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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita reacted to AtomCrafty in Lover Able TL   
    Hello everyone!
    I'm still a bit tired so please excuse if I'm writing a bunch of garbage...
    We have literally spent the whole last night going through the trial again and again, changing the wording of a couple of lines, fixing the last formatting mistakes and preparing everything for release.
    I am really proud of the whole team! Good work everyone

    Some things I'd like to mention:
    A big "Thank You" to all of you who downloaded vol. 2 of the trial, as of today we got 113 unique hits, totalling 21GB in downloads!
    I would also like to shout out to @DemonSabre, who helped me out a lot by finishing the release poster.

    If you decide to download and play the trial we would appreciate it if you took 1 minute to give us a quick feedback (only 5 checkboxes):
    5 is good, 1 is bad! http://redkeel.polldaddy.com/s/lover-able-trial-1-survey
    We want to provide you with the best possible quality and this helps us to recognize what we have to improve.

    But now, without further talking: Please enjoy vol. 1 of the Lover Able trial!

    - Atom

    Thanks to @DemonSabre for last minute help with the release poster!
    Trial 1 features
    Experience the full prologue! (~1200 lines) Bonus: Short excerpts from each heroine's everyday life Fully localized user interfaces and error messages Word wrapping (don't laugh, that was a lot of work!) Optional subbed game OP (another 70MB) Installation of trial 1
    1. Download the trial
    Mirror 1 (Official) Mirror 2 (Unofficial) Prepatched
    2. Download the patch Skip this step if you are using the prepatched version
    Latest Latest (Without OP) Other versions
    3. Patch the game Skip this step if you are using the prepatched version
    Extract the game files into an empty directory.
    Copy LPatch.exe into the same folder and run it.
    Click 'Patch' and wait for it to finish.
    Note: The patcher requires the .NET framework to be installed.
    If you have trouble patching your game, try using the prepatched version.
    4. Change your Unicode system locale

    If you don't do this the text will be messed up!
    5. Play!
    Start the game using the "Lover Able (English).exe" executable.
    Known issues
    For a comprehensive list of issues check our bug tracker.
    If you encounter any problems with our patch, please let us know so we can fix it!
    If you choose to change the player name from it's default "Aizawa Haruki", expect 3 or 4 lines to have improper word wrapping (the ones where the name appears) This is an inherent limitation of the yuka engine, as word wrapping is not supported at all.
    We have implemented a workaround by adding spaces to push words into the next line but because this happens at compile time we can't possibly know how long your chosen name will be. If the character spacing is completely off you probably didn't set your unicode system locale to Japanese.
    You have to restart Windows after the change.
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita got a reaction from Nekuro22 in True or False   
    true (I also want to know what MP means. SP= Sekai Project, unless you meant MG= MangaGamer)
    next person likes Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita reacted to Nosebleed in Phenomenology of Catgirl Pornography: A Postmodern Approach to the Fetishization of Animality ©   
    Catgirls (and anthropomorphic humans in general) are a big fetish in the otaku media. The cat ears have become a staple of moe culture, a status symbol of what defines cuteness. Yet, whenever I play an eroge featuring such creatures, I often times find myself not enjoying a lot of the cutesy physical attributes of these specimen. Why is that?
    As I delved into my thoughts, I finally pieced together the reason for these feelings: catgirl discrimination
    What do I mean by this? It's simple. Catgirl discrimination is a common phenomenom in eroge (and even non-erotic titles) whereby catgirls are introduced as being an important part of a fictional setting, yet they are treated as less than humans throughout the story. Through my hours of research, I  found that often times, animal girls in eroge are introduced as mere plot devices for sexual activity rather than fleshed out characters you can emphasize and form bonds with.
    Now this by itself isn't too surprising. After all, even when there's no catgirls involved, a lot of these games tend to focus on achieving a relationship status with another female human character. However, the difference between the latter and the former is that when humans are involved, they are treated as beings with intelligence. They are equal to the protagonist who wants to romance them. Yes, one can argue about the inherent misogyny in a lot of these titles, but that's beyond the point I'm making. The fact is, human girls are treated, well, like humans (as they should). But when it comes to catgirls, they are typically treated as less than human. They are dehumanized and turned into a creature akin to a pet.
    "What's the problem with that? They aren't humans, so of course they're not treated as such" you say.
    Ah yes, a fair point my dear reader, but let me ask you this then: Would you have sexsual intercourse with your cat or your dog?
    The answer is most likely "no" (if it is yes, please seek counceling. I heard PETA fines aren't anything to scoff at.)
    Therein lies the issue I have. Catgirls have primary human features, and yet they're often times treated as pets in most games. Why would you date someone who you treat like a pet? It makes little sense to me.
    Now you might say "it's just a porn game, it's for fetishistic purposes". And of course I can 100% concede to that. In fact, I myself find it to be a nice fetish to have somebody submissive to you act like a pet. There's nothing wrong with that. However, humans are more than their genitals, and their personalities go beyond the confines of the bedroom. In real life, even when we're talking about people who are into things like BDSM, there is still a human connection beyond their sexual life. No human *literally* becomes slave to another human, they mutually agree to have this type of relationship, and they ultimately see each other as equal in the relationship. Yet with catgirls, they are introduced as nothing more than instruments for sex 90% of the time, and even beyond the bedroom they're still just a pet that will obey anything and everything their owner tells them to. I can not concede that this is a healthy form for a relationship at all.
    Think about it. What is the point of dating somebody that always sees themselves and acts as inferior to you? Where is the happiness in dating someone with no consciousness, who's joy comes from eating food and sexually pleasing you? That is why I can not get behind most games featuring catgirls.
    To me, a relationship partner must be equal to me in status. I don't want to treat my significant other as a pet, but as a human being. I don't want to take them out on walks with a leash, I want to go on dates holding hands with them and eat a giant parfait together, and then pass out on a bench because the parfait was too big and we now feel like throwing up.
    I want script writers to write visual novels about worlds where catgirls are just like other humans. They just so happen to have cat ears and a tail and sometimes say "nya". I want them to be more than things you own that can't live by themselves without you taking care of them. That's what babies and dogs are for, not girlfriends.
    This is not to say I want the end of all games featuring submissive cat girls, that's still a very valid fetish, but I believe it's unfair to treat them like that in almost every single game, especially games where the focus is supposed to be the story and the characters. How can you say you have a game with great characters when those characters are seen as less than human?
    Games like nekopara thrive even though every single catgirl in it is portrayed as a brainless creature that goes into heat at random times and can only survive if the protagonist "relieves" them. Why must they act like animals this much? Why can't they just be regular human beings who you form a real bond with instead of an "owner x pet" relationship?
    In conclusion, I believe catgirls are heavily discriminated against when it comes to visual novels. They are beings that need to be given a conscioussness and a will to act on their own, not to become mere cheap tools for one's sexual pleasure. They have a lot of love to offer to the world, and we should start appreciating them for that, because who knows when they'll go extinct.
    Let's make the world a better place and stop catgirl discrimination. Every catgirl deserves to be portrayed as a being with a brain and a heart. 

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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita reacted to yorikbad in NEKOPARA OVA KICKSTARTER IN 2 DAYS!!!   
    At least, now that the Sekai's financial future is secured, we have a good chance to actually see a release of Baldr Sky.
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita reacted to Darklord Rooke in NEKOPARA OVA KICKSTARTER IN 2 DAYS!!!   
    According to Masamune Sakaki, a CG creator in the anime industry, an average 13-episode anime season costs around 250 million yen (or $2 million). He also made it clear that most anime can't recoup this expense, and the industry rests on the windfall of a few big hits. In a July interview, Takayuki Nagatani, producer of Shirobako (itself an anime about anime production), claimed that his show cost 500 million yen (or $4 million) for 24 episodes. In order to make it sell, he had to "advertise it, plan events, and make merchandise." Shinji Takamatsu, a veteran animator, cited a figure of 150 to 200 million yen ($1.2 to $1.6 million). "Expecting to make that up through disc sales alone is a hopeless business model, but that's how almost all late night anime are," he writes.
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita reacted to Zakamutt in The Temple of Nya~   
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita reacted to Vorathiel in NEKOPARA OVA KICKSTARTER IN 2 DAYS!!!   
    ...and here we are. 42 minutes, goal achieved.

    For comparision:
    Dies Irae anime funded on japanesse crowdfund site made around 792'000$ from 5k+ backers in whole month. 
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita got a reaction from Suzu Fanatic in NEKOPARA OVA KICKSTARTER IN 2 DAYS!!!   
    And OMG look at this!!! So cute!!!

    I wonder if my cat will allow me to transform him in a trap, lol! Ahhh, this is the most amazing thing of the year 2016, definitely!!!
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita got a reaction from ittaku in To Heart 2 for PC Translation Project   
    I can be the proofreader if you want. What do I have to do?
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita reacted to littleshogun in Introducing myself   
    Welcome to Fuwanovel. Since apparently your cat was had interest in VN, just ask us whenever either you or your cat want good VN Recommendations there. Hope you enjoy yourself here.
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita got a reaction from Barktooth in Introducing myself   
    Lol, ok, then. So be it AYNYS from now on.
    No, not really. That's just impossible, lol. My kins are actually closely tied to my gender identities. Very few people experience a regular cycle of genders, like I do. That's because most people are just that, people. But as I have two kin identities, I can experience my gender like that. Answering your question, Sana and the other kin alternate between seasons. Sana is third sex and prefers heat, that's the reason nym never comes on winter, and comes infrequently on fall (but I still retain a part of nym from summer, that's why I'm mostly third sex on fall). The other, on the other hand, is agender and likes cold, so they're always present on winter but never on summer. To this day, I haven't figured out the other kin's identity yet. I believe is a matter of time, as I learn more about myself and grow up. But as I experience heavier dysphoria with my whole body particularly when they come out, it is safe to assume they are at least, non-human. 
    Also, I'm not saying I have multiple personalities or something. All I'm saying is that I have memories and feelings that belong to Sana and the other. Those memories and feelings come and go during certain times of the year, and they are a part of who I am. It's really difficult to explain to someone who is not otherkin, but I hope I conveyed what I feel as best as I could.
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita reacted to john 'mr. customer' smith in Introducing myself   
    You're not that weird.
    Not as weird as these guys are making you seem, anyway.
    Welcome to the forums, I hope that we all manage to make an impression on each other 
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita reacted to XionsProphecy in NEKOPARA OVA KICKSTARTER IN 2 DAYS!!!   
    Might have to back this and become "The Best Neko Master".
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita reacted to Nosebleed in NEKOPARA OVA KICKSTARTER IN 2 DAYS!!!   
    I almost want to back it so I can make my cat crossdress as a maid.
    Also tfw you realize a cat custome is a better reward than most of Dies Irae's kickstarter rewards.
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    *anoyoruniyakusokushita reacted to Toranth in HAS SUMIKKO SOFT GONE BANKRUPT??? OR SOMETHING??   
    It looks like it.  Their website says "Final Project", the release event is the "Final Event".  I can't find an announcement in their news section, but since it's listed as such on their main website...
    Bye, bye, Sumikko - It's been a fun, silly (and ecchi) few years.
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