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  1. Bleach is airing once more, and despite watching it, I'm worried on how it'll develop. If they do an 1:1 of the story in the manga, without expanding on things that were frankly pretty rushed in the manga, or at least including the story of the light novels, I don't think it would be much of an improvement.
  2. Now that I think of it, isn't it possible to set multiple users on Windows, or even multiple sessions for the same user? Perhaps you could have a secondary user or session with the Japanese locale, while having the main user or session with the usual settings.
  3. Does the control panel still exist in Win11? If so, try to change your computer's locale through there. That's what I do in both Win7 and Win10, and that is enough, usually. Alternatively, install Ubuntu, Fedora or any other common Linux distros, either on bare metal, or through a virtual machine or Windows Subsystem for Linux, then install Wine in it and run this command from a terminal window: LC_ALL=ja_JP wine /path/to/the/game's/executable.exe
  4. It is planned to release on GOG, Jast USA and Steam, and Jast USA is already holding pre-orders for it:
  5. Salutations! If I may suggest, Va-11 Hall-A is a visual novel that fits both the comedy and drama departments.
  6. ================================================= Jokes aside, salutations!
  7. I get the info from multiple sources, actually. For Jast, it was through their official Discord group. For Zoom Platform, they usually warn about any delistings in their official Discord group. For GOG, delistings are usually warned in their official forum, and there's a thread there for games at risk too (link). There are also two threads on Steam I follow for that (#1 and #2), as well as a Steam curator (link). There's also a site that tracks delisted games too, called "Delisted Games" (link). Some times things can pop up in r/delistedgames and r/GameDealsMeta over on Reddit too, but th
  8. One of those countless smut minigames from Steam, called PongPong Girl, will be delisted at the end of October: https://steamcommunity.com/games/2088040/announcements/detail/3306229070218287259
  9. To start off, all games on Jast USA's site released until the decade of the 2000's are at risk of getting delisted. Or rather, from what a staff member commented in the store's official group, the delisting of each of those titles is already programmed, and the delisting for each game should happen once they get remastered versions. The latest game to suffer from that is Heart de Roommate, whose remaster released on September 30, a few days ago. =================================================== Also, the free "SKALD: Against the Black Priory - The Prologue" will be delisted fr
  10. Creating this topic because of how little people talk about it, despite happening so often, and people could miss warnings in other sites, forums and groups because of that. Hope it can be of any help!
  11. I'm replaying Saints Row The Third (2011 version) after around 5 years, and it's far more insane -and better- than I remember!
  12. Nope, none of them were DRM free. Little meme about this release, by the way (mind Persona 5 spoilers!):
  13. News post: https://www.gog.com/en/news/release_the_elder_scrolls_v_skyrim I genuinely wasn't expecting that to happen... "<.< Also according to a news post by Nexus Mods (link), they, as well as the creators of SKSE, were working with GOG behind the scenes before the release to help add modding support to the GOG release. Mind individual mods may need to be updated first before they can work with the GOG version, as there are some modifications to this version so it can work under the premise of GOG. That marks the first DRM free release of Skyrim, and by what I re
  14. Back when I hated VNs, I saw some good reviews of Va-11 Hall-A by chance, which me curious. As I was playing it, it got me so interested that I only stopped playing the game when I finished it, and I guess after that, I learned to be more open minded about VNs (and even other genres I was previously against).
  15. Watching the last episode of the anime spin off of RWBY, RWBY: Ice Queendom, and considering if I should rewatch it with the English dub now that it's being released.
  16. Songs for a Hero 2: March of the Malachi, a musical game announced back in August, reached its base crowdfunding goal earlier today! The first game was released on Steam and the Nintendo Switch, and includes both English and Brazilian Portuguese dubbing. The announcement video for Songs for a Hero 2:
  17. From my experience, Windows Defender, or rather, anti-viruses overall, tend to be pretty ineffective and dysfunctional, with the best protection being the user knowing what he/she is doing.
  18. One thing that might help, although it would take a while *if* it works out, is to request an overseas publishing for a company like Jast USA, MangaGamer, Denpasoft, MediBang, etc. They do both translations and depending on the company, decensoring too.
  19. 5 games released DRM free through GOG today! Potion Permit No Place for Bravery JUSTICE S*CKS: Tactical Vacuum Action Beacon Pines Serial Cleaners
  20. Shin Nekketsu Kouha: Kunio-tachi no Banka, a previously Japan-exclusive SNES/SFC game which got an English release for consoles in the previous months, branded River City Girls Zero, is getting a PC release through Steam tomorrow, according to a recent-ish post by the publisher, WayForward: Its Steam store page is already live, although no price is visible: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1851020/River_City_Girls_Zero/
  21. Greetings! Any chance of releasing Android games as apk without drm? *-*
  22. Still updating the collection after 6 years? *respectful slow clap*
  23. I'm switching back and forth between The Rainsdowne Players and Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark. The former is a pretty chill sandbox game, and the latter is a tactical RPG about a society that grew corrupted. I'm also playing River City Girls for the second time, now with a friend and going for the true ending. And I'm finding it far more enjoyable with couch co-op.
  24. To an extent, most Persona games past 3. I often find myself rushing through the exploring/dancing/fighting/whatever to see what the story and social sim parts have to offer.
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