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  1. A long journey is almost over, because... I CAN SPARK!!! YEAHHHH!!! For future reference, my actual SSR pool: http://i.imgur.com/cMIhmkp.jpg
  2. Bought - fault milestone one & two for me - Don't Starve Together for my brother
  3. Too lazy for search tsuns... Here, have a cute mother instead:
  4. Such advanced dead level must be praised. Dead chat
  5. Hello fellow Blanc-lovers, Noire-haters, Vert-followers, Neptune-muted, and all others waifus of choice Hyperdimension-lovers. Welcome to another SakashimA's Rebirth & Advert Post . This time with Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed on Steam As a non-story driven, hack 'n' slash game; I'll pass this one.
  6. Confirming: I do own BB. I should have been more clear As for my Steam ID it's YukiOShimA.
  7. I will buy the ~$50.00 access. Until the opening, I will be thinking of which waifu my characters should resemble.
  8. \ / Yay! Now I have BlazBlue CP(on Steam)! Can I join the club? \ / PS: It's a lie. I bought almost on first day off, but I did not have confidence to ask before(and still don't, but whatever).
  9. Pre-access is now available: https://treeofsavior.com/news/?n=296
  10. Another year, another change, another dream, another hope. Waste your reality, and all become a simple "another" one.

  11. A little (shameless ress) useless report because NepGear is love, Blanc is life; and I feel like writing/sharing. After a good amount of time, I've completed Re;Birth2's album (which means that I've done all 9 endings): As a side quest, I leveled lily ranks: Here is my "final" data: That's all folks, thanks for attention. Now i'm off to play Re;Birth3
  12. Great news ASW. Finally I will have a chance to play BlazBlue against real players and not Unlimited Bots \ /.
  13. Haven't touched any nep-nep games for a while, so with Re;Birth 3 out it's a good time to restart the moe adventure. My only concern is Re;Birth 2, that I stopped midway after Conquest ending. I really feel that I must end it before playing Re;Birth 3.
  14. Pringles forever... until I eat them all. Next person started to panic.
  15. ...That you have a looooong backlog to finish. Desperately trying to cast away these thoughts, you call...
  16. ...Hold your hat like a true cowboy. Between bad music and loud noises, you hear a familiar sound of...
  17. Who cares about the cake? I want the gun. Next person is a trap.
  18. ...It's not your waifu. Reality is harsh, but to keep walking you must...
  19. ...returned to his masterball. Alone, naked, and without food, the best course of action is...
  20. ...I'm your son. No, no, it's just wrong...
  21. ... I felt a urge to express my love for her. For this reason, I opened my arms and...
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