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  1. Well as for me I remain positive, progress has slow down a bit (but not dead through), I just hope the staff is not undergoing some bad news with covid and such, but it doesn't help that's for sure.
  2. Yep, still following the progress every week, good job, I mean objectively having reach more than 70% of overall translation is already a good achievement. Hope to see a Saint/Irene patch when TLC is done :))
  3. Thanks a lot to you @eplipswich and all your team ! I remember having played Yandere's translation on 2012 and been waiting for it since lol, obviously I will be playing from the beginning with your translation. Good news you're still progressing well, I'll be looking forward the sequel as I have always been curious about when the protagonist will be going upward from the slums to meet Irene or Licia (but no spoil plz ^^)
  4. ***ooops I misread the year I thought the project had been launched just recently my bad. Well I was gonna cheer you up but even if it's no longer a fan translation I'll still look forward to it as an Akatsuki fan.
  5. Uuuuh where did you heard this ? a campany is going to translate it ?
  6. I can only agree, I had expectations because of the VN, but the anime is really bad, I had a hard time not droping season 1 (though I liked the opening song of the 2nd part) and couldn't go over 2nd ep of s2. But I wouldn't put it on worst anime ever seen. Hand Shakers is a more formidable concurrent. Ousama game and on the same note Mayoiga are even better (or even worst, it depends), I guarantee 100% disappointment. Ultimately I tried things like pupa, and mars of destruction. This last one is unwatchable, even for fun. Even if it's a single OVA of 19min don't try it, you have been
  7. I agree but it depends on what you mean by 'a lot of time'. As I'm not into BnHA and didn't start SG0 yet I would place it on the level of Fall2015 but my fave remains spring 2013, while the next season (summer 2018) seems indecent on promising animes... Still this season benefit also from ongoing winter2018's shows like saiki no psi-nan, 7tsu no taizai, etc. Yup it's like we have a good anime episode every day, it's a bliss ! About Hinamatsuri it's so refreshing, it's as if seinen + comedy > school + comedy.
  8. A bit late but Net-juu no Susume or this season's Wotakoi are 100% the description of adult couple. I you count the adult couples from Gundam Seed, you can also add the couples from Grancrest Senki. :?
  9. If I can share my preferences in terms of trash points : hand shakers > toji no miko > smartphone. Smartphone was at least cute while totally pointless, there were a new girl every episode. If it were 24eps long I would even have watched it until the end. I surrender at ep14 of toji no miko (if someone can explain why they didn't wrap if after the 1st cour), and at ep2 of hand shakers (I certify its unwatchableness). If you need other pointless harem anime like smartphone, death march kara hajimeru would be more enjoyable.
  10. I wouln't have said better XD If you have another link in english mind sharing it ?
  11. Nope I didn't try agth on Eustia, it had the yandere's translation for 1 chapter and it was enough for me to hype :)) Actually I was in hospital already 6years ago, 2 times the same year, it was pretty harsh at the beginning. Few days later I was fine but they would not release me until they were sure I would not infect someone else. That's how I spent 2-3 whole days waiting for the results in a bed and would see reading VN and mangas like a salvation. Not a big story but when you are pretty active like me I couldn't just lie waiting. Yeah just as littleshogun just said. Hey, good
  12. Hi all and thank you for the welcome, it's been a while since I have been in a forum so active ^^ it's a great pleasure. Roger that, if possible I will try going on other sections :)) Yeah it's sort of a mystery lol, it just shows of much I consider the settings, the opening, the music and the first route only. Actually I don't know if it also happens to you, on particular occasions things can leave a big impression on me, for instance I have been hospitalized 2 times (for minor issues) each for short periods, the 1st time I was bored and read Psyren (my top3 manga), the 2
  13. I agree also with your viewpoint, it's been several years I finished Fione's chapter so we can easily play it again, the patch would be the prologue + 2 whole chapters worth ! Also thank you very much to the team for this project, I follow you on a regular basis and wish you best of luck with it. Those updates are more than welcome :))
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