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  1. Not sure what to say about this story, I wrote it for a class this year, and I'm not happy with the ending. Thought the assignement was much longer than it was and I had to make last minute cuts taking out most of it to fit the maximum number of pages. But let me know what you guys think. http://slamerz.deviantart.com/art/Untitled-525312454?ga_submit_new=10%253A1428388447
  2. Personally I find that it depends, for the most part a large majority of the games players are silent, they only communicate with pings, it's usually not to bad. However because most of these players are quite when you do have a shit person they seem loud as hell because well they usually will not shut up. The game has a very fun little feature that you use when any of these people appear in your game called the mute button. At any time in game just hit tab to look at the player list in game, and right next to their name is a button that will mute them. Since I don't care to see what most peop
  3. I'm a native English speaker, who's taken several literary courses so I can fill the position of editor if it is still vacant.
  4. There isn't a pre built tool but what you do to get a decent estimation is you look for what engine/language the VN is built in and use a macro to count all instances of in game text. All engines have parts in the code which tell it this is a line of text, this is a line of text, you just use that to count them in moments. Such as for this game it's using Nscripter, so all lines of text are usually going to end in a "\" Now the \'s also are used for defining file locations so you have to have it only count \'s which have punctuation before them. so "?\" "!\" "。\" etcetera, (this can be throw
  5. Depending on the format I suppose you could set up a macro to count them, but it would really just depend on what kind of files you're working with, as well as how the novel is scripted/coded.
  6. Plenty of us can give it a shot, what VN, and do you know what the file types in it are?
  7. Emi's post is accurate as to what you get out of the arc file, no file extensions.
  8. Yeah, found a copy, Emi's right all the text is in .data01000.arc, but it's all encrypted so you'll need to figure out what encryption they used to work with it any further.
  9. We'd need to know what file formats are in the game in order to try and help you work with them.
  10. Hey everyone, I'm sorry I disappeared, I had some things hit me in my personal life and I just couldn't really bring myself to do much of anything. I am so happy to see that the community stepped in in my absence and picked up my slack, even though you guys are making me look bad <,< You're too good. If people want I can start doing the cards again but seeing how high the bar has been raised by my fellow fuwa members with the cards I'll have to put some serious effort into them so they'll come out a bit less frequent than they used to but I'm fully willing to start doing them aga
  11. You can pick something from a game.
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