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  1. Visual novel for mac

    Thank you everybody for use your time for reply me. It was very helpful.
  2. Visual novel for mac

    Yeha, i know right? For me Apple really sucks. It's just for people that want to looks "cool" sitting with their iphone or macbook in some cafe doing nothing lol Aaah, i am really forward for can get a windows again and play any VN i wish. Oh, also i would appreciate if you guys recommend me good VNs, i will put this on my list to play later. Haha
  3. Visual novel for mac

    Thanks for this! I heard about this but didn't really try before. I will try, but since my notebook is kinda old i am afraid that it will be too much heavy. :/
  4. Visual novel for mac

    I watched anime of Umineko and Higurashi and i really enjoyed, so play the game would be really wonderful for me! I think maybe i will try get a windows with someone, cuz now i really don't have money for buy one lol. Or maybe try run windows on mac with emulator
  5. Visual novel for mac

    Yeah, I already have heard about Mac doesn't have much VN. :/ I miss some games i used play like Shuffle and Divi Dead. Also cuz i could find them in Portuguese(I am Brazilian so it's much easier for me) But I will search for this that you recommended for now. Thank you very much!
  6. Visual novel for mac

    Can you guys recommend some visual novel that i can play with macbook pro? I could find some like Katawa Shoujo, Doki Doki Literature Club and Narcissu. I would like to play some Japanese VN if possible, i used find this easily when i had Windows but looks like there is no much for Mac, just some amateur(nothing against this, already played many). So if you guys could recommend some or even show me a site i can use i will be very happy. (´。• ω •。`)