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  1. Started Chapter 3, most of time I select a dungeon to Stella run through and go away. Settled to go after Conquest End. I would recommend playing Re;Birth1 first, it give some explanations about the Neptunia Game Kyoukai enviroment. But I have played only the Hyperdimension Re;Birth series, so my opinion may be biased.
  2. Maybe I'll need more time because... well, I've underestimated my lazy behavior and screwed my time.
  3. ...make a snowman without ever having seen real snow before. Today, I've seen you. Tomorrow, I will see...
  4. ...simply ignored me and asked my mom instead. During the last summer, I've come across...
  5. BEAN SABER, LASER BEANS, ULTIMATE BEAN... Oh wait, something seems off here... Next person's existencial crisis didn't last long.
  6. Slowly playing Re;Birth2, I'm on Chapter 2, reached Lowee. Why these Megami Sisters can't just befriends me? First I lost once to Uni, and now Ram and Rom almost wiped my team. Thoughts of Re;Birth2(comparing with Re;Birth1) until now: + Voices on Load Screen, Menu, World Map and on stage select. + Stela's Dungeon Crawler. More things to waste time. Someone knows her reference? + Change Dungeons Plan. = Bosses seems harder, while Dangerous Enemies seems a bit easier. = First day some sounds were cutting halfway, but after a later patch they worked properly. = Neptune voice is played
  7. The Valakut combo work this manner because when Scapeshift resolves this ruling is applied: 603. Handling Triggered Abilities. 603.6d Normally, objects that exist immediately after an event are checked to see if the event matched any trigger conditions. Continuous effects that exist at that time are used to determine what the trigger conditions are and what the objects involved in the event look like. However, some triggered abilities must be treated specially. Leaves-the-battlefield abilities, abilities that trigger when a permanent phases out, abilities that trigger when an object th
  8. Never dyed, but I think that I would like a silver/white color. Well, the question was if you can or not read without highlight; is expected to fail on someone.
  9. And it's finally between us: ReBirth2 on Steam
  10. ...a need to saw some logs, because a blizzard was coming. My favorite music is...
  11. True, lyrics sometimes ruin the experience. Next person is loafing around.
  12. Left, because I'm used to this way. Next person can't read white letters without selecting it.
  13. ...the power of soul. Never leave your house...
  14. Reaching Rustboro City, I know that SakashimA have advantage, but going with only one Moemon seems a waste... Soo, firstly I go to route 116, hoping that this time finally SakashimA let me capture another girl. Waifus heard me, and a wild Taillow comes to my team.
  15. Everytime I play Pokemon, I remember my long-lost Sapphire cartridge... I'm too playing, standart rules + two additionals: -Each bag slot hold up a total of 20 itens (except, of course Key Items, and HMs doesn't account).. -Using MoeCenter "costs" money: Highest level among all Moemons * 50 --> Buy items from shop and throw away. As a uninspired one, My Moemons wil be nicknamed after Fuwanovel users: Until now SakashimA doesn't seem to wanting friends, K.O.ing ever first-area Moemon to appear with an accurate critical hit.
  16. You can say that fits me. Next person thinks Hawk is the best boar.
  17. ...I've become excited with the amount of perverted things I've written. Summary, evertime you go to your girlfriend's house...
  18. -Me? I'm a guardian angel, pleased to talk with you... -...By the way, how are you seeing me? My stealth system should be active.
  19. ...I'm a nocturnal creature. Lost Woods is a great place because...
  20. I've heard PS1? I'm quite fond of Brave Fencer Musashi. I'm playing most on PSP: Blazblue CS:EX, Hexyz Force and Yakusoku no Chi: Riviera. Or playing Heroes of the Storm solo queue.
  21. ... False. Next person already watched Lazy Town before.
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