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  1. Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

    Although I must admit reading through this thread there are many better ones, prior to coming in I was gonna throw the Everlasting Summer soundtrack into the ring. Really like the varying styles used throughout, and for the most part it greatly compliments the story One of the better Ren'py VN's as well, although not perfect. (Apologies if it's already come up, I'm only about a third of the way into the thread.)
  2. Screw good VNs, I'm looking for bad Visual Novels!

    If you select a random VN on the ren'py site there's a pretty good chance it'll be pretty poor.
  3. What's the meaning behind your username?

    A name I think I established initially for Kongregate when I was 12-13 (something like that). After a while I used it on enough things that I really can't be arsed to change it. There's a variant (Kuranchiwan) on a forum somewhere which I actually prefer but now I'm stuck in habit ;_;
  4. Hi everyone!

    Thanks everyone Yeah, that's the impression I'm getting - the anime still manages to actually have an effect on me of genuine tension, so I think that's a sign of it being done well. Isn't that the (albeit unconnected) third one in the series? If I come across it, I'll definitely have a look! And thanks for the moe. Moe are always appreciated :3
  5. Probably the latter. It's difficult to shake off a stigma with something vaguely solid. I haven't played any of their other VNs, but the feeling I'm getting from here is don't... or at least expect utter crap.
  6. Yeah, bought this a few days ago and played through in a couple of sittings. I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed it, but there were definitely some bits where the sheer volume of fanservice caused fits of giggles.
  7. What Are You Watching: Movie and TV Show Edition

    You know, I didn't even realise it was part of a trilogy! I'll definitely check those out if I come across them. Yeah, the hallway fight scene truly is something special - when he comes out the lift at the end and they all just fall out, that gets me every time
  8. Hi everyone!

    Thanks lovelies
  9. What Are You Watching: Movie and TV Show Edition

    You wanna try watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas for not understanding anything. I think I've watched it 6 times and every time I'm still confused to hell by the end. Just watched Oldboy, this Korean revenge thriller about a guy that's kidnapped for 15 years and then is mysteriously released one day. Really good film (the soundtrack is absolutely fantastic), would recommend to anyone who doesn't mind a bit of violence.
  10. Choose One to Save

    I'd save my wife (well, fiancée at the moment, but same rules). I know full well she has far more going for her in life than I ever do, so her life would be far more worth sparing than my own. I get the impression that decision is based on what I know right now - as I don't have children yet it's difficult for me to imagine, but I'd imagine the question would become that much harder if I did!
  11. Screw good VNs, I'm looking for bad Visual Novels!

    Sweet butter crumpets I'm trying this. Worst one I've played was Marry Me Misato; although I get the point behind it, it just seems kind of insulting at the same time.
  12. What's your favorite japanese food?

    Red miso soup (akamiso), preferably in a mug with some tofu.
  13. Favorite anime OSTs

    Maaya Sakamoto's 'Buddy' used in Last Exile - Fam, The Silver Wing. The series got a worse rap than I think it deserved as well.
  14. Has a VN ever made you depressed?

    Yeah, that one's a pretty rough read actually. I put Katawa Shoujo down as something that helped me when I was having a pretty bad spell, in relation to the OP. Granted it hurt but I felt, after a few days, like getting off my backside and doing something. Kinda grateful for it, really.
  15. Hi everyone!

    I figured it'd be a bit more fun this way than just coming in to see what's going on as an outsider. And thanks everyone
  16. 50 translated VNs you should read before you die

    Great list to refer back to, I've only read 6 of these but there's at least 30 on here that I wanna check... pretty sure I can hear my wallet screaming. Sci-fi works well I'd imagine as the situations that occur in them allow for the most erratic and uncertain character traits to come out, so when you throw in the element of choice as well the character depth that can be investigate is huge. Also it can stop things becoming too sickly, which is more often a problem in slice-of-life stories (obviously there are many exceptions, but just a thought).