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  1. Alaskan Winter Sky was made for the Winter Visual Novel Jam 2022. Story When his mother dies, Henry is heartbroken. Only his childhood friend, Riley, can offer him any kind of comfort. Her humor and liveliness enchant him, but he worries that she won’t reciprocate his feelings. And besides, neither of them is ready for the dangers of the Alaskan Winter… Screenshots Credits Made by: Yume Creations Writing: Mats Elliott Character Art: Xielarte Backgrounds: Waikikired Henry Evans VA: Thomas Prater Riley Sullivan VA: Vera Tan Donnie Sullivan VA: Dagon Grey Composer: Bennett Garfield UI: sfilmak Download https://yumecreations.itch.io/alaskan-winter-sky
  2. I'm a VN dev currently using Renpy but I'm interested in Kirikiri for years but never found good ressources in english. It would be really nice to have english documentations and tutorial for Kirikiri. The basic documention is already translated but it'sjust for a very simple game. Link: http://kirikirikag.sourceforge.net/contents/index.html
  3. I preordered the Amnesia: Memories / Amnesia: Later x Crowd - Day One Edition Dual Pack for Switch on Amazon but got a mail that the delivery is delayed I hope I can play it soon ^^
  4. I finished Ima Sugu Onii-chan ni Imouto da tte Iitai! today and plan to play Renai X Royale as soon as possible after the English version is out ^^
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