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  1. Don't bother asking him, unless you want to get on his blacklist.
  2. Just the base game, we didn't bother measuring the files for the appends. Main reason we measured it in the first place was to calculate progress, and we didn't intend to do that for the Appends.
  3. We actually found out that while Hoshi Ori is indeed longer than Hatsukoi, it's not that much longer. About 17k lines, to be exact. And lines in this case aren't even full-fledged sentences. A name in the namebox is also considered a line. Combine that with the fact that there are a lot of duplicate lines because the MC is nameable, and Hoshi Ori might end up being the same length as Hatsukoi.
  4. We tried to include it in the patch, but unfortunately it's a setting that's not saved in the game's folder.
  5. Go to Font Settings in the Text Settings window, and enable "Drop & Shadow".
  6. Had a quick look at the script, and "inputted" appears exactly five times throughout the entire VN. You might not like the usage but it's most definitely not wrong. Also, while it is correct that my native language isn't English, Triplicate's most definitely is. He's Japanese American like Decay said, and has been speaking Japanese and English from a very young age.
  7. Hey, Irru here from Tsurezure. From what I can see you executed the steps right, and the patch should work. Is this your first time using the patch? Then please make sure to copy all files from the 7zip. So both the files from the PATCH ONLY folder an the files in the FRESH INSTALL folder. There's no need to install any sort of cracking software. Also, please make very sure not to update the game with the append discs. Once you've installed those the patch stops working.
  8. Yeah I found out about those sizes as well, which made me wonder why there weren't any rips/tools yet.
  9. Anyone had any luck with Sakura no Uta yet? I've extracted the .oggs succesfully, but no luck with the script/sprites/rest
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