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  1. social games NEED micro transactions. They are completely controlled by multiple servers and their value is with group of people. For VNs they could take an episodic approach but perhaps more on a DLC style where people get the full Game but can get additional chapters and G5 sort of does that by paying to unlock the secret chapter that hints the sequel. But there is a reason why lite or free trial versions exist. Because people can try it out and if it's promising, people can buy the game. For example: monument valley wasn't free but it also had an expansion that I had to pay. I m
  2. @Pabloc the story based genre has been around in the west but it wasn't the distinct style of a VN and just didn't evolve. Keep in mind VNs we'e even more niche back then even for Japan. So I find it pointless to ask why they didn't develop concurrently. I find it just arguing for arguings sake. Japan and the west were far different then they are now. So to expect a new genre to be born independently. I'm saying as of now, VNs are being controlled by the Japanese market almost exclusively because they came up with it first and have an established market (that they know of). And t
  3. Micro transaction is limited closer to social games. episodic games, are sometimes done, such as telltale, but each segment is worthy of a game of its own. But for a VN, Micro transaction wouldn't work. Whats actually more popular is having a demo and then selling the full version.
  4. @Pabloc I already answered why we didn't have a crap ton of VNs and it's mostly by how the VN community treats the medium. If you can't accept that the problem is the VN community then oh well. But that's the answer. The west go with graphic adventures because that's the medium they are familiar with, any Westerner who runs into VNs will need a good first impression. The problem is that what I gave was a basis of any VN audience. It actually is that easy and itbhas become easier and easier over the years not because of the way VNs are now butbbecause the increase in graphic addbent
  5. VNs are niche because of the refusal to try and aim for other audiences. VNs audience at it's most broadest is anyone who A) enjoys novels or doesn't mind a significant amount of reading. B) doesn't mind visuals. C) anyone who is willing to try things (and I'll get into that). And that's it...for everything else the bigger markets exist. Just how telltale relies on those bigger IPs to be successful. Here's how I would personally try doing. Work with a few VNs exclusively designed for a specific specific audience that I know is safe. The seed was successfully funded on kick starter
  6. In the context of all games on pc where we click anything. A good question. Telltale games to my knowledge makes exclusive episodic point-and-click side stories to existing IPs. The games are mostly seeing a story play out in full audio and some freedom to roam around and use a combination of quick time events with number of options (to add pressure to your choice). They are the opposite of a novel. They are far more game oriented. VNs have a more measure side. Taking your time to read and enjoy whatever it is. One key point is that I have never seen a telltal
  7. @CeruleanGamer you mentioned some good genres that almost everyone can use for VNs. I will say Dr. Who is a piece of something bigger called Brittaphile. They are also more likely to be part of the same group that enjoy things from BBC. But there's nothing saying that a VN can take an alien/dead space approach. For zombies, yes, that is also a big big thing going on but I think people like the idea of what zombies provide than what zombies actually are. Zombies tends to be much bigger as a survival horror genre. Which could really work well with As for #4 and #5, I don't think
  8. Visual novels have a specific structure but are very close to the graphic adventure genre that most western market has. The slogan is just that, but I think it's possible. Not in he direct sense where everyone plays vNs but those who like story games play a VN that fits their tastes.
  9. @Pabloc oh look. You finally bringing something substantial. Doesn't excuse you for all the broad over generalizations to prove the point you weren't making now. I didnt believe you wanted to see unique original VN. Because you provided nothing up until this point. Your last point was revolved on all the downsides. You want to see a no original unique vn? I am generalizing vns for a different point. To See the perspective of those on the other side see. Its not false. Its true. Even within the community admit it. There's no denying.
  10. Oh there definitely needs a change. But a change in how we view VNs. The otaku mentality is Not the point of the thread. Its actually against it. Not to say one can't enjoy what they enjoy but this specific mentality is restricting
  11. Come up with VN ideas and Even if a completely hobby approach, you know. Make it an open event. Second I'm talking about this thread. The first page of this thread.
  12. Keep in mind, I Behan with open minded discussion. Everything about Visual novels says it's a versatile medium. And the people who come in and are fully admitting they do not want to be enlightened is a bad choice. Even if what you claim is true about community selling VNs more, you all did a horrible job. Look at the first page and tell me they couldn't have handled the idea better? I've been actively trying to do it. But there are distinct barriers that stop people from seeing the real picture.
  13. Just as any medium. But are we really going to prove that we are the lowest common denominator?
  14. @Chuee when I hear myself I hear: "why should we allow other people to enjoy their personal tastes in a medium I love." Or "why should we stop discriminating to the west". Thats what I hear. You can assume ibdont like Japanese culture. But I appreciate Japan a little different then the otaku. For one I know Japan's strengths and weaknesses. Look up "I hate weeaboos" video from trailer Drake. The last couple minutes is what I wholeheartedly agree with. @Pabloc what you quoted and what I said are not the same thing. And what you interpreted is wrong. Especially after
  15. I don't think you have understood. I think the idea only a very very small handful truly understood. The whole point is to push away from the otaku perspective. I'm not defaming anyone's opinion. but it defeats the purpose of going against it.
  16. Yes.....it objectively does. You can't possibly think of any positive or real ways to integrate Visual novels toward the west with an otaku mindset. It really demand for one to take a real step back from your interests to really see the potential of what VN has to offer. I'm not saying you can't be an otaku to participate inn the discussion. But you aren't going anywhere if you rely on that otaku mind set.
  17. @Palas you would be surprised in the Google play store how much is considered a game and doesn't offer any real game play (and with good reviews too). With how VNs are some will take the less is more approach, and leave more to the animation but have good story. but others would naturally make a quality VN just by knowing what they have to work with. VNs are just like adventure books. They just rely a little more visuals. Some will market it more as a story than a game, and that isn't a bad thing...at it's core, it will be a game. VNs just offer more interactivity than adventure books,
  18. @Pabloc There are many issues with what you said. But i will just clear up one misconception. It was clear that the subject was talking about making VNs (in general) popular in the west, as in more well known, more recognizable, and more accessible medium. which the solution is stop making VNs feel so exclusively toward japanese.We are not talking about "popular western VNs". that's not even a thing, (yet) so you can discriminate something that hasn't existed. Heck VNs as they are now aren't even popular at all. Everything else was plain wrong...you talk like an otaku, and otakus are al
  19. Unreadable. Its all black and with this dark background, makes it impossible. Which is odd. Normally forums (or any modern computer) has the ability to turn the font opposite color if it's automatically set to default color.
  20. VN actually existed a little earlier as well for PC. but the thing is most people see it as those as expriements because no one sees it as a defined medium. At least in terms of western audience. But still the idea is to plant the idea that this medium can work with other stories. People seem to have backed off and I hope those who wrote it off are starting to have some gears turn. For me, when I hear VN turning to ball audiences, I see a good thing I see unique stories and characters coming to life in VNs. Im very sour by how some people here have treated VN.
  21. Remember the idea is to plant the idea. Right now people can't e that VN community is the same otaku community. So people can't think up that maybe somewhere else someone would like to use the medium to aim at a completely different audience. Maybe, just maybe, at an audience that isn't about games.
  22. I'm not arguing about personal preference...ANd ive continuously been stating that. but where do some of these people get off believing Japanese is superior when it's all based on preference. You don't need a full fledged English VN just to see the potential it has. There are games out there that can be great VN. Additionally, Palpas thinks I contradicted myself when mentioning referring to Life is Strange simply because it wasn't made As a hobby. But if taken the VN approach, it could have easily been a VN and not spend any real money. Telltale games usually takes the
  23. First off nowhere in he'll does VN say Japanese culture centric. Nowhere.in.hell.it's stupid, it's naive, and people need to seriously grow some perspective. VNs are not Japanese centric. The developers choose to, but the medium itself isn't. Period. Second, when I said something not eastern or western. I meant something I see in both areas but not defined by it. Primarily video game art. A lot of triple a video game art both in the west and Japan hold similar styles. But doesn't matter. All VNs will need a distinct artstyle. third, you are far too rapped up in activel
  24. A lot of games became popular and we're born being Indie games. Such as higurashi and hatoful boyfriend. But let's make it clear on how a solid campaigns can work. First off, announcing the campaign once it begins. Making it known the goals and intentions, even if people aren't interested right away. places like siliconera and google play store. If really want your money ahead of time for living expenses indiegogo or kickstarter (but with the salespitch that we are making something that shouldve existed a long time ago). The idea is to prime them when they gain more info about the
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