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  1. Ultimately being VN is not allowing any true diversity when it can. According to this community. You all against the idea of having more diverse, less Japanese VNs. The problem is that VNs are not by definition Japanese. They are from Japan, but nothing about it's structure says it has to be pushed Japanese culture, tropes, stereotypes. I don't know how many times I have to say it. Hut just because you personally define it as such, doesn't mean you should ignore what literally makes a VN.
  2. Any brain dead person can play a game because games have learned to be more and more immersive and convey it's gameplay better over time. For visual novels it's game play is rather simple, but its immersion and conveyance relies solely on the story aspects but it is an extreme boost for visuals as well. Don't try to dumb down games and make visual novels as a finer form of art when you know there is satire VNs and VNs that make fun of the common stereotypes it has. With that said if difficulty is based on how long you can stay glued to the VN, then something is wrong (according to
  3. I normally don't like reading heavily. What got me into VNs? Ace attorney. But nothing was remotely close to what Ace Attorney provided. More importantly danganronpa was another game which wasn't that much of a VN but those we're the gateway to VNs for me. In the end though they we're games barely considered as VNs. So I know from experience that there is some VNs people will be interested in and some who don't. But are the great hidden gems are out there in the forefront? No they are in the sea of mediocre comical or satire VNs with a large group of Otome and dating sim style VNs.
  4. Enough to break the stereotypes? Most that do still targeted toward the stereotypes. Like hatoful boyfriend which is one big sarcastic VN. Why didn't you say that before? I feel like people starting to put their thinking caps on and maybe don't see anything wrong. but no one answers the damn question. Is what I'm proposing fundamentally changing everything that makes a VN a VN or is it only changing the culture behind it? People say the problem is how and what VNs are. Which VNs are basically a genre in video games. They are interactive, branching
  5. The Seed is a great example of diverse Visual Novel. It actually looks better in video than in concept art. But if you welcome diversity why gang up in the beginning? Why so against it? I'm hear to change perspective, not tastes. That means otome games bishonen bishojo harem, school days games can still exist. But I think they can Co exist. Because I believe there are VN fans out here and don't Even know they are because the barrier is having almost exclusive Japanese art style with genres. Look at appstore and see if you can find a unique VN not about romance
  6. And that's unfortunate. There is a metaphorical gateway that people have to cross ad they have to like it before they can try. But VNs don't have to be too enclosed into one culture. Nothing bout VN says they have to be primarily Japanese. examples this culture is what fans created, that doesn't mean new cultures within the VN medium can't exist. There is a clear opportunity to do something realistic and achievable but the community doesn't fully accept it because it not only challenges our tastes but our views. No one answers the grittier qu
  7. Im not twisting anything. your first comment: you don't want VNs to change because you like them the way they are. Your second comment which was a response as "why so defensive over different types of VN": you essentially said you liked them the way they are and it defeats the purpose of making VN more popular if they don't fit the style they have now. Your third comment which was a response to "so VNs should ony fit your tastes". You said you didn't. You accuse me being dead set of changing what makes a VN a VN which the only point you have is artstyle.
  8. No. You did say it. You might have not thought it through. But you definitely said it. You see, what you are confusing is the culture of VNs vs what essentially makes a VN. If bringing VNs to the west and making them more popular needs to come with the otaku-japanophile culture, then you don't truly want VNs to be popular in the west. You like the idea, but you don't want it.
  9. So should VNs be only targetted to your tastes because that's what you define as a VN despite not actually being the major definition of a VN?
  10. Yes, VNs absolutely need a larger more diverse user base. I fully 100% believe that. I see a community so hard wired into what they like, they are willing to kick out or push away anything that is different because they are threatened by an idea that is very promising. They don't even give any real feedback as to why this would be bad. But here's a misconception: not here to change what a VN. You just think that's what makes a VN. When it doesn't. You may like VNs for what they are now but by definition, a VN has potential to be more. And it's sad... I agree...visual
  11. I think i have a really good way visual novels can be really popular in the west. and I mean immediately popular. My thoughts will be posted as I think, so I will organize my thoughts. And I believe it needs to be addressed sooner than people realize. Right now, visual novels have a huge stigma. Most of them I fully agree. #1) they are too anime and manga like. #2) they focus on romance or harems. #3) less interactive and too many tropes. #4) boring characters/story. Personally all these point to one thing: visual novels are far far
  12. The servers are down for now. Its all of createaforum.com, try probably tomorrow if you are curious.
  13. Hi. I'm from mangamavericks.createaforum.com (a site dedicated to work on making manga). I particularly noticed the slogan "make visual novels popular in the west" and it really sparked my interest. I'm very interested in that goal and have some ideas on that.
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