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  1. Honestly it depends where you promote your VN (?). The artstyle isn't just western, it's closer to western comics such as DC and Marvel. This can flourish in smart phones. Thats all I can say. Your safest choice is not even targeting this toward vets.
  2. Persona recently started being the flashier version we see now. Heck even though persona 3 was a little more flashier and had a new artist, it still tried to follow the original persona games.
  3. I'm not really arguing but clarifying what I meant when I said vns focus on story and visuals. But it was a vague statement that didn't need too much attention. Thats all.
  4. I also find voice acting a bit of an issue, at least when it comes to voicing reactions. Everything else is preference, and ultimately something you shouldn't worry about since all Japanese VNs should fill your needs.
  5. @Forgetful Frank i decided not to share anything here. Not yet. But if you are interested. Ill share the story with those who want to read it.
  6. @Pabloc I noticed you love to misinterpret the slightest phrase and go on a tangent. I'm not saying visual novels are known for story. But they are Novel oriented and visual oriented. @Black Sands Entertainment well looking at the title and opening post, it clearly suggests you did intend to make a pure VN,
  7. VNs by nature are strictly "novel" and "visual". Recently more and more graphic adventures using the VN brand. Games like danganronpa. Thus isn't. Multi purpose knife analogy. This is a streak that added two pieces of bread on top and bottom. Its no longer a steak, it's a sandwich
  8. @CeruleanGamer I didn't say that you said that. But look at the process of the debate. My main point is that black sands isn't defining VNs it's more of an existing genre, and using that may not promote VNs, it will promote else. You made the point that oelvns aren't great because copy paste the same thing. Which I agree, but as my own point I didn't believe that adding more gamplay features makes a better VN or fixes the problem VNs have now. It just goes around it.
  9. That doesn't mean adding more game play mechanics make it better VN . If anything it hides the same flaws. And that's the point. Yes western VNs are copy/paste. I think they are far too targeted to the general gamer and otaku. I know for a fact other people play games almost as much as gamers. The difference is the type of games. I think if they aim for more people who aren't 100% interested in anime/manga or even dc/marvel comics, you would be surprised how well it does. The only way we can have great VNs if we stop making them completely VNs? Think about what black sands pro
  10. Don't think I'm treating this harshly. I'm only trying to make you know what it makes a VN and what could hurt it NOT be a VN. you can make The best experience her and not be a VN. I'm positive this will be a fun enjoyable game. Heck as a graphic adventure, this is pretty standard. But that's what I think this is, a graphic adventure. At this time my computer broke. Ibhavent been able to work on my own projects for now. So I will not be able to help you in beta testing. But a good ganeplay video that can highlight story and gameplay will really help too.
  11. @Kiriririri Following this idea through, you dont need to see the final product to know what kind of game. Whether it turns out good or bad, thats not the point and never has been. And no that's not what he's doing. He's making a game that everyone can enjoy that can barely be called a VN. Basically making VNs more game oriented than story. Basically he's aiming for danganronpa. @CeruleanGamer the problem isn't that this will exist. Heck, a lot of VNs exist with the idea of not being a VN. But normally those games don't promote the idea that it's to redef
  12. My strategy for making VN more western friendly is literally make VNs designed for peoples interest while still have the pride and joy of as VN. After all VNs are more of a medium to story telling than a genre of video games. There's no insult other than maybe the ones who worked against the idea and not even know it. Your method however isnt to highlight what makes a VN. There's a HUGE difference there.
  13. I don't know about everyone else but I tend to prefer newer things. What you mentioned is completely normal. You enjoyed a country almost as if it was a second home. And a lot of people find that. Others enjoy vacations and trying out new places. I can't stand doom. Not because of it's style or anything, but I always felt completely lost in that game and making no real progress. I wouldn't say you are too in love with the past, you just have nothing to look forward to in other areas.
  14. I decided not tobshare anything in this forum.
  15. RPG in a nutshell are more single PC to party oriented. There are a lot of features that differentiate rpgs from him. Heck, kairosoft games have battles in some of their games and they are still considered Sim games and not an RPG. Regardless I think you get what the problem is though. The highlights of this VN are more rooted to an RPG then a VN. Its trying to go around the weaknesses and short comings of a VN. Heck I think that's what most Indie devs have been doing. VNs by nature are minimalistic. And for a reason. I'm not saying a VN can't have an encyclopedia or mini ga
  16. Thats because you're designing it as an RPG. All game play mechanics work to enhance story. But there is already a genre that isn't VN that does all of what you say. Its a VN. The core concept is an RPG more than a VN. you're working on the strengths of an RPG and you are going around the VN. This at most will be a graphic adventure like telltale games. VNs normally focus on a story but a story that compliments the medium. You haven't really given us anything than concept. Most times when people say "trust me" their the end of their rope on h
  17. Percy Jackson and lane chronicles aren't exactly historical fiction. This one seems to take a more sci fi approach. I would call them more mythology based, which I do believe both western and Japanese VNs have an opportunity to show. Now with the risk of sounding racist, I've had African American and African English (uk) fans of all mediums tend to push a particular culture. There's something about how it's handled. I've seen manga and other western comics take an already established mythology / religion and really build on it. But when it comes to African culture, I've never seen it take
  18. Its not a good idea to mash up all the underused things. A VN after all is designed to be more of an interactive story than a full fledged game. That doesn't mean a full fledged VN doesn't have great story and great interactive game play. Just needs to have the right mixture in order to call itself a VN. Tell me, what do you play VNs for? Story, character, lore, great game play? Your ideas aren't too big, it's just all over the place. I think if people focused on making a great story, making sure VN is the best approach to tell the story and also not rely
  19. i love the idea of challenging VNs to uncharted territories and really redefining what people think Vn means. But with that said, i read your idea. Here are my thoughts: the overall theme is reminiacent of an RPG. The idea of minigames, questing. J wouldnt call it something bad, but already shows you're not working on the strengths of a VN. I blame danganronpa a bit. Its explicitly labeled as a VN yet has barely any VN features. Music i think should be good and fit the theme. If you want asian themes, i believe it should fit the theme. Even indie devs fall for the trap
  20. Its not exactly my phone. When I do attempt to copy and paste. I get this: "this HTML class. Value is" Its not set up to rich text editor.
  21. On on smartphone and this site does not offer "rich text editor" format. Its what allows me to modify quotes, copy and paste, And allows me to also use different color pallets. Normally, a forum gives you the option to switch between them. I've been wanting to share my original story and it just isn't working. I can't manually write it down word for word.
  22. I never saw the grand appeal of steam before. I think the reasons are just because of valve. A lot of triple A games are making it to steam. Valve has also equal opportunity to invest. Yes, it is correct that steam is just another game host site. I think they push it to a different extent. But I do see devs thinking it's more than what it is. Steam is the most popular place to go and it's difficult to really pinpoint the amazing ones. Especially when everyone wants be an Indie dev.
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