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  1. Another day, another spark. This one I've done on New Year's free rolls. -SSR Characters: Altair(Moon), Baotorda(Moon), Beatrix(Dark)(Moon), Clarisse (Light), Kumbhira, Lady Grey(Moon), Lilele, Rackam(Moon), Rosetta, Sarunan(Dark)(Moon), Scathacha(Moon), Silva(Water), Vane(Moon); -SSR Summons: Bahamut, Cybele, Gabriel, Morrigna, Prometheus, Tsukuyomi, Vortex Dragon; -Spark target: Anila. In other news, I got one of my favorite erune: Korwa. Pretty amusing, considering her release was a bit after the English release.
  2. Have a Happy New Year, everyone. ~ from a fellow fuwalunker ~
  3. Half Bingo: Waifu side completed with Quatre FLB
  4. I HAVEN'T ROLLED A SINGLE SSR SUMMER WAIFU ...and this is the resume of my summer rolls(spark included). The End. ...Ohh yeah that's right; I've done my 3th spark and while it had a balanced quantity(23 SSRs), quality-wise was below expected: SSR Characters: Agielba, Beatrix, Cain, Charlotta, Eustace(Moon), Forte(Moon), 2x Ghandagoza, Water Lancelot(Moon), 3x Summer Naoise; SSR Summons: Gilgamesh, Gorilla, Grand Order, Neptune, Oceanus, 3x Summer Macula, Tezcatlipoca, Uriel, Zephyrus; Fun fact: I rolled Almeida's weapon eight times; 5x summer ones, 3x normal
  5. I'm tired... wanna quote some things but... I'm lazy. At least two things: Seems like Dark Jeanne"s Anti-Reversal and Narmaya's Transient are both single-sided Def Down (aka. don't stack). I'm not really sure (I don't have Naru). All according to the keikaku.
  6. People die when they are dying farming, no doubt. The first one is always the worst My help here seems unnecessary; as you made good points about your current state and showed awareness over element's priorities. You are merely stuck over many players' common doubts: 'meta' pick/dick pick/next element focus/I don't wanna get a suptix moon. Soo... instead of advices, I will shower some thoughts to complements what you already wrote: TL;DR Choose someone that pick your attention and stat from there. Or roll a 1d6, I dunno. Waifu > Cute > Husband > Meta , less
  7. 4th one, It's Cake Time! Now with Arcarum Cleaner Zero+ Whenever you can, please move your +4 to a Bahamut weapon. It will be better to cover other grids too. Takes less than a minute. Signed: ~your future grids~
  8. I'm waiting for Vajra, so only some yolo rolls for me this flashfest. You must be a madman to spark this early... I've done the same thing and I wouldn't recommend to anyone. At least keep Celeste Horn as Holy Saber/Bishop mainhand. Dark doesn't have easy spear options. Sadly Celeste Claws have terrible drop rates. I, for example, got only two from Celesboat(and one from HL version); two from Arcarum chests; the rest... pendants, you know.
  9. This place never had much activity in first place. Use it as you wish. I only come here for self-bragging and to answer questions ... well, as I already wrote a reply, I wanna share something: This will be FUN....
  10. ...well, in my defense I was using non-tweeted raids as exemple. Tweeted 30-man ones blows really fast. Host chest have better chances at SSR weapons. At least for your "first element" it's worth, even more if it's light/dark as their SR weapons are useless on grid. Uncap at least the first star of your characters to unlock their skills. About the weapons, you can safely skill level up to 3 or 4 the ones with ATK skill(depends of your main element). In the long run, you either farm more resources or drown with surplus fooder(my case). Other th
  11. I don't know when you consider "late game", but actual content is most powercreeped: Omega 1.0, Tier 1 raids = dies pretty fast, below 3min. It takes one or two average geared people to finish. Omega HL raids, Tier 2 raids = takes 5~10min to end, depends of how many average players enters the raid. Omega 2.0 raids = ever single player is racing here now. Expected lifetime ~2min. Tier 1 HL raids = where I think late game starts, 5~12min. Being 6-man raids, each player affects the average speed. Carbuncle raids = another set of 6-man raids, varies between a cakewalk
  12. Don't worry, because even R200+ people leech raids. It's just time efficient.
  13. Third one: Song, done. Three more Eternals to go.
  14. Grandcypher diary, 993th day: Today, I won a "wrong" type of lottery; Cocytus dropped a brick of Hihiirokane I wish this luck could get me more Eruns... But nonetheless, this is a blessing for someone that doesn't fight Strong Bahamut.
  15. Burned my 2nd spark into Valentine's Bait Gacha, which had some... rather disappointing results... With a unimpressive total of 8 SSR, I got (in order): Zephyrus (Why no Agni again?) Gold Moon (Albert) Yuel (Water, very happy) Orchid (She was my spark target) Amira (Good demon girl) Another Moon (Heles) Lennah (Noto Mamiko worth) Baotorda (A man of culture) As for my spark, I choose her, the Totally Not Broken Zooey.
  16. Uncapped my second 5* Juuten, Nio-chan: I... I just wanna brag somewhere...
  17. Here comes another wish of a New Year from a Fuwalunker. Have a good year, minna.
  18. /me holds a sign "Thank for you hard work" Now waiting for Fuwachat's return
  19. Checked Fuwanovel.net everyday, instead of every Saturday.
  20. Sparked Mahira. Finally. Still crying inside Isn't she too cute? And this is my great draw results (Warning: contain salt):
  21. Crap, seems like I've stepped on a landmine. Sorry
  22. Knowing Cygames, we will get her... before Water GW At least, she could come with Summer Legfest Please no Cygames. I don't wanna wait two months(but I will nevertheless)
  23. A few months later... I've had a dream Illya Mahira was in Legfest pool It was just a dream Again, the year of Rooster haven't come This time I couldn't endure it I broke into depression Desperately tried to heal myself with rolls Of course wasn't a good idea But what I could do? I'm a simple guy wishing for more waifus Wasted 58 pulls into almost void Vampy-chan saved my day But was to late for my heart Still hurts And now I have less tickets for Summer At least the 300 needed are untouched What
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