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    Anime, Manga, Writing, Drawing, Gaming, Playing the Violin, Sewing, Cosplaying.
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    Akuma no Ken - Indie Fantasy/Thriller/Romance Visual Novel I am working on. (Creator, Artist, Writer)
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  1. Only £18 left to go ~ pretty exciting stuff
  2. Quack!

    I don't mind That's a new one! I haven't been called Duckers. I just get called variations such as Quack or Quackers. I will respond to most things duck related XD haha!
  3. Quack!

    Well you see, there's a story behind it. One day I was talking to my friend, he told me I couldn't be what I wanted to be so I said I wanted to be a duck. He told me I can't. So I drew a duck bill on my face using MSPaint and forever since that day I have been known as Duck. They even buy me bread sometimes I just kind of roll with it now!
  4. Quack!

    Oh okay! There is never only one Duck, for we are many. We shall make a duck empire filled with bread and much quacking! Thanks That is me in le avatar with my little violin Nice to meet another violinist. There's like hardly any around my neck of the pond. I hope I'll get to make many a friend!
  5. Quack!

    Hello! I'm Cazzie, but some know me as Duck. I'm currently working on a VN called Akuma no Ken. It's a little indie dealio, just me working on it pretty much. It's a lot of fun! I like to write, read, draw, create in general. It's how I spend my time really. I just wanted to drop by and say hello after my friend told me about this forum, he thought it would be a good place to increase my audience! I hope you treat me kindly ;w; It looks like a lot of fun here. I've missed being part of a forum, it's been so long ~ Nice to meet you all, I hope to stick around ~ <3 x Duck
  6. Heya. I don't know if this is the correct place ~ if it's not allowed please feel free to let me know or delete it of whatever! I'm currently trying to raise funds towards my visual novel, Akuma no Ken. I need funds for voice actors and translators and such and there's only 3 days, only being 42% funded. If you could share around or help me out at all, I would be honoured! I really want to make this as good as I can just being on my own so any help would be appreciated! Once again, if this is in the wrong place or just not what you like here, feel free to delete. I've just run out of social platforming to place it on, and you seem like a cool bunch! http://kck.st/2jVtFch