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Hi, I'm Adze


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As the title says, I'm Adze. Unlike most of you, I'm actually pretty new to weebery and I'd never actually watched any kind of anime (except for Pokemon because what 90s kid hasn't?) until I was in my 20s. In fact, it was visual novels that got me into Japanese media altogether, and I only got into VNs because someone convinced me to try out "the cripple dating sim made by 4Chan." So yeah, my entire involvement with this community is essentially a happy accident resulting from a misunderstanding.


I'm also a small-time Youtuber who focuses on critical analysis of video games and VNs, though I don't want my presence on this site to be just shameless self-promotion. If you've seen anything of mine, it's probably either my Touhou video that went viral or my Muv-Luv video that made the rounds on VN Twitter. I feel like it'd be in poor taste to drop links here, but you can find a link to my work in my profile if you'd like.


Aside from that, I like video games, reading actual books (most recently, I read through the Lightbringer series and aside from some weirdness towards the end, I absolutely loved it. Highly reccomended), and interacting with like-minded people online. Just today, I was involved in an impromptu group discussion on worldbuilding on Discord and it was absolutely incredible. Hopefully I can become friendly with some of you here and have some good fun with this niche interest of ours. Despite my staggering backlog, I'm always happy for more recommendations.

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Welcome to Fuwanovel @Adze and sorry for the belated greeting. Speaking about Katawa Shoujo, I remember when my roommate did play this and I showed some interest to back in 2009 with me asking if it's the full version or not, only to find out that it's still incomplete. That aside, you can always ask for more recommendations if you want to do so, especially in regard of what kind of VNs that you want to play right now. Lastly I hope that you'll have fun in here.

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