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  1. Today, I finally watched Re;Birth2 Conquest ending... WHAT THE HELL IS THAT DEVELOPMENT!?! Gimme my funny moe story back! And another thinking/doubt (minor spoilers):
  2. False. Next person doesn't cook you own food.
  3. ,,,still haven't wear any clothes. At least let me pick a shirt. But before I could do anything, the otoge boys...
  4. -Please stop smoking here, or... *A loud ringing starts, followed with a thick rain* -...you will activate the emergency sprinklers.
  5. ...the eroge girls started hunting me, claiming that I betrayed their feelings. With no others options left, I removed my clothes and...
  6. No, just a lunker. Next person is a kuudere.
  7. I don't need, but I want more sleep time. Next person found a hidden treasure.
  8. ...pineapples are thrown like snowballs and we elect the Pineapple Hero based on survivors' rating. Before sunlight goes away, I will search...
  9. I don't think that tastes good. And is toxic in certain cases. Next person wants to be Umagon's partner.
  10. ...your story too. Summer is a good season for...
  11. After a long time, reached Chapter 5. Noire and Vert joined the party. Still progressing with Blanc, but strangely I dont have any good quest to do Lowee' Shares.
  12. - W-w-well... this is b-b-because... - I-i-it's too embarassing to say! *SakashimA flies away*
  13. Not at point of true belief, but I roleplay after playing. Next person would ban memes if possible.
  14. ...I throwed away my common sense. Nevermind, this is just...
  15. ...lolis were coming from my house. In the secret space inner our mind, a wonderful...
  16. I... can't be real, right? My memories are not real... right? I'm only someone's... imagination, right? Next person makes too much drama for nothing.
  17. It's a waste of milk. False. Next person have connection issues.
  18. ...like UFOs: when you finally see one, you are taken away or you think that was a illusion. Never again I will...
  19. ...fun saturday night's saturday night fever is over. Excuse me, but next time...
  20. Depends of which mahou shoujo. Normally I only like mahou shoujos. Next person likes spinoff series.
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