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Hello guys, I've been reading this forum for a long time, and also my account is quite old, but I never got to introduce myself, so well, here we go.

I'm Majaraja, a translator of www.gateofsteiner.net.tf , we're currently translating Steins;Gate to Spanish, I've got a Certificate of Proficiency in English and I'm also learning Japanese, so I think I'm pretty good at it :P :P .

My first Visual Novel was Shuffle! about 2 years ago, I found it right after finishing the anime, and I fell in love with VNs.

I'm also starting my very own project (Already got the approval but I don't want to reveal it yet), it's an En-Sp translation but I'm also translating from Japanese, and I'll need a hacker (It would be awesome if I could find somebody able and willing to help me), but now it's not the time, I have to study for my finals! :(

Also I'll translate more scripts before trying to find one to show you guys I'm serious.

Bye bye~

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Welcome to fuwanovel!

Maybe you could ask the group that made the English TL and they might give you the scripts and tools as they already hacked it.

Just an idea, cant tell without knowing what VN :)/>

I did, they already gave me access to their scripts, maybe when I translate a few more scripts they'll see I'm serious and give me their tools or at least some tips.

Yep, let's hope that too xD

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Spanish translation! Awesome! I've got lots of friends who are native English speakers who spent time in Spanish-speaking nations, and my goal has been to get them to try VNs. I figure some of them will like it, and can help spread the love by translating En-Sp.

Thanks for starting the intro thread : ). Glad to officially welcome you.

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Hello. I am also still a newbie here.

And yay, You're translating Steins;Gate. Just like me... *brofist*

Good luck. It could be hard to translate something like this because of huge amount of cultural references. More than in any other novel I know.

Also, about tools of English TL-team. I might still have them, or at least some of them. I could share them with you, If you need. But, if you already have an agreement with English TL-team, maybe it's better for me not to interrupt.

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