm not for only feels not real story kind of story, I find it just slow and make me feel sleepy, I also dropped 'Hijiwaru my master', only porn and porn and sexual harassment, not entertaining and the protagonist is just dumb, not worthy my time I'm stalled with 'Griasaia no Kajitsu', I like it but not more than that, sometimes I look at internet to see how far I'm still from a route, I'm still in the common route, I feel so bored that I started Umineko, that was worthy, I love Umineko now. I hope finish it someday
  12. Oh, I want to read Maggot Baits, probably after finishing Steins;Gate I will start it. I have a strong stomach and mind, so I guess I will be fine... More like I hope I will
  13. Well, I've seen some novel that interest me but nothing I'm crazy about I'm actually interested in Fraternite because is from Clock Up and I really enjoyed 'euphoria' and I wish to read something dark and morally incorrect like that, I've seen the CGS and, boi, I REALLY want to traumatize myself. Other than this... maybe one untranslated from nitro? I love nitro novels, just give me anything from them
  14. Hi, I'm Truffa Hum, I've been reading for a time this forum and only today I take the resolution to join. I started like 6 years ago in this of reading vn, I don't really remember which was my first vn, but if I'm not wrong it was 'Saya no uta' for some reason, but the first that I finished and make me really start in this was 'Dramatical Murder' I read almost any genre but i don't like nukige, mostly because I'm more plot oriented when I read... yet I love 'euphoria' lmao So, yeah, that's it
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