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  1. I also was sure that Komorebi was chosen for 2013, but perhaps I got that idea from some later post and only found that comment in the moment. Good to know that impressions aren't set in stone and age differently with time as well.

    Actually, I found a normal-looking review of Garden of Fifth Zoa, but it pissed me even more as it's written by otome gamer who gives the troll score of 3/10 for such ridiculous reasons as boring action scenes, repeating scenes in routes, vague ending, story that sucks. It's so misleading that gives me no choice.

  2. Detailed thoughts are only possible with fresh enough memories. And I remember cheering for Kazusa and liking it, thus I called Introductory chapter a masterpiece. Setsuna remained toxic to me since the end of Introductory chapter, and her tears only irritated me more. But I can't stand this split into two games, can't call it masterpiece twice, not worth it, too much attention for this game already. Just a rather popular game with good enough concept for comparisons. There are enough people who are crazy about this game already, and I'm not interested in replaying it.

  3. Oh, wow, Tsui no Sora remake is out already. My final preference will depend on the number of jokes and weird talk. SubaHibi took all the fine jokes from Tsui no Sora original and expanded on it. But structure-wise Tsui no Sora was sharper. Putting those things together would be ideal.

    Probably I do not remember White Album 2 Closing chapter that well already like it is news to me there are sub-heroines there. Introductory chapter interested me and then made me infuriated, provoking emotions. During Closing chapter I was mad at Setsuna all the time, so only irritation made a lasting impression.

  4. Actually, takedown was due to copyright this time since Natsu no Ame BGM rights owner issued some 50 complaints for each of game's videos (for each play fragment, apparently) at the same time, so it was instantly 500 violations or so. Usually it's just 1, only Garden had some 30 per video, but at that point I ignored and nothing happened for a year. If I ever record any gameplay, it will be with BGM shut down. But the question is why would we need playthrough without BGM.

  5. Can't say Shinjisougeki Carnival is bad, but it's a huge quality downshift from normal titles with its short length, absence of voicing and simplistic CG. Maybe I should still pick Ludesia as well. 

    As for BL , Yuri and Otome titles, I don't think I'll include any at all since I sabotaged all the specialized review sources and followed only those that were reviewed alongside usual titles by authors such as liemyx, so it's very incomplete assortment, and there is zero will to travel through specialized sources. Some nukige reviews feel totally useless and saying nothing new or interesting, so not including some of those. Basically, blocked stays just for somewhat interesting reviews and fandiscs as they often have openings.

  6. OreTsuba almost certainly gets into the end of the year poll as untranslated skipped masterpiece (unless there are over 5 skipped masterpieces that are all more suitable for me), so there is still a solid chance to witness its appeal for me. Looking back at poll history, main consideration is not my feelings, but something that would make a nice video to watch sometime. That's totally fine, I'm just somewhat stressed about finding remotely praising words for that extra review.

  7. High popularity raises demands for the game. So popular games should not be afraid of some criticism. 

    For me Sayoshi is one of attempts to create a meaningful and interesting corruption nukige. I used to search for such game as well. For Elise, euphoria , Maggot Baits, Kansen series... I did not find a single one that I would like, so I lost any hope in nukige. 

    But prologue of Sayoshi is absolutely magical. I can rewatch these two starting hours over and over. Video of prologue got 36k views and 24 comments which is an absolute record for my tiny channel. If only the rest of the game was like that.

  8. 7 hours ago, onorub said:

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but i think that when you first started this "vn of the month" series, you said that either 2008 or 2009 would be the last year you'd be covering because there are already blogs doing great coverage beyond that. Is that still the plan?

    I'm definitely taking a month or so pause after 2008 to add descriptions for recently added titles and refresh dead openings.

    Main reason was to add missing descriptions and accumulate reviews for untranslated vns, and with so many English review sources disappearing right in front of my eyes, there's even more validity in it now as some might be lost otherwise.

    On a grand scale I believe now that it would be best to stop one year before current time and move super slowly on par with real time. But I'm stopping recording videos as soon as I have problems with publishers, zero problems as of now, but if channel gets deleted again it would be too much of a hassle to revive.

  9. I waited for like 5 days while was busy with other stuff, and at that time there was just one vote for H2O. I even noticed that first three days are most important for taking a decision. So there is no room for H2O. It's still curious to watch how votes change over time. E.g. Fuuraiki 2 beat Toki no Kairou to dust over time. But it remains only a matter of curiosity.

  10. I guess my mistakes were:

    1. Having high expectations and playing it blindly.

    2. Playing it alongside Saihate no Ima and comparing the two absolutely different games.

    3. Following a formed tsundere image as a cute small-to-middle height girl. All tsuyokiss tsundere are tall and not cute.

    I really take pure charage badly. Need a circle of friends or some clear plotline to follow. Or at least a strong funny common route. Unfortunately, Tsuyokiss common route is both short, not funny, and it barely touches each heroine without really having time to present them well. In individual routes all the other heroines present vaguely, there is not enough inter-communication between heroines and atmosphere building. All the best charage are still ahead, I hope to adapt to this genre eventually.

  11. Yeah, I still hate both of those. And the score 7 for me is exactly for those cases - it's either for something I liked  but would not recommend to anyone or something I did not like, but I acknowledge the impact and the discussion game inspires. Being angry at characters' behavior also has some value for being able to produce strong emotions. As of recently I also figured out that I really appreciate games without girl routes. Having one character put above the story devaluates the scenario for me. And Swan Song is exactly like that. It focuses on the story and only features bad ends, normal  end and true end. It's also nothing to choose from this month since I try to exclude RPGs from the competition - they can't really be judged by visual novel standards.

  12. Never thought of Henri end as a bad one. For some reason I liked it the most. Oh, well, maybe I just favor angels over humanity ;)

    I have pretenses to the conflict resolution, but theater presentation and much more involving dialogues than in previous Nitroplus visual novels impressed me a lot in this game. Unevenness of the routes also pleasantly surprised me compared to very similar heroines routes in the previous Nitroplus titles. There aren't many games that I like, so I treasure each such occurrence when I can really enjoy reading a story.

  13. Oh, duplicate hang in there for several days without my knowledge of it, sorry.

    Can't think of Higurashi as several works, so I just kind of ignore sequel for this month because of that. As for To Heart 2, I'm greatly surprised to see that there is not a single video playthrough of it on youtube. Can't include a translated work to the main review list, but will include To Heart 2 to the extra review poll. If it wins, it will at least get a video playthrough in addition to my crappy review.

  14. I agree that obscure games demand more balanced approach, because - let's admit it - no one is ever going to write another English review about majority of them. But at the same time Joyjason as a reviewer has a great influence on me. I just love his trashing reviews. There's responsibility for biased reviews, but at the same time the will to wreck something hard from time to time. And well known species just feel right for it, because it's impossible to ruin a long standing positive reputation and because of disgust that all the praising reviews provoke. After reading numerous positive reviews of Air and Swan Song I was overjoyed to find a negative review for each game that complimented my own impression.

    Not sure it's worth it to search for faults in the games I like - there are too few of such games, anyway. The most important thing is to express passion acquired. Another factor is that limitations I set make me choose too many unattractive games. After a spree of such visual novels any worthy story ends up over-evaluated.

    My deepest fear is to turn into reviewer like Amaterasu. His impressions are spoiler-less and super reserved, but as a result all look alike and can be applied to a wide range of totally different games if the object is not known. I value any other review over mine, so the most important thing for me is to feel alive. That's best done with either trying to inspire or just having fun trashing something irresponsibly.

  15. I try to block it on sight when I recognize one. :P
    I use vndb database cut of the end of 2017, so something over v22000 might be missing still like Power Pro Kun Pocket 6 or Hotel Bloody Doll Fandisc -2003- or even Futari no Kon'yakusha. I was going to synchronize it all together with all the new reviews introduced over the year at the first days of January. There are even some older titles with poor/no summary that I intend to fix, just no time room for that yet.

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