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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. might join in on this as I wanna learn japanese and this might help me keep my motivation. Will probably start tomorrow and go at a slow pace as I have lots of studying to do at the same time.
  3. Nice! Gonna spread the word to some iphone users. The more who gets it the better.
  4. Hi everyone

    Here is another late welcome! Ever17 was the second VN I played and I agree that it's great.
  5. My Intro

    Hi an welcome to fuwanovel. I hope you will have a good time here
  6. What are you playing?

    Yeah it's reaaaally good Can't wait for the last parts.
  7. Heya

    Hi and welcome to fuwanovel forum! I've played the first kiss for the petals game and I agree that it's a different feeling, it was pretty cute and sort of "soft atmosphere". Still I always watch very different VNs all the time so haven't played the others yet but might do that in the future. With the power of the internet you can always help from wherever you are Romance and drama are also my favorite genres.
  8. What are you playing?

    Right now I'm playing Sekien no Inganock -what a beautiful people- So far so good, kinda like the artstyle.
  9. Let's play some Dota!

    I always play with friends when I play Dota 2 or any other kind of games and I wouldn't let a lost game destroy a friendship even though it does suck to lose. Ofcourse we can rage on each other but it's nothing deadly serious and it's part of the charm of the games.
  10. A Fate/Zero for the fans! It is mostly guys, but there is moe in the image for those who look~ I'm a huge proponent for gender equality, so I'll also include something featuring Ilya from F/SN to go along! An adorable one one of Hina/Nitori from Touhou... "I'm gonna make fish food outta you.....Takoluka BAKA!!" Humans aren't the only thing that can be moe <3 Fuuko's expression = priceless~ ...and another adorably stylish Touhou montage. There are loads more! ....SO many more that, Kyou and Sunohara got married! Now how many of you would believe me if I told you one of those images contained a trap?? So many good pictures o.o And you got my favorite :D/>
  11. Hello to everyone

    Hi and welcome! Hopefully we can grow much more
  12. Hi strangers

    Welcome! Started cross channel and have it on my harddrive but can't get myself to play it. Is it as good as people say? Should really get VNDS on my android too.
  13. Hello

    Hi and welcome! my favorite route on katawa shoujo was actually Rin as meru said.
  14. Host switch might be good because then you can have the stream on a lot more than if only one streamed. As for using teamviewer, it might be good but you never know if something will happen like power outage at the person who are running the game, I think just giving over the save and let another start the game on his computer would be good. But yeah I think it needs some planning if we want a good stream, after all we aren't streaming some popular games.