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NiS America is announcing their newest stuff - NiSA Showcase 2022


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Announcements of the NiSA Showcase 2022 are as follows:

//Void Terrarium 2


Process of Elimination


Monster Menu: The Scavenger's Cookbook


Raiden IV Mikado Remix



GrimGrimoire OnceMore


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I did forget that Grimgrimoire here is another Vanillaware game, which explain why I felt that the art is very similar with Odin Sphere when I see it. Well still too bad that there's no Steam release for their game (Especially 13 Sentinels and Odin Sphere Remake), although then again I probably won't play their game anyway even if they released it on PC seeing that my laptop has low spec. Another NISA game that I can comment on is Monster Menu, in that from what I see it's obviously the mix between Disgaea and Delicious in Dungeon manga (Just convenient that Delicious in Dungeon has the anime announced), and from what I see it's still rare to see the RPG that use the food to boost the status (Other than Odin Sphere). Other than those two, no much that I can comment on NISA announcements here.

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