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  1. We at 7 Keys Studios have finally launched the crowdfunding campaign for Angels - our vision of a next generation SciFi VR Visual Novel. This comes in parallel to making Chapter 1 available for free on Steam. Find the media kit here. The goal of the campaign is to raise enough money to finance the production of the rest of the story, which is fully voiced and works on a variety of platforms. The production began when Milan Kazarka the creator of the Invisible Apartment visual novel series met with Stan Kuhn who’s been creating virtual and augmented reality products for an assortment of clients. Angels & Demigods was a story which Milan had in store for years, waiting for the right platform to release it on. Stan had the software platform ready to create a new visual novel engine that would bring the genre into VR. The plan was not to reinvent the genre in 3D, but rather to use the best of the principles from making traditional visual novel games, keep the art number one priority and work around the fact that high resolution illustrations are better than 3D textures. We managed to create an immersive experience by carefully working with high-resolution illustrations rather than 3D models. This focus on art-style, the atmosphere makes the experience so authentic and the game so unique and fit for VR. Unlike many current VR games we designed Angels & Demigods around the idea of storytelling in VR, so it’s not just straight up port of existing game mechanics. It’s a unique experience. We work with some great artists and musicians - Henrique “Kite” Xavier who has worked on the Invisible Apartment series, Roly Porter who’s been recognized by Rolling Stone as a musician you should know, Sebastian Bach combining classical and electronic music and voice actors like Sally Feng and JB Coleman. Angels & Demigods is a tribute to both SciFi and anime. It’s a manifestation of ideas collected over the course of many years. - “Angels & Demigods is a story and a set of ideas I had on my mind and on paper in my drawer for a long time waiting for the right moment. I’ve been writing down ideas for stories for fifteen years now. I’m a huge fan of sci-fi, anime. My huge inspiration are movies like The Dune, The Fifth Elementand manga like Battle Angel Alita and works by Tsutomu Nihei. I like to imagine worlds far in the future, beings with superpowers and a the environment a cultural mix. I never really wanted to release any of my stories on paper, since I found the book form of publishing quite limiting. I’m a huge fan of comics, though I never embraced the medium myself for my own work. Still, I like to express my ideas visually. Discovering the visual novel medium was a blessing. I realized that I was able to publish a story in an interactive format and that opened new possibilities. My first visual novel was Invisible Apartment, which transformed to a series of four parts over the course of the last years. With Angels & Demigods we’re taking things further. I was blown away by the first prototypes in which we just experimented with putting a few characters and music into a 360° space. As someone who writes interactive fiction I couldn’t imagine a better platform.” - Milan Kazarka - - in the media: https://versions.killscreen.com/new-game-studio-making-visual-novel-vr/ - pre release article on Killscreen http://www.mobilevrdaily.com/coming-soon/angels-and-demigods-preview/ - pre release article on MobileVRDaily Gameplay videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPmyrZ50a4c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bo-NoYjJB1U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHSk7DVvq8Y
  2. Void & Nothingness Void & Nothingness is a story where we explore people’s deepest fears, where we talk about their dreams and analyze nostalgia. It’s a visual novel for mature audiences. It is set in Manhattan and the main character of the story is a young lady named Alice who’s doing anything she can to come by. It’s her dreams and fears that materialize into a world around her in which she gets immersed in. The illustrations are done by Ludmila Sosa who’s great work can be found at https://www.behance.net/KamuiHand The story is by Milan Kazarka who’s also the producer of the Invisible Apartment series. The umbrella is provided by Vysoko Anime Production. - Here is some more artwork from the upcoming visual novel http://vysoko.com/voidandnothingness Vysoko Anime Production
  3. Invisible Apartment 2 invisibleapartment.com I'm glad to announce that the production of Invisible Apartment 2 was a success! The sequel to the original cyberpunk visual novel Invisible Apartment. After more than a year the sequel is now available on Steam and Itch.io. After a successful Kickstarter campaign www.kickstarter.com/projects/921792122/invisible-apartment-2-visual-novel/description and Months of production the visual novel is now in the wild. Set in a future in a mega city where surveillance and hacking are part of every day life, it revolves around human relations, their dreams and their fight for living a free life. Invisible Apartment 2 is our first longer format visual novel. Part one, which is already available on Steam for some time now was a free introduction to the whole series. This part takes place months after the events of the previous part with a bunch of new characters and a ton of new locations. You can find more info & download links to all parts of the series at invisibleapartment.com The backer rewards have been packaged and sent: We now plan the production of Invisible Apartment 3. A crowdfunding campaign will launch soon. Stay tuned Vysoko Anime Production
  4. Invisible Apartment 2: Reasons Cyberpunk visual novel. Sequel to Invisible Apartment 1, part of a series of the same name. Invisible Apartment 2: Reasons is the next chapter of the Invisible Apartment series of visual novels. Set in a future where surveillance and hacking are part of every day life, it revolves around human relations, their dreams and how to lead a normal life. We already produced two chapters in the series. Invisible Apartment (available on iTunes and Steam) is an introduction to the whole series - unfortunately the novel is a bit short but many people liked the setting, the universe, the main characters and told us that they want more. So we allocated more time to the prologue Invisible Apartment Zero; it's considerably longer, includes more choices, routes and introduces more characters. It's currently on Greenlight (please vote for us!) and available on Desura and iTunes. Part 2 includes more characters, places, more timelines and overall a longer playtime. Bad choices no longer result in and immediate bad end and they have a more complex impact. We will be bringing this visual novel to Windows, Linux and Mac and if we get enough money than also Android. Top backers will receive all the DVD of the series as of 2015 including artwork by the illustrator.
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