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  1. Side stories with many of the same characters are also sequels to the series in broader sense to me. I choose to dismiss it outright, because series often put severe limitations on authors. It's ok when only world setting is given with freedom of story like WH40K, but Fate series as well as Gundam limits the plot concept and conflict with only small side-tracking available. It has to be Holy Grail war of up to 12 servants, and can't fix that by altering timeline. All that clinging to some franchise is even worse than ongoings that just continue same story. I value original stories, not repeated interpretations with alterations. I'd like to see more finished stories and more authors rather than stimulating fanservice works of same creators who can't go on since there's no motivation for that.

    When I see prequel, I expect at the very least to learn how protagonists got acquainted. We never learn that for Sora and Shiro. We learn nothing that characters would have recollections of. I choose to call something that has no real connection to main series alternative dimension for simplification as calling it mythological age does not add relevance for the original series story compared to complete alternative dimension. It could have been a meaningful prequel, but it's instead meaningless prequel with redundant information about the worldbuilding instead of protagonists. Movie is impressive and deserves a masterpiece status if treated as stand-alone product or if there was a sequel to the series. But in current situation when movie is issued only after 3 years and today after 10 years since release there's still nothing else, the whole situation with the movie looks like mockery to me who watched it for the first time now. Unreasonable, perhaps, but situation is too infuriating after we've seen the fate of Berserk.

  2. Fate/Night had a good story that included mystery. I can't have anything against it if I evaluated it as masterpiece. Fate/Zero is a prequel with much worse story and without mystery. And I don't understand how to evaluate quality. I often hear how Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba is the most beautiful and highest quality shounen, but for me it's just meh. So I don't take quality into account. There are far better battle royale out there like Juuni Taisen: Zodiac War .

    I occasionally listen to openings and all those Bakugan or similar 7-9 A.M. kids series openings feel alike and bad. Only taking them out as there's zero chance for me to like any of them and because there are dozens of them littering op lists.

  3. Clannad second season is how Hell on Earth looks from man's standpoint as you work on a crappy physical labor job and is the only supporter of the family. And because total misery you basically watch your family suffer and wane with every day as health aggravates. There's no way out from this despair and you're constantly emotionally depressed blaming your weakness. What I see is author deliberately depicting most grisly traits of everyday life in order to invoke emotional empathy. Real artists can invoke the same emotions by relaying totally normal or inventive situations without using forbidden moves and fighting dirty. I'd gladly watch a show about simple moments of happiness in poverty, but in this state it's pursuit for short-term impact and using all methods for that. It gives me nothing as I know how life can look like, and I was never going to marry, anyway, and I'm too bitter to be affected, but it can have a very negative impression on some men. 

    In case of ef: A Tale of Memories I'm just really tired of cycle structures. Even in the best examples it often starts to feel tiresome. I react to most works with cycle structure in a similar way, and in this particular case Chihiro is one of the most irritating characters I ever encountered. Her personality changes on daily basis, and only the worst traits remain intact as she behaves in obsessive manner and all the time tries to pique and offend while protagonist does not stand out and tolerates all that so that it starts to look like he enjoys it all. This is an example of immature and unhealthy relations. I prefer more seasoned romance, and I know enough examples of such works to compare.

    I'll definitely need to rewatch at least Kara no Kyoukai 2 and probably read on the background of these series as I had no prior knowledge what to expect. I usually keep watching at least till I can see the outlines of the story, and where it's going to. I still can't believe these are just supernatural murder stories with twists and different resolutions, but maybe it's just that as mysteries tend to look very bleak when put in chronological order and retold in own words.

  4. Oh, I just copypaste from blogspot, so from the start I tweaked blogspot formatting till I liked how it looked on fuwa from pc. Never thought about phones, to be honest, never used them this way. Started using boxed entries background after complaints on fuwa that with dark scheme black font is not seen at all. Changing format on blogspot is not an easy thing, last time I tried to remember how to do it, I broke it all and spent a week fixing it the way it was tolerable. And when I change something, it means I need to make every single post from the start look the same way, and that's many days of edits . Every time habitual cycle broke for me (like both times youtube channels got blocked), it took around a month to get back on track without posting anything. Just tried on phone, and did not feel cpu usage on this page, but with a lot of youtube inserts (done out of laziness to pick pictures and to gather in playlists with the ability to see what exactly youtube deletes over time) it really slows down. Can't even say I put a lot of efforts into these articles, just filtering it for myself to find older references and check what I thought about them back then. Not touching visual novels again till I'm done with anime, anyway.

    Numbers are just to compare quantity with other months, arrangement is usually chronological as vndb showed it in the list, no hidden meaning.

  5. There were several reasons for starting:
    1. Found myself having free time and wasting it on restarting same RPGs over and over
    2. I watched most of TV series in the genres that I liked, but usually skipped OVAs and such
    3. Don't like keeping lists like vndb or mal, but keep forgetting about titles that I watched a decade ago and earlier
    4. I'm asked sometimes about favorite anime, and it usually takes a lot of time to make a list
    5. Sometimes I hear names of favorite titles that I recognize - titles from the genres that I don't usually watch, so I wanted to sample at least several episodes of everything.
    As usual, I'm doing it for selfish reasons, but I'd be glad if it helps someone too.
    What struck me the most in 1960s was how good comedy anime were at that point already. Probably it's because I can hardly name such slice-of-life pure episodic comedies after Maruko-chan.

  6. 8 hours ago, Vekili said:

    What are the RPGs you've been playing

    Nothing unusual, sadly as I don't favor jrpgs aside from Trails series. Expeditions: Rome keeps me fascinated for last couple weeks. Modded Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 are stopped midway and await their turn. Atom:Trudograd is installed yet needs some inspiration for it. After first satisfyingly modded game might glance at Oblivion (for the story as never finished) and Skyrim. Cyberpunk 2077 still lacks mods in my opinion, so checking once in a year the state of mods for it.

  7. A month from now is is more realistic as during first month after release games usually get the bulk of spotlight. I wanted to review all the best games from where I stopped in 2009 or so, but prefer offline DeepL with Sugoi now, and can only do it on main pc that is busy all the time, so either I screen at nights or at very rare pauses between different RPGs. So far looks like very slow pace. At the same time there aren't that many best games that I want to go through, maybe 30 or so, and each new year adds only a few titles to my backlog.

  8. Just hid common route and individual route elements under spoiler.

    The problem is not so much that game's not for everyone, but because it was issued by light which was exactly brand for everyone. Long-standing fans like me would probably feel betrayed like never before even after some really low quality works seen in the past. This game marks the hugest dent in company's reputation.

  9. I also was sure that Komorebi was chosen for 2013, but perhaps I got that idea from some later post and only found that comment in the moment. Good to know that impressions aren't set in stone and age differently with time as well.

    Actually, I found a normal-looking review of Garden of Fifth Zoa, but it pissed me even more as it's written by otome gamer who gives the troll score of 3/10 for such ridiculous reasons as boring action scenes, repeating scenes in routes, vague ending, story that sucks. It's so misleading that gives me no choice.

  10. Detailed thoughts are only possible with fresh enough memories. And I remember cheering for Kazusa and liking it, thus I called Introductory chapter a masterpiece. Setsuna remained toxic to me since the end of Introductory chapter, and her tears only irritated me more. But I can't stand this split into two games, can't call it masterpiece twice, not worth it, too much attention for this game already. Just a rather popular game with good enough concept for comparisons. There are enough people who are crazy about this game already, and I'm not interested in replaying it.

  11. Oh, wow, Tsui no Sora remake is out already. My final preference will depend on the number of jokes and weird talk. SubaHibi took all the fine jokes from Tsui no Sora original and expanded on it. But structure-wise Tsui no Sora was sharper. Putting those things together would be ideal.

    Probably I do not remember White Album 2 Closing chapter that well already like it is news to me there are sub-heroines there. Introductory chapter interested me and then made me infuriated, provoking emotions. During Closing chapter I was mad at Setsuna all the time, so only irritation made a lasting impression.

  12. Actually, takedown was due to copyright this time since Natsu no Ame BGM rights owner issued some 50 complaints for each of game's videos (for each play fragment, apparently) at the same time, so it was instantly 500 violations or so. Usually it's just 1, only Garden had some 30 per video, but at that point I ignored and nothing happened for a year. If I ever record any gameplay, it will be with BGM shut down. But the question is why would we need playthrough without BGM.

  13. Can't say Shinjisougeki Carnival is bad, but it's a huge quality downshift from normal titles with its short length, absence of voicing and simplistic CG. Maybe I should still pick Ludesia as well. 

    As for BL , Yuri and Otome titles, I don't think I'll include any at all since I sabotaged all the specialized review sources and followed only those that were reviewed alongside usual titles by authors such as liemyx, so it's very incomplete assortment, and there is zero will to travel through specialized sources. Some nukige reviews feel totally useless and saying nothing new or interesting, so not including some of those. Basically, blocked stays just for somewhat interesting reviews and fandiscs as they often have openings.

  14. OreTsuba almost certainly gets into the end of the year poll as untranslated skipped masterpiece (unless there are over 5 skipped masterpieces that are all more suitable for me), so there is still a solid chance to witness its appeal for me. Looking back at poll history, main consideration is not my feelings, but something that would make a nice video to watch sometime. That's totally fine, I'm just somewhat stressed about finding remotely praising words for that extra review.

  15. High popularity raises demands for the game. So popular games should not be afraid of some criticism. 

    For me Sayoshi is one of attempts to create a meaningful and interesting corruption nukige. I used to search for such game as well. For Elise, euphoria , Maggot Baits, Kansen series... I did not find a single one that I would like, so I lost any hope in nukige. 

    But prologue of Sayoshi is absolutely magical. I can rewatch these two starting hours over and over. Video of prologue got 36k views and 24 comments which is an absolute record for my tiny channel. If only the rest of the game was like that.

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