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VN of the Month January 2020 - Kamisama no Shippo ~Etogami-sama tachi no Ongaeshi~



If I choose between indi touching crap, a lolicon moege, a twisted nukige , another mimikko moege and a single heroine nukige, what would entail the least cringe... there aren't good choices here, so I clench my teeth and call Kamisama no Shippo ~Etogami-sama tachi no Ongaeshi~ VN of the Month. What a wicked start of the year... Micchi does not mind this choice and also suggests Amairo Chocolata and a  fandisc


1. Prison Princess プリズンプリンセス [200130] qureate 1 2
The continent of Maygard.
The peace and prosperity brought about by the two kingdoms of “Aria Zaza” and “Zanji Zed” lasted countless years.
That golden era is now facing its downfall.
The Demon King, released from his seal, has turned our continent to a sea of flames.
As cities were invaded one after another, a man appeared carrying the blood of ancient heroes… Oh Brave Hero.
During his journey, the hero was met with grave misfortune and perished.
The Demon King’s minions snuck into the capital cities of the two kingdoms to kidnap their precious princesses. All hope seemed to have been lost…
However, it seems our hero is not wholly dead after all.
Even as a spirit, the hero is determined to remain in this world, and has set off to save the princesses from danger.
Now nothing more than a phantom, can the hero succeed in rescuing the kidnapped princesses?!
Interactive game that's hardly a VN is released in English and has English reviews 


2. Amairo Chocolata あまいろショコラータ [200131] Cabbage Soft 1 2 3
Yuzuki came to the town of Yuunagi as the leaves were starting to change colour. The first person he met was a cute cat-eared waitress, who was handing out pamphlets on the street.
“T-This is Cafe Setaria. Please come in!”
When he was led into the cafe by the waitress Chieri, the other girls there also had animal ears. Seeing his wondering look, they worriedly asked him:
“Could it be… that you could see these ears?”
They explained that they were actually hybrid beasts whose ears and tails cannot be seen by normal humans. After learning about their secret, he started working at the cafe with them, while being both shocked and impressed at the differences between them and humans.
Game is localized and has English reviews


3. Sarute サルテ [200131] Soiree 1 2 3
“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.”
At the end of a journey of blood, despair, regret, and madness— a stage perched on the razor's edge dividing life and death.
With no audience to cheer, at a jester's direction, Salthe performs her past.
To learn the reason for her death.
To return to the world of life.
Each scene is full of scorn and mockery,
she writhes and struggles, through to the end
of the tale of Salthe's life—a comedy——
Game is localized and has English reviews


4. Kamisama no Shippo ~Etogami-sama tachi no Ongaeshi~ 神様のしっぽ ~干支神さまたちの恩返し~ [200131] DESSERT Soft 1 2
In the remote village of Tenbu, watched over by the gods, lies a shrine where the twelve zodiac signs are enshrined. Akinari is a young man who had been taken in by the Asatsuki family that currently runs the shrine when he was a baby. He secretly possesses a mysterious ability: he can understand what animals say. Since he likes animals more than others, he used this power to enjoy his life every day.
However, his everyday life changed one day after he casually inserted a precious orb into a mysterious stone slab in the shrine’s storehouse. The statues of the twelve zodiac signs suddenly vanished, and were seemingly replaced by twelve girls, the Etogami. They began living together after an unexpected turn of events, and he became good friends with them due to his innate love for animals.
Renge, his childhood friend and the sole daughter of the Asatsuki household, wished for everyone to gather around dining table, which was too big for just the two of them. Akinari always wanted to have family to call his own, so he decided to welcome the twelve of them as family. This is the beginning of a wondrous fairy tale with the twelve zodiac signs.
There are English reviews


5. Kamikura Hina no Himitsu ~Gohoubi wa Watashi no Karada♪~ 上倉雛のヒミツ ~ごほうびは私のカラダ♪~ [200131] Astronauts: Comet
Makoto is on the university swimming team, but he can’t seem to better his time. He discussed with his coach and the reliable club leader, and they determined that it wasn’t a physical or mental problem. However, they were unable to figure out the underlying cause.
An important swim meet was fast approaching and he was feeling the pressure that he would be a burden for the team. However, he was not alone; his senpai and club manager Hina was always there to cheer him on. She knew about the anguish that he was going through and wanted to help him somehow. She took advice from many people and thought hard about a surefire plan, and…
“I’ll let you touch my breasts if you clock a good time♪”
Makoto was taken aback by the half-joking proposal, but agreed to it since he was running out of options. What will be the end result and what will happen to their relationship after this wild idea?
Another kinetic nukige


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When you reach the "one year from now" gap where you said you'd significantly slow down on the VN of the month, are you gonna start doing more reviews?

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A month from now is is more realistic as during first month after release games usually get the bulk of spotlight. I wanted to review all the best games from where I stopped in 2009 or so, but prefer offline DeepL with Sugoi now, and can only do it on main pc that is busy all the time, so either I screen at nights or at very rare pauses between different RPGs. So far looks like very slow pace. At the same time there aren't that many best games that I want to go through, maybe 30 or so, and each new year adds only a few titles to my backlog.

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We really getting close to the present here, so let's see what I can comment in regard of January 2020 releases.

Amairo Chocolata - Okay I like the cute design from this VN, but still it would be more interesting if Sekai can license something like Amazing Grace or Sakura Kumo. If anything else, at least Chocolata should be a nice VN to play if you just want to play a VN that featured the premise that was almost the same as Nekopara. Oh yes Sekai did mess up the release by releasing the Chinese version of Chocolata first before finally released it in English.

Salthe (Yeah I use the name that Shiravune use here) - Unlike Chocolata obviously this VN here has very opposite feel in which there'll be a lot of torture and rape, and not to mention that the female MC (The titular Salthe) herself was already dead courtesy of the betrayal. As for the premise, our Salthe will offered a chance to live again if she can act what kind of event that led her to her death in the theater, and so she did her best to act in a play. Whether the arc word is right or not is up to anyone guess, but at least it can be said that it's indeed a comedy VN from a certain point of view. Oh yes it's also ironic that the producer of this VN is the one who wrote and direct Nekopara 1 to 3, in which while both of are comedy VNs it should be obvious that the comedy between Salthe and Nekopara are very different.

That's all for what I can write in regard of January 2020 releases.

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