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    Game : CRPG that heavy tons of text deep in philosophy like Planescape Torment.
    Visual Novel : Gender Bender, Crossdressing, Otome, Romance, Friendship
    I'm one who shy personality prefer to stay peace. If you have any suggestion of Gender Bendeer material stuff like Manga, Anime, VN you can call me :)
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  1. I looking for VN that I play as male protagonist and I try to crossdress (for any reason) and can be able to romance with male character (either nice/bad handsome guys but not old ugly pervert men !!!) I had my own fantasy that I want to be the woman something like that and had someone actually care or love about me (it like shounen ai / yaoi) but I prefer to be crossdress / gender bender that I can be the women. I read a lot of gender bender manga Notes : I had try otome game and it nice I love it but in this case I want something special for myself that I hope I can find some game like that... I struggle with my ownself that I hope in someday I can turn to be woman and had someone become friend with me or love me...
  2. Thank you very much I very like Ayakashi Gohan
  3. Thank you all of your guys very much ! I appreciate that
  4. I want play something peculair VN that I play as Trap character (Gender bender) or had feminine body and can be romance with Male character ( like childhood friend ) but if it can be romance with Female character I wouldn't mind anything but "I don't want VN that I play as masculine male body like DRAMAtical Murder https://vndb.org/v5916 , No thank you !!! https://vndb.org/v8701 (Yaoi game)" So far I read manga like Boku girl, Mide love, and many gender bender element game (crossdress also) List of Visal Novel I had play -Majikoi (Love it with bromance between friend and heroine!) -Little Burstler -Max's Big Bust - A Captain Nekorai Tale (Gender bender) -Hanachirasu -some otome game. Do you guy had any suggestion ? I kinda know my preference VN genre quite weird T T Thank you in advance
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