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  1. VN in Japanese - Some questions

    Thanks for the replies. I'll now try to concentrate more at the overall situation and try to avoid spending too much on a single sentence and getting discouraged. If you mean by a text hooker something like Visual Novel Reader then yes I'm using it and am just pasting everything into Firefox so I can use rikai-kun for easy look ups. I would never even think about touching a VN without something like this
  2. Well I recently started to read a VN in Japanese and wanted to ask a few questions for people who are more experienced. There are always a few parts in the VN which are pretty hard for me to understand (Especially longer narrative parts are giving me trouble) or even a sentence which I almost don't understand at all. (but happily this isn't so often) And since there is no English translation for the VN I'm reading I can't look it up. But I'm sure if there would be one I would look at it every new sentence just to make sure I got everything right so I'm kinda glad that there isn't one. How should I handle these parts? Of course if I see a new grammar point I will look it up but sometimes I just sit there a few minutes trying to figure out what that one sentence could mean. I think one of the main problems is that there are so many new vocabulary I don't know and if there are like 3-4 new words in a sentence it is actually pretty hard to understand what these words mean even after looking them up in English and German. This is why I most of the time look them up in a Japanese dictionary to get a much better feel. Of course if it just one word I don't know there isn't a lot problem since I have more context. Did some of you also have these problems? What should I do about it? Would it be good if I would just ignore these parts (it's mostly just a few sentences here and there) and keep going? I noticed that if I don't focus too much on one sentence and keep reading a little bit more everything makes more sense. But I always have a little "unsatisfied" feeling if I rush a part because I suck. Any experienced guy here who can give me some advice?