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  1. I'm actually reading something, for once in my life. Little Busters. I stared in the moe void and it moe moe kyun'd back at me.


    It's really good. We'll see how that goes when I get onto a character route but for the time being I love the comfy friendship vibes and the minigames. 

  2. I ended up playing Katawa Shoujo after a friend of mine talked about it to me one day. Spent about the next year hovering round those forums like a bad smell, while playing any free VNs I could find. I loved (and still love) the feelings that I develop towards characters while reading, be it because of their design (it normally is), voice, backstory, quirks and what-have-you. A good VN is one that I'm thinking about for what feels like forever after I read it.

    The main barrier for me - well, there's two - is that I don't like pirating shit. It scares me, to be honest, and while I'm hardly flush with money I like paying for things where I can.

    The second is the content. I am the vanilla-est, most easily bothered reader of these things that you'll come across. As such, I won't play most VNs, cos either I can't afford them, or I don't like what's in them. And that's fine, cos there's still plenty of highly-rated, very safe-for-lifework ones for me to read :sachi:

  3. My favourite meal in the whole world is something called cock-a-leekie soup. It's a lovely, warming soup made with leek, chicken, stock, and whatever root vegetables you fancy. Doesn't tend to look all that great, but it's absolutely amazing.



    I also like basically any form of Italian pasta dish (so good job with those pics earlier).

    And I will mainline bananas like no tomorrow.




  4. Just been reading Doki Doki Literature Club :sachi:


    ...and I probably won't finish it, at least not until the winter passes. I didn't go in completely blind - I heard it had a reputation of sorts and I couldn't resist - but I got to the 'second menu' and decided that was probably it for me. Gonna put some heavy spoilers in below.


    Sayori's death was pretty heavy. I anticipated it, so it wasn't like 'oh my god she actually did it, the total madman', but the music change, the glitching, and importantly the unflinching way that it made you look at her was really kinda affecting - much more than I thought it would be. I didn't sleep all that well last night.

    With that in mind, I still want to finish it... sort of. I understand how much work has gone into the second part and some of the ideas, 'Easter eggs' and whatnot sound like they make for fascinating game mechanics - the file rearranging for example sounds amazing in the most terrifying way. And, because I read ahead for this sort of thing, I'm impressed with the degree of foreshadowing that went into part one. But I'm definitely gonna say, the themes explored are absolutely not for this time of year, at least not for me.

    Natsuki needs a hug so fucking badly.



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