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  1. I can't even login anymore

    Actually I said the exact opposite. I successfully logged in after I cleared the cookies
  2. I can't even login anymore

    Couldn't login until I cleared the cookies from this website. Anyone else experiencing this? I tried several times so I then I tried clearing the cookies and it worked...
  3. Possibly one of the trickiest translations to get it to work properly. It envolves several steps and I took a good 4 hours just to get it to work the first time I was trying to play this game. I will make a step-by-step guide on how the process should be done. Getting Welcome To Pia Carrot (PC-FX) to work: 1) Get the .iso file and the emulator. For PC-FX emulators I suggest Magic Engine-FX or Mednafen. Mednafen is a freeware while Magic Engine-FX is a demo which you can play the games for 5 minutes and then the game freezes. You can buy the full version on their website with no limitations: http://www.magicengi...mefx-test16.zipAfter that, replace the original .exe file that came with the one you just downloaded. I tried it on the other versions and it didn't work, that's why I recommended getting the 1.1.1 version earlier on. 4) About the ISO: First, make sure it's not corrupted. The first time I got the Pia Carrot iso, it did not work when I tried loading it on the emulator. After I tried downloading it from a different source, it worked just fine. Make sure there is a .cue file and a .bin fine inside the zipped file you downloaded. 5) Get the English patch. You can download it here: http://www.romhacking.net/translations/1372/ 6) After you got the English patch, extract the files and put in one the same folder as the unzipped .cue and .bin files and the emulator. Make sure you have everything in the same folder, otherwise it will not work! Note: Do not open the patch file! Your game will not work if you do it and the .bin and .cue files will be ruined! Having the patch in the same folder as the game .bin and .cue files is enough to have it in English! Makes sense, right? 7) After you got the patch in the same folder as the .bin and .cue file, mount the .cue file into a virtual drive. Note: DO NOT MOUNT THE .BIN FILE. it will not work. Open your emulator and try booting the CD. It should work now! Enjoy Welcome To Pia Carrot!
  4. Forum rollback to August 3rd + cookie issues

    oh, so lucky I had some pages cached!
  5. Forum rollback to August 3rd + cookie issues

    oh come onnnnnn, after all that trouble I went through to post the Pia Carrot translation guide! I'm moderately pissed off by this.
  6. Screw good VNs, I'm looking for bad Visual Novels!

    I actually played this one! Around the summer of 2013. I don't have many memories of it, which is not a good thing. That means it didn't have much memorable about it.Here's what I do remember: - The plot is rather bland and straightforward; - The 4 girls who you can get in the end have 4 very different personalities but all very cliche; - Appealing character design and okay graphics for its time (I remember the game came out around 2002?); - Had some funny moments that made up for the thin plot it had which is a good thing; - I remember seeing several spelling and sentence mistakes showing lack of attention on their work (for example they wrote "go to to mall" instead of "going to the mall"). That's very unprofessional. It makes it seem they never even bother to test the game and read the dialogues first before releasing it to the public. In other words, they didn't give a crap whether or not it had typos - The voices audio was too low compared to the background music! I could barely hear what they were saying. The audio was in Japanese but it's still a different feeling to hear the characters while you pass the text (I never bothered to see if there's an option to cancel the background music though). - The endings were the so-called "happy endings". Quite predictable. Not too bad. Overall: I'd say it's average. Nothing memorable like I said at the beginning but not terrible either. There seems to be a lot of hate for Harukoi Otome so that's the one I'll try next!
  7. Screw good VNs, I'm looking for bad Visual Novels!

    Oh man, that cracked me up! ahahah! Does that game even have an official licence? I'm pretty sure Gordon wouldn't give it a green light! Also, notice how none of the reviews gave it a score below 4/10. First reviews of bad games will be posted shortly (few days time)!
  8. Screw good VNs, I'm looking for bad Visual Novels!

    you think so? I feel the opposite! After many consecutive hours of playing complete crap, when I play even an average game would be the best thing after sliced bread. I would be like "wowwwww, this is so totally awesome". Maybe I will learn the value the good things more after this, aha! EDIT: guys, I mentioned the Shuffle! game because there used to be a lot of hype before the English version came out! really! There was a fan-translation project and everyone was like super-duper impatient for it to get released.... and in fact, the release of the English patch was postponed for such a long time that the official European release in English actually came out first, ahahahah! I was so disappointed by the long wait and then it turned out to be the biggest piece of crap I've ever seen.
  9. You read it right. We've all played memorable Visual Novel games that won't forget, the ones that were just great in the aspects we value the most, being it storyline, creativity, character design, innovation, humor, great endings.... but there are also the ones which are also memorable... in a negative way. And that's I want to look into this time. I am looking to see what the community values the most and despises the most about VNs, what gets people going and what ruins it.... And what the hell, it looks like fun. The funny thing is, the most popular VNs out there, the ones that are full of positive reviews are usually not that great to me, even some like Shuffle! that I simply couldn't even get to the end of it because of how tedious, predictable and just silly all around the plot was. It must have been the first VN I ever cried to... I was bored to tears! On the other hand, the dark ones that nobody's ever heard, qutie unknown are usually the ones I like best. Yeah, I'm the hipster of VNs, lol. So, give me your worst! If I get an interesting suggestion and play it, I would probably post a review somewhere about it. Just one note: No gay/lesbian/sadistic please.
  10. Cheers guys, this is a great thread! especially for someone who is mostly a casual who likes to play VNs that are not too long and got that old classic charm. Just what I've been looking for! Here in China there are tons of VN apps but sadly my Chinese is not good enough to understand them and only a very limited number are released in English. Maybe I'll make a thread about Chinese VNs sometime. I found the app "Burn you far with me" that the OP posted really funny. Never saw this mix of working out, cute 2D anime girls on my phone screen before. This thread must be updated regularly!
  11. Has a VN ever made you depressed?

    I guess I'm just not that much of an emotional person. It never happened to me! This doesn't just happen for VNs, it's also the same for movies and anime series. meh. I tend not to take fantasies too seriously.
  12. I live in China (Zhejiang province) at the moment but I am originally from Portugal (half Hungarian and half Portuguese). You can see I am a very international individual. Also, the data about the visitors origins is probably based on IP and so it's inaccurate. For example, I use a proxy to get around blocked sites because of the Chinese firewall and my IP would show I am in a different location.
  13. Show yourself off (RL picture thread)

    Le me. (July 2014)
  14. The evolution of visual novels

    Well, I haven't played any from the 80s. The ones that I played are mostly from the mid or late 1990s. From that time, I liked Pia Carrot for the PC-FX ( it's in Japanese but there's an English patch out there), Season of the Sakura, One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e. All of those are in English. I wouldn't really consider Snatcher a visual novel... it's a great game yes, but I'd say interactive movie is a more appropriate label. That might be difficult... I have some PC-88 games that already have some (although very simple) elements of gameplay. Some are from as early as the mid-1980s. So I would say they have some elements of gameplay since day one, but they got better and more elaborate and complex as years went by.